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Plot from old anthology series

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Back in the 50's or 60's there was a weekly anthology series (of course I can't remember which one) that had an episode set in possibly Germany before the war. Two friends (one fair, one dark) were glider pilots and both loved a pretty blonde. She chose the dark haired guy. I don't recall all the details, but his friend did something to insure that the other man's glider would crash. I THINK that he then convinced the girl that her fiancé deserted her. The girl ended up marrying the survivor, but the war (I think WWII) broke out. Flash forward to the years after the war when the now-married couple come back to the field where the young men used to fly the gliders. It's a windy day and suddenly here comes the long-lost glider. The girl gets all excited and runs to it when it lands. They open the door to discover the skeletal remains of the betrayed friend. I probably got half my facts wrong, but hope that someone recognizes enough to help identify the series and the episode. 

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Just writing about this made me do some further investigation. I found this synopsis of a One Step Beyond episode entitled "Reunion" and broadcast on November 24, 1959. My memory was semi-right: The setting is Germany in 1939 and a group of young glider enthusiasts are startled to learn of the Third Reich's invasion of Poland. Knowing their lives must now go in separate directions, they plan a reunion picnic for the first Sunday following the war's conclusion. Who will still be alive and/or able to attend?

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