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Movies we haven't seen on TCM in a looong time.


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The Wages of Fear (1952)

Duffy (1968)

The Spider and the Fly (1948)

La Guerre est Finie (1966)

Save the Tiger (1973)

The Scalphunters (1968)

Seven Capital Sins (1962)

Seven Men From Now (1956)

Enchanted April (1935 and 1991)

Fahrenheit 451 (1966)

La Dolce Vita (1960)

Houdini (1953)

Howards End (1992)

What Price Glory? (1926)

Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)

In Harm's Way (1965)

The Color Purple (1985)

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  • slaytonf changed the title to Movies we haven't seen on TCM in a looong time.

here are some films not seen on TCM since the 1990s

Play Misty for Me

Ulzana's Raid

The Pleasure of His Company

Yellow Sky

A Delicate Balance

An Officer and a Gentleman

Grey Lady Down

Fancy Pants

Casanova's Big Night

The Last Laugh

5 Card Stud

Run for Cover (1955)

Thunder in the Sun

Star Trek: The motion Picture

beyond the Forest

The Perfect Specimen

Copper Canyon

The Naked Edge

Remains to Be Seen

The long Good Friday

The Hireling

Ask Any Girl

The Trial of Mary Dugan

Where Were You When the lights Went Out?

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Films not seen since some time from 2000 to 2004

The Big Red One

The Four Seasons

Sometimes a Great Notion

Last Year at Marienbad


The Dark at the Top of the Stairs

No Way to Treat a Lady

Hamlet (1996)

Foolish Wives

Tillie and Gus



Golden Earrings

The Man on the Flying Trapeze

The Flame of New Orleans


Tucker: The Man and His Dream

one-Eyed jacks

Rosemary's Baby

Seven Sinners

The Jerk

Empire of the Sun



The Wild Heart

The Accused (1949)

Man without a Star

Silent Running

Somewhere in Time

Born on the Fourth of July

Reversal of Fortune

The Eagle (1925)

When Harry Met Sally

Private Benjamin

Two Mules for Sister Sara

The Electric Horseman

The Enforcer (1951)


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Wow!  You guys are cooking up quite a list here.  Anybody giving odds on what we're most likely to start seeing soon?

I know this is a real piece of fluff, but every once in a while I get a yen for a movie that AMC used to show regularly.  Bob Hope, Virginia Mayo, Walter Brennan, and Walter Slezak in "The Princess and the Pirate."  TCM might have shown it once or twice, maybe, but not recently as far as I can remember.  

 It just cracks me up when I watch it.    


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2 hours ago, brianNH said:

Anybody giving odds on what we're most likely to start seeing soon?

Probably never.


2 hours ago, brianNH said:

The Princess and the Pirate.

(1944).  Last seen on TCM February 2020.  Shown 17 times so far, so there is hope (get it?) to see it again.

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8 minutes ago, unwatchable said:

Yes, where is our friend? I haven't seen him in a  while. He's a good guy.

Maintaining his TCM movie database!     All kidding aside he is a very good guy.   The value added by having a database so that concerns about TCM programming can be dealt with from a factual basic is very helpful.    E.g.  how many post 1990 films have TCM shown in the last 4 months?   What percent of overall films  is  this?   etc....

(of course facts still don't stop endless debates,,    oh well).



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The moment I purchased a DVD recorder in 1998, TCM stopped showing ALL THE FINE YOUNG CANNIBALS '60-previously on regular rotation. 😠

1934's WONDER BAR was also on TCM regularly, but obviously offended somebody, so that's been pulled too.

I don't think TUCKER was ever shown on TCM, there's even trouble finding the DVD. I think it had something to do with Joe Jackson's soundtrack. (I love Jackson but the movie shouldn't be held hostage)

Many of the films on the list are readily available on DVD & may be found at your local library. 

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Why would it be so hard to see Dishonored or The Man on the Flying Trapeze?  TCM does show semi-regularly all the best picture winners before The Sound of Music, and then the next six before The Godfather.  Why not show Ragtime or Last Year in Marienbad?  And not showing Tabu or Napoleon is just wrong.

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Films not seen on TCM since 2005 to 2009

National Lampoon's Vacation

the Crusades


Crocodile Dundee

Green Card




Pretty in Pink

Superman II


Urban Cowboy


Becky Sharp

Batman (1989)

Daddy Long Legs (1919)

We Are Not Alone

Paris is Burning

As Good as It Gets

Blood on the Sun

The Color Purple

The lost World (1925)

Fried Green Tomatoes

Same Time Next Year

All the Fine Young Cannibals

Hearts of the World


The birdcage

The Dogs of War

Queen Kelly

The Godfather Parts I and II

The Scalphunters

Valdez is Coming

We're not Dressing

Angel in My Pocket

Everything You Wanted to know About Sex....

The Conformist

The Towering Inferno

Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid


Night Passage


As You Desire Me

Death Takes a holiday

Donovan's Reef

The Court Martial of Billy mitchell

White Christmas

Groundhog Day

The 30 Foot Bride of Candy Rock

White Banners

A gathering of Eagles

Mars Attacks


In the line of Fire

la Dolce Vita

The men in Her Life

The Private War of major Benson

The Talented Mr Ripley


Cast a Long Shadow


Dead of Winter

The Men

The Quiller Memorandum

They Got Me Covered

prizzi's Honor


The boys in the Band

Spirited Away

my Neigbor Totoro

The killing of Sister George

The Sign of the Cross

Wonder Bar


Big Brown Eyes


Wild in the Country



Dark Command

Lovers and Other Strangers

Wake Island

When Willie Comes Marching Home

Stardust Memories



Quiz Show

The Bodyguard

The nightmare Before Christmas

The Wings of the Dove

A Rage to Live


Crimes and Misdemeanors

For Love of Ivy

Play it Again Sam

The Terminator

What About Bob


Age of Concent

As You like It

Enchanted April (1935)

Too Late the hero

A Breath of Scandal

Desire Under the Elms

Bad Company

Posse (1975)

Surprise Package

Apocalypse Now

Romeo and Juliet (1968)

the buccaneer (1958)

The Rat Race

Wild is the Wind

The Warriors

Boeing Boeing

my Favorite Spy

Support Your local Gunfighter

The File on Thelma Jordon

the Pelican Brief

Cry the Beloved Country (1995)

Grumpy Old Men


Save the Tiger

micki and Maude

three for the Show

Boyz N the Hood

The Pigeon That Took Rome

Bring Your Smile Along

Teachers Pet

broken Lullaby


Voyage of the Damned

Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed


greenwich Village

JW Coop

La Bamba

Lone Star (1996)

The Mambo kings

The milagro Beanfield War

The Russia House


Small Change

Shadows and Fog


A Severed Head

Carrie (1952)

Harry in Your Pocket


Hell is for Heroes

The president's Analyst

What Did You Do in the War, Daddy?

Five Fingers

Strangers When We Meet

A Midsummer night's Sex Comedy

The Karate Kid

King Creole

The Boys from Brazil

The Cassandra Crossing

The impatiant years

The man Who Understood Women



Capricorn One


Lil Abner

Road House (1948)

The Bridges at Toko-Ri

The Duellists

They Shoot Horses Don't They

Angels with Dirty Faces

Riding High

Enchanted April (1991)

Pursuit to Algiers

Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror

Union Station

Take the money and Run

the Red Pony

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