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Squirm (1976)

Kid Dabb

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You can say what you want about post 1950's movies not being 'classic', it's movies like Squirm (1976) that force the inclusion of the 1970's into that classification. It's backyard, homemade, B-movie feel is half it's charm. The dueling banjos atmosphere just adds to it. The great special effects top it all off. You need to make sure you see the uncut version. Heck, if I were visiting that place, I'd be just as creeped out if I didn't see a single worm at all. It's the banjos. What..? You don't hear them? Oh my..

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Have you ever been in some southern backwoods place where everything made you feel like you just pulled a Twilight Zone, stepping to one side into a parallel universe that was just a half-degree or so off kilter? Something's not quite right. Everything looks familiar and yet you can't put your finger on it? Most of your squirming will be done in your seat as you wait what seems like forever for something, anything to happen. When it begins, slowly at first, you may squirm a little more. When things pick up a bit, more perhaps. But squirm you will. There's no denying that. Squirm you will. Just next time you're in that nice, warm, cozy shower of yours, don't take your eyes off the shower head. Not for a minute.

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