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TCM Programming Challenge #47 Voting Thread --Winner Announced

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Welcome to the Voting Thread for the 47th Edition of the TCM Programming Challenge. The theme this time was the European Grand Prix, and we had many sensational submissions. Simply peruse the schedules and vote for the one you would most like to see on TCM, you can vote publicly on this thread, or direct message me, so your vote will be counted.  Absolutely everyone can vote in this thread. Voting will be open through June 9. Good luck, and may the best schedule win!

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Skimpole's Schedule


Sunday May 5, 2024



Happy Birthday, Tyrone Power

06:00 AM Marie Antoinette (1938) MGM BW-150 min Tyrone Power, Norma Shearer, Robert Morley Dir: W.S. Van Dyke P/S

08:30 AM The Black Swan  (1942) 20th Century Fox C-85 min Tyrone Power, Maureen O'Hara, Laird Cregar Dir: Henry King P/S

10:00 AM  Nightmare Alley (1947) (Noir Alley) 20th Century Fox BW-110 min Tyrone Power, Coleen Gray, Joan Blondell  Dir: Edmund Goulding P/S

12:00 PM  The Eddy Duchin Story (1956) Columbia C-123 min Tyrone Power, Kim Novak  Dir: George Sidney P/S

02:15 PM  Witness for the Prosecution (1957) United Artists BW-116 min Tyrone Power, Marlene Dietrich, Charles Laughton  Dir: Billy Wilder P/S

Happy Birthday, The Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal

04:30 PM  I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (1932) Warner Bros BW-93 min Paul Muni, Brenda Farrell,  Dir: Mervyn LeRoy  P/S

06:15 PM The Prisoner of Shark Island (1936) 20th Century Fox BW-96 min Warner Baxter, Gloria Stuart Dir: John Ford P/S

08:00 PM  The Memory of Justice (1976) Paramount BW-278 min Dir: Marcel Ophuls Premiere #1

Challenge Three:  French Kiss

12:45 AM The Whirlpool of Fate (1925) (Silent) Les Film Jean Renoir BW-71 min Catherine Hessling Dir: Jean Renoir EXEMPT

02:00 AM L'Age D'Or (1930) (TCM Imports) Vicomte de Noailles BW-63 min Gaston Modot, Lya Lys  Dir: Luis Bunuel EXEMPT

03:15 AM Blue is the Warmest Colour (2013) (TCM Imports) Wild Bunch C-179 min Adele Exarchopolous, Lea Seydoux  Dir:Abdellatif Kechiche EXEMPT



Monday, May 6, 2024

In Memoriam Marlene Dietrich   Challenge Nine German Songbird

06:15 AM The Ship of Lost Souls (1929) Max Glass Film BW-121 min Marlene Dietrich, Fritz Kortner Dir: Maurice Tourneur EXEMPT

08:30 AM The Scarlet Empress (1934) Paramount BW-110 min Marlene Dietrich, John Lodge, Sam Jaffe  Dir:Josef von Sternberg P/S

10:30 AM Desire (1936) Paramout BW-95 min Marlene Dietrich, Gary Cooper Dir: Frank Borzge

12:15 PM Angel (1937) Paramount BW-91 min Marlene Dietrich, Herbert Marshall, Melvyn Douglas, Edward Everett Horton DIr:Ernst Lubitsch P/S

02:00 PM Touch of Evil (1958) Universal BW-111 min Marlene Dietrich, Orson Welles, Charleton Heston, Janet Leigh Dir:Orson Welles P/S

Happy Birthday Orson Welles

04:00 PM MacBeth (1948) Republic BW-107 min Orson Welles, Jeanette Nelson, Dan O'Herlihy Dir: Orson Welles P/S

06:00 PM The Trial (1962) Astor Pictures BW-118 min Anthony Perkins, Jeanne Moreau, Orson Welles  Dir: Orson Welles  P/S

08:00 PM The Other Side of the Wind (2018) Netflix C-122 min John Huston, Oja Kodar, Peter Bogdonavich  Dir: Orson Welles Premiere#2

10:15 PM Citizen Kane (1941) RKO BW-119 min Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten, Dorothy Comingore Dir: Orson Welles P/S

12:30 AM The Magnificent Ambersons (1942) RKO BW-88 min Joseph Cotten, Agnes Moorhead, Tim Holt Dir: Orson Welles P/S

02:15 AM The Third Man (1949) London Films BW-104 min Alida Valli, Joseph Cotten, Orson Welles  Dir: Carol Reed P/S

04:00 AM Chimes at Midnight (1965) Alpine Productions BW-119 min Orson Welles, Keith Baxter, John Gielgud  Dir:Orson Welles P/S



Tuesday May 7, 2024

TCM Spotlight:  Rome in Film (Challenge 2:  When in Rome)

06:00 AM The Robe (1953) 20th Century Fox C-135 min Richard Burton, Jean Simmons, Victor Mature   Dir:Henry Koster P/S

08:15 AM Three Coins in the Fountain (1954) 20th Century Fox Clifton Webb, Dorothy McGuire, Jean Peters   Dir:Jean Neguelsco P/S

10:00 AM Umberto D. (1952) Dear Film Bw-89 min Carlo Battisti, Maria-Pia Cassilio   Dir:Vittorio de Sica P/S

11:30 AM La Dolce Vita (1960) Riama Films BW-174 min Marcello Mastoianni, Anita Ekberg, Anouk Aimee   Dir:Federico Fellini P/S

02:30 PM L'Eclisse (1962) Cinerz BW-126 min Monica Vitti, Alain Delon   Dir:Michaelangelo Antonioni P/S

04:45 PM The Hawks and the Sparrows (1966) CIDIF BW-88 min Toto, Ninetto Davoli    Dir:Pier Paolo Pasolini Premiere #3

06:15 PM Rome: Open City (1945) Excelsa Films BW-103 Min Anna Magnani, Aldo Fabrizi  Dir:Roberto Rosselini P/S

08:00 PM The Innocent (1976) Analysis Film Releasing Corporation C-125 min Giancarlo Giannini, Laura Antonelli, Jennifer O'Neill  Dir: Luchino Visconti EXEMPT

10:15 PM Amen (2002) Pathe C-132 min Ulrich Tukur, Mathieu Kassovitz   Dir: Costa-Gavras EXEMPT

12:45 AM The Fall of the Roman Empire (1964) Paramount C-188 min Sophia Loren, Christopher Plummer, Stephen Boyd   Dir: Anthony Mann P/S

04:00 AM Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion (1970) Vera Films C-115 min Gia Maria Volonte, Florinda Bolkan   Dir: Elio Petri Premiere#4



Wednesday May 8. 2024

Happy Birthday Roberto Rossellini

06:00 AM Blaise Pascal (1972) Ortf/RAI C-135 min Pierre Arditi, Rita Forzano   Dir: Roberto Rossellini P/S

08:15 AM India:  Marti Bhumi (1959) Union Generale Cinematographique C-90 min  Dir: Roberto Rossellini P/S

09:45 AM Socrates (1971) Ortf/RAI C-120 min Jean Sylvere, Anne Caprille   Dir: Roberto Rossellini P/S

Star of the Month James Mason:  the Early years (Challenge 1)

11:45 AM The Man in Gray (1943) Gainsborough Picture BW-90 min James Mason, Margaret Lockwood   Dir: Leslie Arliss P/S

01:15 PM The Seventh Veil (1945) Ortus Films BW-94 min James Mason, Ann Todd, Herbert Lom   Dir: Compton Bennett P/S

03:00 PM Odd Man Out (1947) General Film Distributors C-116 min James Mason, Robert Newton   Dir: Carol Reed P/S

Star of the Month James Mason narrates "Hollywood"

05:00 PM Hollywood:  A Celebration of Silent Film Episode One:  The Pioneers (1980) C/BW-50 min   Dir: Kevin Brownlow, David Gill EXEMPT

06:00 PM Hollywood:  A Celebration of Silent Film Episode Two:  In the Beginning (1980) C/BW-50 min   Dir: Kevin Brownlow, David Gill EXEMPT

07:00 PM Hollywood:  A Celebration of Silent Film Episode One:  Single Beds and Double Standards (1980) C/BW-50 min  Dir: Kevin Brownlow, David Gill EXEMPT

Star of the Month James Mason:  Murder Mystery evening

08:00 PM The Last of Sheila (1973) Warner Bros C-120 min James Mason, Richard Benjamin, James Coburn   Dir: Herbert Ross P/S

10:15 PM Evil under the Sun (1982) EMI Films C-117 min James Mason, Peter Ustinov, Diana Rigg   Dir: Guy Hamilton P/S

12:30 AM Murder by Decree (1979) Famous Players C-124 min James Mason, Christopher Plummer, John Gielgud,   Dir: Bob Clark EXEMPT

