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Who murdered the late night pacific time zone schedule?


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It's a classic "Who Done It" mystery of the missing movie schedule. I live in Arizona and on Sun Apr 17 currently enjoy a TV schedule that lines up with the Pacific Time Zone. It's late evening and I want to see what good late night movie might be on TCM.

  • I open the TCM daily schedule at 10:22pm PT Apr 17 Sun and nothing is showing. The schedule is empty. There are no movies listed.
  • However, the first clue that something is wrong is that EASTERN is shown in the time zone drop down list. Of course! In the east, Sunday is gone and Monday is the new day. Yet in the Pacific Time Zone we are still struggling with Sunday.
  • My first go to move is to change to PACIFIC and view the schedule. But no, what you get are all shows that day up until the last show at 7pm (King of Kings). There's nothing after 7pm. How can that be, since Sunday is still a thing until midnight?
  • Click on Monday, Apr 18 and you see that the next show on Pacific time is 12:30 am (Trial of Joan of Arc). Wow, 4ish hours of movies have disappeared.
  • So maybe you want to trick the schedule and you change back to EASTERN. You get the Monday Apr 18 movies with no Sunday option to choose. 

It is a classic "Who Done It"! Yet, this scenario happens all the time, every time. Where is the missing 4ish hours of the movie schedule? What bad contractor hired by TCM.COM "murdered" the Pacific Time Zone movie schedule? Who was in charge of testing? Who at TCM.COM paid for poor quality work? Who at TCM.COM reads these comments, realizes there's an issue and gets it fixed? Because yes, I do enjoy watching TCM. I like jumping on TCM.COM and reading about the movies. I just wish the schedule worked.

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