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The Domino Principle


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what a bad film. like an IMDb review says nothing is explained. Gene Hackman is got out of prison to perform a contract killing. it has nice cinematography but nothing else. Richard Widmark is his liason of sorts. the events in this movie are really lame. eli wallach is some sort of leftover from The Line-Up and edward albert is some sort of intellectual that Hackman doan like. the reason I'm posting about it is because I had the misfortune to sit through it last nite on movies. this reminds me of another piece of crap movie the one with Donald Sutherland and Jennifer O'Neal.

Hackman decides he doan wanna do the hit because his employers strike him as shady.:lol: so he tells um it's off and they promptly abduct his wife a badly miscast candace bergen. so it's on again or they kill his wife. smart move. they springum and he gets cold feet because he doan like their brand of deodorant. what ensues makes no sense. he makes the hit from a helicopter tellimg them later on he purposely missed but that's okay because they had two backup snipers on hand...so then why was his participation so needed??? no sense. he gets on a plane with his wife and senses something is not right looks out the window to see his best buddy widmark blown up in his 1970s gas guzzler. I guess the head guy got nervous. if you can't rely on a cold as ice Richard Widmark then who can you trust? Hackman and Bergen take a short tropical vacation then candace decides to check out the beach and gets run over by a truck...later Hackman waits for wallach and albert and shows them how proficient he is with a rifle.  this cruddy misfire of a movie ends with Hackman in somebody's gunsight...

this is the type of garbage that lead to Hackman becoming lex luthor. 



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