02:45 AM The Verdict (1982) 20th Century Fox C-129 min James Mason, Paul Newman, Charlotte Rampling   Dir: Sidney Lumet P/S

And the last of James Mason evening:

05:00 AM The Shooting Party (1985) Centurio C-98 min James Mason, Edward Fox, Dorothy Tutin   Dir: Alan Bridges Premiere #5



Thursday May 9, 2024

Welcome Back to TCM!  Movies not shown in a long time. (Challenge 4 Foreign and Domestic Travel)

06:45 AM Napoleon (1927) Films Abel Gance BW-235 min Albert Dieudonne, Yvette Dieudonne,   Dir: Abel Gance P/S

10:45 AM Tabu (1931) Paramount BW-84 min Mahati, Anne Chevalier,   Dir: F.W. Murnau P/S

12:15 PM Dishonored (1931) Paramount BW-91 min Marlene Dietrich, Victor McLaglen   Dir: Josef von Sternberg P/S

02:00 PM Man on the Flying Trapeze (1935) Paramount BW-66 min W.C. Fields, Mary Brian  Dir: W.C. Fields, Clyde Bruckman P/S

03:15 PM Becky Sharp (1935) Pioneer Picture Corporation C-67 min Miriam Hopkins, Cedric Hardwicke, Frances Dee  Dir: Rouben Mamoulian, Lowell Sherman P/S

04:30 PM Wake Island (1942) Paramount BW-88 min Brian Donlevy, Robert Preston   Dir: John Farrow P/S

06:00 PM Strangers when we Meet (1960) Richard Quine Productions C-117 min Kirk Douglas, Kim Novak   Dir:  Richard Quine P/S

08:00 PM Last Year in Marienbad (1961) Cocinor BW-94 min Delphin Seyrig, Giorgio Albertazzi, Sacha Pitoeff   Dir: Alain Resnais P/S

09:45 PM Ragtime (1981) Paramount C-155 min James Cagney, Mandy Patinkin, Debbie Allen.  Dir: Milos Forman. Paramount P/S

Dream a Little Dream

12:30 AM Spirited Away (2001) Studio Ghibli C-124 min Rumi Hiiragari, Miyu Irino   Dir: Hayao Miyazaki P/S

02:45 AM Mulholland Dr. (2001) Universal C-146 min Naomi Watts, Laura Elena Harring   Dir: David Lynch Premiere#6

05:15 AM Peter Ibbetson (1935) Paramount BW-88 min, Gary Cooper, Ann Harding,   Dir:  Henry Hathaway Premiere#7



Friday, May 10, 2024

The rest of Europe (Sweden, Greece, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Malta—Challenges Five, Seven, Eight and Ten)

06:45 AM Girl with Hyacinths (1950) Terra Film BW-89 min Eva Henning, Ulf Palme, Anders Ek   Dir: Hasse Ekman EXEMPT

08:15 AM Shame (1968) Lopert Pictures Corporation BW-103 min Liv Ullmann, Max von Sydow, Gunnar Bjornstrand  Dir: Ingmar Bergman EXEMPT

10:00 AM A Woman's Face (1938) SFI BW-101 min Ingrid Bergman, Tore Svennberg   Dir:  Gustaf Molander P/S

11:45 AM The Guns of Navarone (1961) Columbia C-158 min Gregory Peck, David Niven, Anthony Quinn  Dir: J. Lee Thompson P/S

02:30 PM Loves of a Blonde (1965) CBK BW-88 min Hana Brejchova, Vladimir Pucholt  Dir: Milos Forman P/S

04:00 PM The Dybbuk (1937) Warszaws Biuro Kinematogaficzne Films BW-123 min Lili Liliana, Ajzyk Samberg   Dir: Michal Waszynski  P/S

06:15 PM The Maltese Falcon (1941) Warner BW-101 min Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor, Syndey Greenstreet,   Dir: John Huston P/S

Friday Night's all Right for Rocking

08:00 PM Daisies (1966) Filmove Studio Barrandov C-76 min Ivana Karbanova, Jitka Cerhova  Dir: Vera Chytilova P/S

09:30 PM Quadrophenia (1979) The Who Films C-117 min Phil Daniels, Sting  Dir: Franc Roddam  Premiere #8

11:45 PM Reefer Madness (1936) George A. Hirliman Production BW-66 min Dorothy Short, Kenneth Craig   Dir: Louis J. Gasnier P/S

01:00 AM Montery Pop (1968) Leacock Pennebaker C-79 min The Who, Simon & Garfunkel  Dir: D.A. Pennebaker P/S

02:30 AM (Underground) If... (1968) Paramount C-111 min  Malcom MacDowell, Christine Noonan   Dir: Lindsay Anderson EXEMPT

04:30 AM (Underground) Under the Skin (2013) BFI C-108 min Scarlett Johansson  Dir: Jonathan Glazer EXEMPT



Saturday May 11, 2024

Premieres for Great Directors

06:30 AM Fig Leaves (1926) Fox BW-71 min Olive Borden, George O'Brien Dir: Howard Hawks  Premiere#9

07:45 AM Fedora (1978) Lorimer C-109 min William Holden, Marthe Keller  Dir: Billy Wilder Premiere#10

09:45 AM The Chess Players (1977) Devki Chitra C-129 min Sanjeev Kumar, Saeed Jeffrey, Richard Attenborough  Dir: Satyajit Ray Premiere#11

12:00 PM Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) Paramount C-115 min Harrison Ford, Karen Allen  Dir: Steven Spielberg Premiere#12

02:00 PM E.T:  The Extra-Terrestial (1982) Universal C-120 min Henry Thomas, Dee Wallace, Drew Barrymore  Dir: Steven Spielberg Premiere #13

04:00 PM One from the Heart (1982) Columbia C-107 min Frederic Forrest, Teri Garr, Raul Julia, Nastassja Kinski  Dir: Francis Ford Coppola  Premiere #14

A break for Phil Silvers' birthday

06:00 PM Cover Girl (1944) Columbia C-107 min Phil Silvers, Rita Hayworth, Gene Kelly   Dir: Charles Vidor P/S

A return to our final five premieres.

08:00 PM The Shining (1980) Warner Bros C-144 min Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, Scatman Crothers  Dir: Stanley Kubrick Premiere #15

10:30 PM L'Argent (1983) Eos Films C-83 min Christian Patey, Vincent Visterucci   Dir: Robert Bresson Premiere #16

12:00 AM Night at the Crossroads (1932) (Noir Alley) Compagnie Franco Coloniale Cinematographique BW-75 min Pierre Renoir, Georges Terof  Dir: Jean Renoir EXEMPT

01:30 AM The Last Temptation of Christ (1988) Universal C-163 min Willem Defoe, Harvey Keitel, Barbara Hershey   Dir: Martin Scorsese Premiere #17

04:15 AM The Phantom of Liberty (1974) 20th Century Fox C-104 min Adriana Asti, Michel Piccoli, Michel Lonsdale   Dir: Luis Bunuel Premiere #18

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Skimpole's notes

Week of May 5-May 11, 2024




SOTM:  James Mason


Noir Alley:  Nightmare Alley (1947), Night at the Crossroads (1932)


Silent Sunday Nights:  The Whirlpool of Fate (1925)
TCM Imports:  L’Age D’Or (1930), Blue is the Warmest Colour (2013)
Special Monthly Spotlight:  Rome on Film
TCM Undergound:  If (1968),  Under the Skin (2013)






The Memory of Justce (1976)


The Other Side of the Wind (2018)


The Hawks and the Sparrows (1966)


Investigtion of a Citizen Above Suspicion (1970)


The Shooting Party (1985)


Mulholland Drive (2001)


Peter Ibbeston (1934)


Quadrophenia (1979)


Fig Leaves (1926)


Fedora (1978)


The Chess Players (1977)


Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)


E.T.:  the Extra-Terrestial (1982)


One from the Heart (1980)


The Shining (1980)


L’Argent (1983)


The Last Temptation of Christ (1988)


The Phantom of Liberty (1974)






Exempt Premieres


The Whirlpool of Fate (1925) (Sunday Silent)


L’Age D’Or (1930) (TCM Imports)


Blue is the Warmest Colour (2013) (TCM Imports)


The Ship of Lost Souls (1929) (German Songbird)


The Innocent (1976) (When in Rome)


Amen (2002) (When in Rome)


Hollywood (1980 TV Series, First Three Episodes) (London, Dublin, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast Calling)


Murder by Decree (1979) (London, Dublin, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast Calling)


Girl with Hyacinths (1950) (Stockholm Surprise)


Shame (1968) (Stockholm Surprise)


If (1968) (TCM Underground)


Under the Skin (2013) (TCM Underground)


Night at the Crossroads (1932) (Noir Alley)




1920s         4


1930s       15


1940s       13


1950s         8


1960s       13


1970s       11


1980s       13


2000s         3


2010s         3




We start our week with five films on Sunday for birthday boy Tyrone Power.  The last one, Witness for the Prosecution, conveniently segues into three movies about questionable justice, and the TCM premiere of Max Ophuls’ The Memory of Justice.  Sunday concludes with French Kiss, with a silent and two TCM Imports, all from France, and where passion is an important theme.  This segues into the first film for Monday, honoring Marlene Dietrich with five films.  (The first film is actually German, but the director was French).  Monday marks the anniversary of her death.  The fifth films segues into our celebration of birthday boy Orson Welles.  This  includes his most famous acting role in a movie he didn’t direct, and seven movies he did direct.  Which includes the TCM premiere of The Other Side of the Wind.


