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Request help: a movie about a woman and a billboard??


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HI, new guy here.


I wasn't sure where to post this, so my apologies in advance if this belongs some place else.

I am trying to track down a movie for my mother. I hope you guys can help  out.

I am looking for a movie that is about a woman (the main star of the movie?) who rents a billboard (possibly some sort of sign(s) in general) in an attempt to 'promote' herself. My mother can't remember if she is trying to promote herself as an actress or, perhaps, as a business woman.

She begins to become very 'popular' / sought after once people begin to notice the billboard (signs) and 'important' people in the movie begin to wonder who she is / want to hire her. (??)

Also, my mother isn't sure she isn't combining two different movies here, but the billboard is wanted/needed by some sort of company/corporation and they try to buy her billboard/steal it.

That's about all my mother can remember about the movie. She is about 90% certain that she watched it on TCM within (possibly) the last 2 years.

To me, I think my mother might be combining two movies into one. I think the two movies might break-out like this:

1--a woman uses the last of her money to make signs promoting herself; and it works very effectively

2--a woman rents a billboard that a big company wants and tries to buy from her.

Of course, I could be just as wrong, and it is all one movie.

Does any of this sound familiar to anyone here? One movie? Two different movies?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Rick

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After watching the above preview,  my mother is certain this is the one!

She said to pass on to you all, "Thank you, thnak you, thank you!" 🙂

Now, my next task is to find it on blu-ray/dvd . . .

Thank you all again for the replies! 😁


EDIT: It can be streamed at Amazon Prime; and the dvd is for sale at ebay (both new and used). 

My mother is, literally, watching it via Prime as I type this. 😊


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