Tuesday begins with the When in Rome challenge.  But why choose four films, when you can spend a whole day there and make it the Monthly spotlight?  So we have a mix of films, including sword and sandals spectaculars, as well as contemporary films by Italy’s greatest filmmakers, such as De Sica, Fellini, Antonioni, Pasolini, Rossellini and Visconti.  Wednesday starts with three films honoring Rossellini’s birthday, (his least Italian ones), then most of the day honoring star of the month James Mason.  (His birthday is on the 15th.) We begin with three of his forties films, then include three episodes of the 1980 British television series Hollywood which Mason narrated.  Rights issues strongly suggest it will never be shown on TCM.  But getting around that is the whole point of the TCM challenge.  The actual evening starts with Mason in four movies about homicide.  In two he’s a suspect, two he helps find the guilty party and in one he does his best to make sure the guilty party gets off.  And for the final film in the Mason spotlight, the TCM premiere of his final movie, The Shooting Party.

Thursday is devoted to movies that have appeared before, but haven’t since 2009.  We haven’t seen Spirited Away since 2009 either, which segues into three movies about dreaming.  Ideal for the after midnight hours.  For Friday we deal as best we can with the remaining European challenges, with three movies as part of the Stockholm Surprise, one for It’s All Greek to Me, Two for Pushing past the Iron Curtain (Czechoslovakia and Poland) and the most famous film that has anything to do with Malta.  Friday evening deals with rebellious youth, featuring two startling Czech women, the lesser known movie based on a Who concept album, a thoughtful movie on the problems with illegal narcotics, and a sixties concert movie.  For the TCM Underground, we have the best British movie about 1968 and another about a woman you definitely don’t want to take home to mother.  Or your own home for that matter.  For Saturday I noticed that I had a lot of remaning premieres.  So I decided to spend it on movies from great directors TCM has yet to show.  We see premieres from Hawks, Wilder, (Satyajit) Ray, Coppola, Kubrick, Bresson, Scorsese and Bunuel.  Spielberg is often condemned as a maker of Saturday matinee films.  So why not spend that afternoon with two of his most popular films?  We interrupt the afternoon to have a film from birthday boy Phil Silvers, while tonight’s Noir entry is an adaptation of Simenon and his Inspector Maigret, direct from Jean Renoir.

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Nakano's Schedule and notes

WEEK OF:May 19 – 26, 2024

SOTM: Jack Hawkins

TCM SPOTLIGHT: The Italian Cinema In the Seventies 

SILENT SUNDAY NIGHTS : Nights of Love (1930)

TCM IMPORTS: Hanussen ( 1988) 

TCM UNDERGROUND: The Thing with Two Heads (1972)

NOIR ALLEY: The Hot Spot (1990)



Challenges are identified . Films not screened in the last 10 years are identified as 10Y. If a movie has various running times I selected the print fitting my schedule. Evenings have themes or performers.I did not do a Memorial Day long weekend.This is my first time and I did not look at any other challenges.I apologize for my typing as I have rudimentary  knowledge and it is a brand new computer,I'am always nervous to erase everything by mistake ! 


  1. The Clouded Yellow (1950)

  2. Flaming Star (1960)

  3. Fedora (1978) 

  4. Day Of The Locust (1975)

  5. W.C.Fields And Me (1976)

  6. Massacre in Rome (1973)

  7. Sujetska The Battle Of (  1973)

  8. Good Morning Babilonia (1987)

  9. Wolfen (1981)

  10. Harry Black And The Tiger (1958)

  11. The Ghost And The Darkness( 1996)

  12. The Cat’s Meow (2001) 13 . Gods And Monsters (1998 )14. The Beguiled (1971) 15. Tattoo (1981) 16. Mad Dog Morgan (1976) 17.Stella (1955) 18. The Devil Is Driving (1932).



  1. Nights Of Love (1930)

  2. Hanussen (1988)

  3. Just A Gigolo (1978) 

  4. Sunflower (1970)

  5. Investigation Of A Citizen Above Suspicion (1970)

  6. La Fayette (1962)

  7. Home At Seven (1952)

  8. Panique (1946)

  9. Le Dernier Tournant (1939)

  10. The Blue Angel (1959)

  11. The Counterfeit Traitor (1962)

  12. The Hot Spot (1990) 13. Rumba (1935) 14. Bolero (1934) 15. The Thing With Two Heads (1972)



SUNDAY, May 19


 6 AM The Long Dark Hall (1951) Rex Harrison & Lilli Palmer Dir A Bushell & R.Beck.UA. 86 min. 10Y

7:30 AM The Scarlet Claw Basil Rathbone & Nigel Bruce Dir: Roy William Neill , Uni, 74 min. 10Y

8:45 AM The Scarlet Clue (1945) Sidney Toler Dir: Phil Rosen, Monogram. 65 min



10 AM The Clouded Yellow (1950) Jean Simmons & Trevor Howard. Dir:  Ralph Thomas. Col 95 min .( Noir Alley reprise) PR1  Travel talks Yosemite The Magnificent (1941).


11:45 AM Yellow Sky (1948) Gregory Peck & Anne Baxter. Dir:  William Wellman, Fox, 98 min. 10Y.

1:30 PM Yellow Dust (1936) Richard Dix & Leila Hyams. Dir:  Wallace Fox. RKO, 69 min. 

 2:45PM Lone Star  (1996) Chris Cooper & Elizabeth Pena, Dir: John Sayles, Col 135 min 10Y.

5 PM Flaming Star (1960) Elvis Presley & Dolores Del Rio .Dir : Don Siegel, Fox, 101 min Pr.

6:45 PM The Texas Rangers (1951) George Montgomery & Gale Storm. Dir:  Phil Karlson Col 74 min. 10Y.

Hollywood On Films Series: Billy Wilder & William Holden in Hollywood.

8 PM Sunset Boulevard (1950) William Holden  & Gloria Swanson. Dir: Billy Wilder. Par. 110 min. 

10:PM Fedora  (1978) William Holden  & Marthe Keller. Dir: Billy Wilder. UA, 114 min.  Pr Filmed in Greece .Greek to Me Challenge

Midnight  Silent Sunday : Nights of Love (1930) Marlene Dietrich . Dir Fred Sauer 80 min Strauss Films  Pr exempt.


1:30 AM TCM Imports  Hanussen (1988) Klaus Maria Bradenhauer. Dir: Istvan Szabo,.Col 140  min .Pre  exempt .Travel Talks : Rural Hungary (1939).

4 AM Mephisto (1981) Klaus Maria Bradenhauer.  Dir: Istvan Szabo, AFR Co,126 min.10Y . Travel Talks: Beautiful Bavaria (1953).

Monday May 20 

    6:15 AM  The Song of Songs (1933) Marlene Dietrich & Brian Aherne. Dir:  Rouben  Mamoulian  Par, 90 min. Dietrich Challenge.


7:45 AM Shanghai Express (1932) Marlene Dietrich & Clive Brook. Dir:  Josef Von Sternberg. Par, 82 min .Dietrich Challenge. Travel Talks; Oriental Paradise (1936) . 

9:15 AM Just a Gigolo (1978) Marlene Dietrich & David Bowie & Kim Novak  Dir: David Hemmings, UA 147min. PR exempt. Dietrich Challenge.


11:45 AM Golden Earrings ( 1947) Marlene Dietrich & Ray Milland Dir: Mitchell Leisen ,Par .95 min. 10Y.  Dietrich Challenge . Travel Talks : Cuba Land Of The Rumba (1933) . 

1:30 PM Rumba (1935) Carole Lombard & George Raft Dir: Marion Gering Par.71 min. Pr exempt Spanish Fly Chall.

2:45 PM Bolero (1934) Carole Lombard & George Raft. Dir:  Wesley Ruggles .PAR, 85 min. Pr exempt. Spanish Fly Chall.

4:15 The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle  ( 1939) Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers  Dir: H.C Potter. RKO, 93 min. Spanish Fly Chall. Travel Talks : Scholastic England (1948) .

6:PM Life At The Top (1965) Laurence Harvey & Jean Simmons .Dir: Ted Kotcheff. Col.117 min. 10Y.  

SOTM: Jack Hawkins

8:00 PM The Cruel Sea  (1953) Jack Hawkins & Denholm Elliott. Dir:  Charles Frend  Ealing- Rank. 126 min. 10Y.

10 15 PM The Two Headed Spy (1958) Jack Hawkins &  Gia Scala. Dir:  Andre De Toth., Col, 93 min. 10Y . Travel Talks : Cradle Of A Nation (1947)

Midnight : La Fayette  (1962) Jack Hawkins Vittorio De Sica & Orson Welles. Dir: Jean Dreville. Copernic Films, 158 min. Pr exempt.

2;45 AM The Malta Story (1953) Jack Hawkins  & Alec Guinness. Dir: Brian Desmond Hurst Rank, 97 min. Malta Challenge Travel Talks : Mediterranean Ports Of Call (1941) .

4:30 AM Home At Seven (1952) Jack Hawkins & Ralph Richardson. Dir:  Ralph Richardson., London Films,85 min. Pr exempt.

Tuesday May 21

At War In Europe With Richard Burton

6:AM Massacre in Rome (1973) Richard Burton &  Marcello Mastroianni. Dir:  George Comastos. National General Pictures, 110 min. PR When in Rome Challenge Travel Talks : Visiting Italy (1951)

8 AM Sujetska (1973 ) Richard Burton Dir: Stip Delic. Bosna Films 130 min. Pr. Iron Curtain Challenge.

10:15 AM Panique (1946) Michel Simon. Dir: Julien Duvivier. Filmsonor, 99 min. Pr exempt .French Kiss Chall.

12 PM Le Dernier Tournant (1939) Michel Simon. Dir: Pierre Chenal Lux Dist.  90 min. Pr exempt.French Kiss  Chall .(First filmed version of The Postman Always Rings Twice).

1:30 PM Boudu Sauve des Eaux(1932) Michel Simon Dir:Jean Renoir. CCF, 85 min.  French Kiss Chall .Michel Simon died in late May.

3: PM The Perfect Specimen (1937) Errol Flynn & Joan Blondell Dir:Michael Curtiz .War 97  min. 10Y .

4:45 PM Algiers (1938) Charles Boyer Hedy Lamarr & Joseph Calleia. Dir:  John Cromwell. UA, 96 min. Travel Talks: Glimpses Of Morocco And Algiers.(1951).



6:30 PM The Glass Key (1942) Alan Ladd Veronica Lake & Joseph Calleia. Dir:  Stuart Heisler Par. 85 min. Tribute to Joseph Caellia .Born and died in Malta.    Challenge about Malta

Italian Cinema In The Seventies Series Spotlight Also  When In Rome Challenge

8 PM Sunflower (1970) Sophia Loren & Marcello Mastroianni .Dir: Vittorio De Sica. Embassy Pictures .107 min. Pr exempt Travel Talks : Voices Of Venice (1951) .

 10 PM The Conformist (1970) Jean Louis Trintignant Dir: Bernardo Bertolucci. Par .113 min 10Y. When In Rome Challenge.


Midnight;  Investigation Of A Citizen Above Suspicion . (1970)  Gian Maria Volonte Dir:  Elio Petri. Col. 115 min.  Pr exempt. When In Rome Challenge.


 2:AM Good Morning Babylon (1987) Vincent Spano & Greta Scacchi. Dir:  Paolo & Vittorio Taviani. Vestron 117 min.. Pr .When In Rome Challenge.


4 AM Wolfen (1981) Albert Finney  Dir: Michael Wadleigh . Orion . 115 min Pr.

Wednesday May 22 

6:AM Zulu ( 1964) Stanley Baker & Jack Hawkins Dir: Cy Endfield. Embassy,  138 min. 10Y .Travel Talks Quebec In Summertime (1949).

 Happy Birthday Michael Sarrazin


8:30 AM The Pursuit of Happiness (1971) Barbara Hershey & Michael Sarrazin . Dir: Robert Mulligan, Col . 93 min .10 Y. Travel Talks : Quaint Quebec (1936).

10:15 AM They Shoot Horses , Don’t They? (1969) Jane Fonda & Michael Sarrazin .Dir: Sydney Pollack ,ABC Pictures 120 min. 10Y.

12:15 PM Harry Black and The Tiger (1958) Stewart Granger & Barbara Rush. Dir:  Hugo Fregonese. Fox, 107 min.  Pr. Travel Talks : In The Land Of Diamonds (1952)  Big Cats Double Bill

2:15 PM The Ghost and The Darkness (1996) Michael Douglas & Val Kilmer .  Dir: Stephen Hopkins, Par,110 min .Pr Travel Talks: Africa Land Of Contrast (1934).

4:15 PM Robbery Under Arms (1957) Peter Finch & David McCallum. Dir:Jack Lee. Rank. 114 min. 10Y.

6: PM Ned Kelly (1970).Mick Jagger. Dir:Tony Richardson .UA, 113 min. 10Y.

8:PM The Cat’s Meow (2001) Kirsten Dunst & Jennifer Tilly .Dir Peter Bogdanovich . Lions Gate  .121 min Pr .Travel Talks : Los Angeles Wonder City Of the West (1935).

 10:15 PM  L.A Confidential (1997) Russell Crowe & Kim Basinger Dir: Curtis Hanson .War 138 min. Travel Talks : Around The World In California (1947).

12:45 AM Gods and Monsters (1998) Ian McKellen & Brendan Fraser & Lynn Redgrave Dir: Bill Condon .  Lions Gate . 105 min. Pr .

 2:30 AM The Old Dark House (1932 ) Boris Karloff & Melvyn Douglas. Dir: James Whale Uni .72 min. 

3:45 AM The Stunt Man(1980) Peter O’Toole & Barbara Hershey  Dir:  Richard Rush .Fox 131 min. 

Thursday May 23

6: AM Chicago Syndicate (1955) Dennis O’Keefe & Abbe Lane. Dir:  Fred F Sears .Col, 84 min. 10Y.

7:30 AM Chicago Confidential (1957) Brian Keith. Dir: Sidney Salkow. UA, 75 min. 10Y.

8:45 AM War and Peace (1956) Audrey Hepburn Henry Fonda  & May Britt. Dir: King Vidor. Par. 208 min. Stockholm Challenge.

12;15 PM The Blue Angel (1959) May Britt & Curt Jurgens Dir: Edward Dmytryk .Fox 107 min. Pr exempt . Travel Talks: Stockholm Pride Of Sweden (1937). Stockholm Challenge.

2:15 PM The Counterfeit Traitor (1962) William Holden & Lilli Palmer. Dir: George Seaton .PAR, 140 min. Pr exempt . Travel Talks : Rural Sweden ( 1938). Stockholm Challenge.

4:45 PM Counter-Espionage (1942) Warren William Dir: Edward Dmytryk .Col, 73 min. 

6 PM The Long Good Friday (1980) Bob Hoskins & Helen Mirren. Dir: John Mackenzie. Embassy, 114 min 10Y.

 The Year Of Living Dangerously : Clint Eastwood in 1971.


8: PM Play Misty For Me (1971) Clint Eastwood & Jessica Walter. Dir: Clint Eastwood. Uni 102 min. 10Y.

9:45 PM The Beguiled (1971) Clint Eastwood & Geraldine Page. Dir: Don Siegel Uni, 105 min .Pr.

11:30 PM Dirty Harry (1971) Clint Eastwood & Andrew Robinson. Dir.: Don Siegel .War, 102 min. 10Y. Clint Eastwood was born in late May.

1:15 AM Hatari ! (1962) John Wayne & Hardy Kruger. Dir: Howard Hawks. Col, 157 min. 10Y.

4:AM White Hunter Black Heart (1990) Clint Eastwood Dir: Clint Eastwood. War.112 min. 10Y.

Friday May 24

6:AM Two Mules For Sister Sara(1970) Shirley MacLaine & Clint Eastwood. Dir:  Don Siegel . Uni , 116  min. 10Y.

8:AM Two Loves (1961) Shirley MacLaine Jack Hawkins & Laurence Harvey. Dir: Charles Walters. MGM, 96  min.

Happy Birthday Bob Dylan born in 1941

9:45 AM Don’t Look Back (1967) Bob Dylan  & Others  Dir:  D.A.Pennebaker. Pennebaker Films.96 min. Travel Talks : Minnesota Land Of Plenty (1942) .

11:30 PM Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid (1973) James Coburn & Kris Kristofferson. Dir: Sam Peckinpah. MGM, 115 min. 

1:30 PM Stella (1955) Melina Mercouri & Giorgos Foundas .  Dir : Michael Cacoyannis. Joseph Burstyn Dist- Millas Films,90 min .Pr .Greek To Me Challenge.

3: PM Remember Last Night ?  (1935)  Edward Arnold & Robert Young Dir : James Whale, Uni, 81 min . 10Y . Travel Talks : Night Descends On Treasure Island (1940).

4:30 PM  The Devil Is Driving  (1932) Edmund Lowe Wynne Gibson & James Gleason . Dir : Benjamin Stoloff , Par, 65 min .Pr . Travel Talks : West Point On The Hudson  (1942).

5:45 PM And The Ship Sails On (1984) Freddie Jones . Dir Federico Fellini ,Gaumont, 128 min.


No Sex please We’re British !


8: PM  Howards Ends (1992) Anthony Hopkins & Emma Thompson  Dir: James Ivory. Sony Pictures, 140  min. 10Y.

10:30 PM Maurice (1987) Hugh Grant Dir:James Ivory. Cinecom, 140 min. 10Y Travel talks : Jaipur The Pink City (1938).

1: AM Autobiography Of A Princess (1975) James Mason. Dir: James Ivory. Cinema 5 Dist . 59  min. 10Y.

2: AM The Thing With Two Heads (1972) Ray Milland. Dir: Lee Frost AIP, 91 min. Pr exempt.TCM Underground . Travel Talks : Land Of The Quintuplets (1942). 

3:45  AM The Day Of The Locust (1975) Donald Sutherland & Karen Black . Dir:John Schlesinger .  Par, 144 min.Pr.

Saturday May 25

6:15 AM W.C Fields And Me (1976) Rod Steiger & Valerie Perrine. Dir: Arthur Hiller.Uni  111 min. Pr .

8:15 AM Excalibur (1981) Nigel Terry & Helen Mirren. Dir:John Boorman .Orion, 119 min.10Y.

10:15 AM Batman (1989) Michael Keaton & Jack Nicholson. Dir: Tim Burton. War, 126 min. 10Y. Travel Talks : Nightlife In Chicago (1948).

12:30 PM Alfred The Great (1969) Michael York & David Hemmings Dir: Clive Donner, MGM .122 min.  Travel Talks: Delightful Denmark (1953).

2:45 PM Lock Up Your Daughters (1969) Christopher Plummer & Susannah York Dir: Peter Coen.Col. 102 min 10Y.

4:30 PM Elena And Her Men (1956) Ingrid Bergman & Mel Ferrer. Dir:Jean Renoir London Films, 98 min. 

6:15 PM Josephine And Men (1955) Glynis Johns. Dir: Roy Boulting.Ealing 98 min 10Y.

8 PM Coming Home (1978) Jane Fonda Jon Voight & Bruce Dern Dir:Hal Ashby .UA.127 min.

 10:15 PM Tattoo  ( 1981) Bruce Dern & Maud Adams Dir: Bob Brooks .Fox, 103 min. Pr.

Midnight : The  Hot Spot (1990) Don Johnson Virginia Madsen & Jennifer Connelly Dir: Dennis Hopper. Orion .130 min. Pr exempt .Noir Alley.

2:15 AM Mad Dog Morgan (1976) Dennis Hopper. Dir:Philippe Mora,CSID USA 102 min .Pr.

4 AM The Rose Tattoo (1955) Burt Lancaster & Anna Magnani. Dir: Daniel Mann. Par, 117 min.

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TCM Programming Challenge #47: The European Grand Prix

Lonesome Polecat’s Schedule


WEEK OF FEBRUARY 11-17, 2024

SOTM: Edmund Gwenn

THE ESSENTIALS: The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend (1949)

TCM SPOTLIGHT: The Fields Family of Writers – Dorothy, Herbert, Joseph & Lew


TCM IMPORTS: La Gloire de Mon Pere (My Father’s Glory 1990) & Le Chateau de Ma Mere (My Mother’s Castle 1990)

TCM UNDERGROUND: Final Justice (1984)

NOIR ALLEY: Summer Storm (1944)


CHALLENGE #1 (British SOTM) – Edmund Gwenn

CHALLENGE #2 (Rome) – A Visit to An Italian Restaurant

CHALLENGE #3 (French films) – Based on French Books

CHALLENGE #4 (not aired in 10 years) – Movies that Haven’t Aired on TCM Since 1994

CHALLENGE #5 (Stockholm Surprise) – Swedish-American Comedian Edgar Bergen

CHALLENGE #7 (filmed in Greece) – Trouble in Crete

CHALLENGE #8 (Iron Curtain) – Filmed on Location in Austria

CHALLENGE #10 (Malta) – TCM Underground in Malta



1.      Almost Angels (1962)

2.      The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend (1949)

3.      The Bride Comes Home (1935)

4.      Charlie McCarthy, Detective (1939)

5.      Curtain Call at Cactus Creek (1950)

6.      Damn Yankees (1958)

7.      Family Honeymoon (1948)

8.      Lillian Russell (1940)

9.      Maid of Salem (1937)

10.  Practically Yours (1944)

11.  Song of the Open Road (1944)

12.  Sound of Music (1965)

13.  Summer Storm (1944)

14.  Up in Central Park (1948)

15.  Wabash Avenue (1950)



1.      Cash (1933)

2.      Final Justice (1984)

3.      I Was a Spy (1933)

4.      It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

5.      Le Chateau de Ma Mere (My Mother’s Castle 1990)

6.      La Gloire de Mon Pere (My Father’s Glory 1990)

7.      Nana (1926)

8.      Peking Express (1951)

9.      Phantom of the Opera (1943)

10.  So You Won’t Talk (1935)

11.  The Taming of the Shrew (1929)

12.  Waltzes from Vienna (1934)





Challenge #4: Foreign and Domestic Travel


6:00am The Perfect Specimen (1937) Errol Flynn & Joan Blondell, dir Michael Curtiz WB 1h37min (p/s)

7:45am It’s in the Air (1938) George Formby & Polly Ward, dir Anthony Kimmins ATP 1h14min (p/s)

9:00am Beyond the Forest (1949) Bette Davis & Joseph Cotten, dir King Vidor WB 1h30min (p/s)

10:30am Murder in Times Square (1943) Edmund Lowe & Marguerite Chapman, dir Lew Landers COL 1h5min (p/s)

11:45am So This is Africa (1933) Bert Wheeler & Robert Woolsey, dir Edward F. Kline COL 60min (p/s)

12:45pm New Orleans Uncensored (1955) Arthur Franz & Beverly Garland, dir William Castle COL 1h15min (p/s)

2:00pm A Lady to Love (1930) Edward G Robinson & Vilma Banky, dir Victor Sjostrom MGM 1h30min (p/s)

3:30pm Ask Any Girl (1959) David Niven & Shirley MacLaine, dir Charles Walters MGM 1h38min (p/s)

5:15pm Massacre Canyon (1954) Philip Carey & Audrey Totter, dir Fred F Sears COL 1h6min (p/s)

6:30pm Where Were You When the Lights Went Out? (1968) Doris Day & Robert Morse, dir Hy Averback MGM 89min (p/s)


Challenge #3: French Kiss


8:00pm Phantom of the Opera (1943) Claude Rains & Nelson Eddy, dir Arthur Lubin UI 1h32min EXEMPT PREMIERE

9:45pm Les Miserables (1935) Fredric March & Charles Laughton, dir Richard Boleslawski, Book by Victor Hugo FOX 1h48min (p/s)

11:45pm SILENT SUNDAY NIGHTS: Nana (1926) Catherine Hessling & Pierre Lestringuez, dir Jean Renoir, Book by Emil Zola 2h30min EXEMPT PREMIERE

2:15am TCM IMPORTS: La Gloire de Mon Pere (My Father’s Glory 1990) Philippe Caubere & Nathalie Roussel, dir Yves Robert, Book by Marcel Pagnol, Gaumont 1h45min EXEMPT PREMIERE

4:00am TCM IMPORTS: Le Chateau de Ma Mere (My Mother’s Castle 1990) Philippe Caubere & Nathalie Roussel, dir Yves Robert, Book by Marcel Pagnol, Gaumont 1h38min EXEMPT PREMIERE






Challenge #2: When in Rome


5:45am The Caddy (1953) Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis, dir Norman Taurog PAR 1h35min (p/s)

7:30am You Can’t Have Everything (1937) Alice Faye & Don Ameche, dir Norman Taurog FOX 1h40min (p/s)

9:15am Big Night (1996) Stanley Tucci & Tony Shalhoub, dir Campbell Scott & Stanley Tucci, Goldwyn 1h49min (p/s)

11:15am The Case of the Curious Bride (1935) Warren William & Allen Jenkins, dir Michael Curtiz WB 1h20min (p/s)

12:45pm House of Strangers (1949) Edward G Robinson & Susan Hayward, dir Joseph L. Mankiewicz FOX 1h41min (p/s)

2:30pm Moonstruck (1987) Cher & Olympia Dukakis, dir Norman Jewison MGM 1h42min (p/s)

4:15pm So You Won’t Talk (1935) Monty Banks & Vera Pearce, dir William Beaudine WB 1h24min EXEMPT PREMIERE

5:45pm It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) James Stewart & Donna Reed, dir Frank Capra, Liberty 2h10min EXEMPT PREMIERE



8:00pm Rhapsody in Blue (1945) Robert Alda & Alexis Smith, dir Irving Rapper WB 2h15min (p/s)

10:15pm Sincerely Yours (1955) Liberace & Joanne Dru, dir Gordon Douglas WB 1h55min (p/s)

12:15am Manhattan (1979) Woody Allen & Diane Keaton, dir Woody Allen UA 1h36min (p/s)

2:00am King of Jazz (1930) Paul Whiteman & Bing Crosby, dir John Murray Anderson UI 1h39min (p/s)

3:45am SHORT: I Won’t Play (1944) Dane Clark & Janis Paige, dir Crane Wilbur WB 18min







4:15am Psycho (1960) Anthony Perkins & Janet Leigh, dir Alfred Hitchcock PAR 1h49min (p/s)

6:15am Random Harvest (1942) Ronald Colman & Greer Garson, dir Mervyn LeRoy MGM 2h6min (p/s)

8:30am Laura (1944) Dana Andrews & Gene Tierney, dir Otto Preminger FOX 1h28min (p/s)



10:00am Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941) Robert Montgomery & Claude Rains, dir Alexander Hall COL 1h34min (p/s)

11:45am SHORT: Day of the Fight (1951) Walter Cartier & Douglas Edwards, dir Stanley Kubrick RKO 15min (p/s)

12:00pm Field of Dreams (1989) Kevin Costner & James Earl Jones, dir Phil Alden Robinson UI 1h47min (p/s)

2:00pm Chariots of Fire (1981) Ben Cross & Ian Charleson, dir Hugh Hudson FOX 2h5min (p/s)

4:15pm Angels in the Outfield (1951) Paul Douglas & Janet Leigh, dir Clarence Brown MGM 1h39min (p/s)

6:00pm Damn Yankees (1958) Tab Hunter & Gwen Verdon, dir George Abbott & Stanley Donen WB 1h51min PREMIERE



Comedian Lew Fields appearing as himself–

8:00pm Lillian Russell (1940) Alice Faye & Don Ameche, dir Irving Cummings FOX 2h7min PREMIERE

Written by Dorothy & Herbert, lyrics by Dorothy –

10:15pm Up in Central Park (1948) Deanna Durbin & Dick Haymes, dir William A Seiter UI 1h24min PREMIERE

Written by Joseph & Herbert –

11:45pm Fools for Scandal (1938) Carole Lombard & Fernand Gravey, dir Mervyn LeRoy WB 1h20min (p/s)

Story by Dorothy & Herbert, lyrics by Dorothy –

1:15am Joy of Living (1938) Irene Dunne & Douglas Fairbanks, Jr, dir Tay Garnett RKO 1h30min (p/s)

Written by Joseph –

2:45am My Sister Eileen (1942) Rosalind Russell & Janet Blair, dir Alexander Hall COL 1h36min (p/s)

Musical book by Dorothy & Herbert –

4:30am Annie Get Your Gun (1950) Betty Hutton & Howard Keel, dir George Sidney MGM 1h47min (p/s)

Written by Joseph –

6:30am The Doughgirls (1944) Ann Sheridan & Jane Wyman, dir James V Kern WB 1h42min (p/s)







8:15am The Shop Around the Corner (1940) James Stewart & Margaret Sullavan, dir Ernst Lubitsch MGM 1h39min (p/s)

10:00am Much Ado About Nothing (1993) Kenneth Branagh & Emma Thompson, dir Kenneth Branagh, Goldwyn 1h51min (p/s)

12:00pm I Was a Male War Bride (1949) Ann Sheridan & Cary Grant, dir Howard Hawks FOX 1h45min (p/s)

1:45pm It Happened One Night (1934) Claudette Colbert & Clark Gable, dir Frank Capra COL 1h45min (p/s)

3:30pm Beauty and the Beast (1946) Jean Marais & Josette Day, dir Jean Cocteau, DisCina 1h30min (p/s)

5:00pm Wabash Avenue (1950) Betty Grable & Victor Mature, dir Henry Koster FOX 1h32min PREMIERE

6:45pm The Taming of the Shrew (1929) Mary Pickford & Douglas Fairbanks, dir Sam Taylor UA 1h3min PUBLIC DOMAIN PREMIERE



8:00pm The Gilded Lily (1935) Claudette Colbert & Fred MacMurray, dir Wesley Ruggles PAR 1h20min (p/s)

9:30pm The Bride Comes Home (1935) Claudette Colbert & Fred MacMurray, dir Wesley Ruggles PAR 1h23min PREMIERE

11:00pm Maid of Salem (1937) Claudette Colbert & Fred MacMurray, Frank Lloyd PAR 1h26min PREMIERE

12:30am No Time for Love (1943) Claudette Colbert & Fred MacMurray, dir Mitchell Leisen PAR 1h23min (p/s)

2:00am Practically Yours (1944) Claudette Colbert & Fred MacMurray, dir Mitchell Leisen PAR 1h30min PREMIERE

3:30am The Egg and I (1947) Claudette Colbert & Fred MacMurray, dir Chester Erksine UI 1h48min (p/s)

4:30am Family Honeymoon (1948) Claudette Colbert & Fred MacMurray, Claude Binyon UI 1h30min PREMIERE






Challenge #8: Pushing past the Iron Curtain


6:00am The Third Man (1949) Joseph Cotten & Orson Welles, dir Carol Reed BLF 1h30min (p/s)

7:30am Amadeus (1984) F. Murray Abraham & Tom Hulce, dir Milos Forman AMLF 2h40min (p/s)

10:15am The Double Man (1967) Yul Brynner & Clive Revill, dir Frankling J Schaffner WB 1h45min (p/s)

12:00pm Almost Angels (1962) Vincent Winter & Sean Scully, dir Steve Previn, Disney 1h30min PREMIERE

1:30pm Scorpio (1973) Burt Lancaster & Paul Scofield, dir Michael Winner UA 1h55min (p/s)

3:30pm Ten Little Indians (1965) Hugh O’Brian & Shirley Eaton, dir George ****, 7 Arts 1h30min (p/s)

5:00pm Sound of Music (1965) Julie Andrews & Christopher Plummer, dir Robert Wise FOX 2h52min PREMIERE


Challenge #1: London, Dublin, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and Belfast Calling


8:00pm Waltzes from Vienna (1934) Edmund Gwenn & Fay Compton, dir Alfred Hitchcock, Gaumont 1h20min EXEMPT PREMIERE

9:30pm Miracle on 34th Street (1947) Edmund Gwenn & Maureen O'Hara, dir George Seaton FOX 96min (p/s)

11:15pm Peking Express (1951) Joseph Cotten & Edmund Gwenn, dir William Dieterle PAR 1h35min EXEMPT PREMIERE

1:00am I Was a Spy (1933) Conrad Veidt & Edmund Gwenn, dir Victor Saville, Gaumont 1h29min EXEMPT PREMIERE

2:30am The Trouble With Harry (1955) John Forsythe & Shirley MacLaine, dir Alfred Hitchcock, Paramount 99min (p/s)

4:15am Cash (1933) Robert Donat & Edmund Gwenn, dir Zoltan Korda, London Films 1h13min PREMIERE

5:30am The Devil and Miss Jones (1941) Jean Arthur & Robert Cummings, dir Sam Wood RKO 1h30min (p/s)






Challenge #7: It's Greek to Me


7:00am Night Ambush (1957) Dirk Bogarde & Marius Goring, dir Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger, Rank 1h33min (p/s)

8:45am The Moon-Spinners (1964) Hayley Mills & Peter McEnery, dir James Neilson, Disney 1h58min (p/s)


Challenge #5: Stockholm Surprise


10:45am You Can’t Cheat an Honest Man (1939) WC Fields & Edgar Bergen, dir George Marshall UI 1h19min (p/s)

12:15pm Fun and Fancy Free (1947) Dinah Shore & Edgar Bergen, dir Hamilton Luske & William Morgan, Disney 1h13min (p/s)

1:30pm I Remember Mama (1948) Irene Dunne & Edgar Bergen, dir George Stevens RKO 2h14min (p/s)

3:45pm Look Who’s Laughing (1941) Jim Jordan & Edgar Bergen, dir Allan Dwan RKO 1h19min (p/s)

5:15pm Charlie McCarthy, Detective (1939) Edgar Bergen & Robert Cummings, dir Frank Tuttle UI 1h15min PREMIERE

6:30pm Song of the Open Road (1944) Jane Powell & Edgar Bergen, dir S Sylvan Simon UA 1h30min PREMIERE



8:00pm The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) Frederic March & Myrna Loy, dir William Wyler, Goldwyn 171min (p/s)

11:00am SHORT: Diary of a Sergeant (1945) Harold Russell, dir Joseph M. Newman, US War Dept 22min

11:30pm To Hell and Back (1955) Audie Murphy & Marshall Thompson, dir Jesse Hibbs UI 1h45min (p/s)

1:15am Hail the Conquering Hero (1944) Eddie Bracken & Ella Raines, dir Preston Sturges PAR 1h41min (p/s)

3:00am Back to Bataan (1945) John Wayne & Anthony Quinn, dir Edward Dmytryk RKO 1h35min (p/s)


Challenge #10: Malta


4:45am Final Justice (1984) Joe Don Baker & Rossano Brazzi, dir Greydon Clark, Arista 1h30min EXEMPT PREMIERE







6:15am Lady for a Day (1933) Warren William & May Robson, dir Frank Capra COL 1h36min (p/s)

8:00am Gigi (1958) Leslie Caron & Louis Jourdan, dir Vincente Minnelli MGM 1h55min (p/s)

10:00am Doll Face (1945) Vivian Blaine & Carmen Miranda, dir Lewis Seiler FOX 1h20min (p/s)

11:30am Sabrina (1954) Audrey Hepburn & Humphrey Bogart, dir Billy Wilder PAR 1h53min (p/s)

1:30pm The Toast of New Orleans (1950) Kathryn Grayson & Mario Lanza, dir Norman Taurog MGM 1h37min (p/s)

3:15am Born Yesterday (1950) Judy Holliday & William Holden, dir George Cukor COL 1h43min (p/s)

5:00pm My Fair Lady (1964) Audrey Hepburn & Rex Harrison, dir George Cukor WB 2h50min (p/s)



8:00pm THE ESSENTIALS: The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend (1949) Betty Grable & Cesar Romero, dir Preston Sturges FOX 1h17min PREMIERE

9:30pm Curtain Call at Cactus Creek (1950) Donald O’Connor & Walter Brennan, dir Charles Lamont UI 1h26min PREMIERE

11:00pm Hips, Hips, Hooray (1934) Bert Wheeler & Robert Woolsey, dir Mark Sandrich RKO 1h8min (p/s)

12:15am NOIR ALLEY: Summer Storm (1944) Linda Darnell & George Sanders, dir Douglas Sirk UA 1h46min PREMIERE

2:15am Live, Love and Learn (1937) Robert Montgomery & Rosalind Russell, dir George Fitzmaurice MGM 1h18min (p/s)

3:45am Feudin’, Fussin’ and A-Fightin’ (1948) Donald O’Connor & Marjorie Main, dir George Sherman UI 1h18min (p/s)

5:15am A Girl, a Guy and a Gob (1941) Lucille Ball & Edmond O’Brien, dir Richard Wallace RKO 1h30min (p/s)




1920s – 2

1930s – 23

1940s – 38

1950s – 20

1960s – 8

1970s – 2

1980s – 5

1990s – 4

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BunnyWhit's Schedule and notes


September Birthstone: Sapphire

06:00am    Beau Geste (1939). Gary Cooper, Ray Milland, Robert Preston; dir William A. Wellman. Paramount Pictures, 112 mins. P/S

08:00am    Calcutta (1946). Alan Ladd, Gail Russell, William Bendix; dir John Farrow. Paramount Pictures, 83 mins. PREMIERE

09:30am    Star of India (1954). Cornel Wilde, Jean Wallace, Herbert Lom; dir Arthur Lubin. Titanis; Raymond Stross Productions, 92 mins. PREMIERE

National Little League Month
11:15am    Safe At Home! (1962). Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, William Frawley; dir Walter Doniger. Columbia Pictures Corporation, 84 mins. P/S

12:45pm    The Bad News Bears (1976). Walter Matthau, Tatum O’Neal, Vic Morrow; dir Michael Ritchie. Paramount Pictures, 102 mins. P/S

02:30pm    The Great American Pastime (1956). Tom Ewell, Anne Francis, Ann Miller; dir Herman Hoffman. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 90 mins. P/S

Happy 92nd Birthday, Mitzi Gaynor! 
04:00pm    Golden Girl (1951). Mitzi Gaynor, Dale Robertson, Dennis Day; dir Lloyd Bacon. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, 108 mins. P/S

06:00pm    Anything Goes (1956). Bing Crosby, Donald O’Connor, Zizi Jeanmarie; dir Robert Lewis. Paramount Pictures, 106 mins. P/S (CHALLENGE #4)

CHALLENGE 3: French Kiss – Visages d’enfants
08:00pm    Trois enfants…dans le désordre (1966). Bourvil, Jean Lefebvre, Rosy Varte; dir Léo Joannon. Gaumont International, 100 mins. EXEMPT PREMIERE

09:45pm    Crainquebille (1922). Maurice de Féraudy, Félix Oudart, Jean Forest; dir Jacques Feyder. Films A. Legrand; Lobster Films, 90 mins. EXEMPT PREMIERE

11:30pm     À propos de Nice (1930). Dir Boris Kaufman, Jean Vigo. Pathé-Natan, 24 mins. P/S

12:00am    Mother [Visages d’enfants] (1925). Jean Forest, Victor Vina, Pierrette Houyez; dir Jacques Feyder. Mundus-Film; Sociéte Zoubaloff & Porchet; Sociéte des Grands Films Indépendants, 114 mins. EXEMPT PREMIERE

02:00am    Le carrefour des enfants perdus (1944). René Dary, Raymond Bussières, Jean Mercanton; dir Léo Joannon. Maítrise Artisanale de l’Industrie Cinematographique; Védis, 110 mins. EXEMPT PREMIERE

04:00am    The 400 blows [Les quatre cents coups] (1959). Jean-Pierre Léaud, Claire Maurier, Albert Rémy; dir François Truffaut. Les Films du Carrosse; Sédif Productions, 99 mins. P/S

05:45am    A Really Important Person (1947). Dean Stockwell, Connie Gilchrist, Clancy Cooper; dir Basil Rangell. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 11 mins. P/S

06:00am    Cameramen at War (1943). Raymond Glendenning, Harold Alexander, Teddy Ashwood. Ministry of Information; Realist Film Unit, 15 mins. P/S (CHALLENGE #4)

Labor Day: Strikes and Unions

06:15am    I’m All Right Jack (1959). Ian Carmichael, Terry-Thomas, Peter Sellers; dir John Boulting. Boulting Brothers; Charter Film Productions. 105 mins. P/S (CHALLENGE #4)

08:00am    Haymarket: The Bomb, the Anarchists, the Labor Struggle (2021). Dir Adrian Prawica. Filmadria, 85 mins. PREMIERE

09:30am     On the Waterfront (1954). Marlon Brando, Karl Malden, Lee J. Cobb; dir Elia Kazan. Columbia Pictures; Horizon Pictures, 108 mins. P/S

11:30am    Norma Rae (1979). Sally Field, Beau Bridges, Rob Leibman; dir Martin Ritt. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. 123 mins. P/S

01:45pm    Matewan (1987). 135 mins. Chris Cooper, Mary McDonnell, Will Oldham; dir John Sayles. Cinecom Entertainment Group; Film Gallery; Goldcrest Films International; Red Dog Films; Winwood Productions, 135 mins. PREMIERE

04:00pm    The Molly Maguires (1970). Richard Harris, Sean Connery, Samantha Eggar; dir Martin Ritt. Tamm Productions, 124 mins. PREMIERE

06:15pm    Salt of the Earth (1954). Will Geer, David Wolfe, David Sarvis; dir Herbert Biberman. Independent Productions; The International Union of Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers. 94 mins. P/S

TCM SPOTLIGHT – Divine Equine
08:00pm    Sergeant Murphy (1938). Ronald Reagan, Mary Maguire, Donald Crisp; dir B. Reeves Eason. Warner Bros., 57 mins. P/S

09:00pm    Miracle of the White Stallions (1963). Robert Taylor, Lilli Palmer, Curd Jürgens; dir Arthur Hiller. Walt Disney Productions, 118 mins. PREMIERE

11:00pm    The Black Stallion (1979). Kelly Reno, Mickey Rooney, Teri Garr; dir Carroll Ballard. Omni Zoetrope, 118 mins. P/S

01:00am    Francis (1950). Donald O’Connor, Patricia Medina, ZaSu Pitts; dir Arthur Lubin. Universal International Pictures, 91 mins. P/S

02:45am    Two Mules for Sister Sara (1970). Shirley MacLaine, Clint Eastwood, Manolo Fábregas; dir Don Siegel. The Malpaso Company; Sanen Productions; Universal Pictures, 116 mins. P/S (CHALLENGE #4)

04:45am     Two Thoroughbreds (1939). Jimmy Lydon, Joan Leslie, Arthur Hohl; dir Jack Hively. RKO Radio Pictures, 62 mins. P/S

Happy 138th Birthday, Otto Kruger!

06:00am    Vanessa, Her Love Story (1935). Robert Montgomery, Helen Hayes, May Robson; dir William K. Howard. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 74 mins. P/S

07:15am    Living Dangerously (1936). Otto Kruger, Leonora Corbett, Francis Lister; dir Herbert Brenon. British International Pictures, 72 mins. PREMIERE

08:30am    Saboteur (1942). Priscilla Lane,  Robert Cummings, Otto Kruger; dir Alfred Hitchcock. Frank Lloyd Productions; Universal Pictures, 109 mins. P/S

10:30am    711 Ocean Drive (1950). Edmond O’Brien, Joanne Dru, Otto Kruger; dir Joseph M. Newman. Frank Seltzer Productions, 102 mins. P/S

12:15pm    Dr. Ehrlich’s Magic Bullet (1940). Edward G. Robinson, Ruth Gordon, Otto Kruger; dir William Dieterle. Warner Bros.,103 mins. P/S

CHALLENGE 5: Stockholm Surprise – Inger Stevens Tribute
02:00pm    The Buccaneer (1958). Yul Brynner, Claire Bloom, Charles Boyer; dir Anthony Quinn. Paramount Pictures, 119 mins. P/S (CHALLENGE #4)

04:00pm    House of Cards (1968). George Peppard, Inger Stevens, Orson Welles; dir John Guillermin. Universal Pictures; Westward Films, 105 mins. EXEMPT PREMIERE

05:45pm    The New Interns (1964). Michael Callan, Dean Jones, Telly Savalas; dir John Rich. Robert Cohn Productions, 123 mins. P/S (Challenge #4)

CHALLENGE 7: It’s Greek to Me – With Guest Programmer, Alexis Zorba
08:00pm    A Dream of Kings (1969). Anthony Quinn, Irene Papas, Inger Stevens; dir Daniel Mann. National General Pictures, 107 mins. P/S

10:00pm    Hot Spell (1958). Shirley Booth, Anthony Quinn, Shirley MacLaine; dir Daniel Mann, George Cukor. Wallis-Hazen, 86 mins. PREMIERE

11:30pm    Zorba the Greek [Alexis Zorbas] (1964). Anthony Quinn, Alan Bates, Irene Papas; dir Mihalis Kakogiannis. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, 142 mins. P/S

02:00am    Kazantzakis (2017). Odysseas Papaspiliopoulos, Marina Kalogirou, Thodoris Atheridis; dir Yannis Smaragdis. 2017 Films; Alexandros Film; Greek Film Center; Hellenic Radio & Television; Nova, 120 mins. PREMIERE

04:00am    Ulysses (1954). Silvana Mangano, Kirk Douglas, Anthony Quinn; dir Mario Camerini. Lux Film; Paramount Pictures; Producciones Ponti-de Laurentiis; Zénith Films, 117 mins. PREMIERE

CHALLENGE 6: Spanish Fly – Bailemos el Tango, la Rumba, el Bolero y la Carioca

06:00am    Bolero (1934). George Raft, Carole Lombard, Sally Rand; dir Wesley Ruggles, Mitchell Leisen. Paramount Pictures, 85 mins. EXEMPT PREMIERE

07:30am    Rumba (1935). George Raft, Carole Lombard, Lynne Overman; dir Marion Gering. Paramount Pictures, 71 mins. EXEMPT PREMIERE

08:45am    Broadway (1942). George Raft, Pat O’Brien, Janet Blair; dir William A. Seiter. Universal Pictures, 91 mins. PREMIERE

10:30am    Flying Down to Rio (1933). Dolores de Rio, Gene Raymond, Raul Roulien; dir Thornton Freeland. RKO Radio Pictures, 89 mins. P/S

Happy 113th Birthday, Elia Kazan!
12:00pm    Boomerang! (1947). Dana Andrews, Jane Wyatt, Lee J. Cobb; dir Elia Kazan. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, 88 mins. P/S

01:30pm    Man on a Tightrope (1953). Fredric March, Terry Moore, Gloria Grahame; dir Elia Kazan. Bavaria Film; Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, 105 mins. P/S

03:15pm    Panic in the Streets (1950). Richard Widmark, Paul Douglas, Barbara Bel Geddes; dir Elia Kazan. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, 96 mins. P/S

05:00pm    Pinky (1949). Jeanne Craine, Ethel Barrymore, Ethel Waters; Eliz Kazan, John Ford. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, 102 mins. P/S

Tour Bus to the British Isles: London, Dublin, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and Belfast
06:45pm    Looking at London (1946). James A. FiitzPatrick. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 9 mins. P/S

07:00pm    Ireland: “The Emerald Isle” (1934). James A. FitzPatrick. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 9 mins. P/S

07:15pm    Wandering Through Wales (1948). James A. FitzPatrick, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 10 mins. P/S

07:30pm    A Wee Bit of Scotland (1949). James A. FitzPatrick, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 10 mins. P/S

07:45pm    Over the Seas to Belfast (1946). James A. FitzPatrick, Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 9 mins. P/S

STAR OF THE MONTH: CHALLENGE 1: London, Dublin, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and Belfast Calling — Siân Phillips
08:00pm    Becket (1964). Richard Burton, Peter O’Toole, John Gielgud; dir Peter Glenville. Keep Films; Paramount Film Service; Wallis-Hazen, 150 mins. P/S  (CHALLENGE #4)

10:30pm    Murphy’s War (1971). Peter O’Toole, Siân Phillips, Philippe Noiret; dir Peter Yates. Michael Deeley - Peter Yates Films; London Screenplays, 107 mins. EXEMPT PREMIERE

12:30am    Under Milk Wood (1971). Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Peter O’Toole; Andrew Sinclair. Timon Productions, 87 mins. EXEMPT PREMIERE

02:00am    Goodbye Mr. Chips (1969). Peter O’Toole, Petula Clarke, Michael Redgrave; dir Herbert Ross. APJAC Productions; Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 155 mins. P/S

04:45am    The Day They Robbed the Bank of England (1960). Aldo Ray, Elizabeth Sellars, Peter O’Toole; dir John Guillermin. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; Summit Film Productions, 85 mins. P/S

National Ampersand Day

06:15am    Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969). Natalie Wood, Robert Culp, Elliott Gould; dir Paul Mazursky. Columbia Pictures Corporation; Frankovich Productions, 105 mins. P/S

Happy 98th Birthday, Peter Sellers!
08:00am    The Ladykillers (1955). Alec Guinness, Cecil Parker, Herbert Lom; dir Alexander Mackendrick. Ealing Studios; Michael Balcon Productions, 91 mins. PREMIERE

09:45am    Only Two Can Play (1962). Peter Sellers, Mai Zetterling, Virginia Maskell; dir Sidney Gilliat. British Lion Film Corporation; Vale Film Productions, 106 mins. P/S (CHALLENGE #4)

CHALLENGE 8: Pushing Past the Iron Curtain: Austria
11:45am    Freud (1962) – Montgomery Clift, Susannah York, Larry Parks; dir John Huston. Bavaria Film, 140 mins. PREMIERE

You Are Getting Very Sleepy: Hypnosis 
02:15pm    Hold That Hypnotist (1957). Hall Huntz, Stanley Clements, Jane Nigh; dir Austen Jewell. Allied Artists Pictures, 60 mins. P/S

03:15pm    Nightmare (1956). Edward G. Robinson, Kevin McCarthy, Connie Russell; dir Shane Maxwell. Pine-Thomas Productions, 89 mins. P/S

04:45pm    Whirpool (1950). Gene Tierney, Richard Conte, José Ferrer; dir Otto Preminger. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, 98 mins. P/S

06:30pm    Fear in the Night (1946). Paul Kelly, Kay Scott, DeForest Kelley; dir Maxwell Shane. Pine-Thomas Productions, 72 mins. PREMIERE

07:45pm    Glimpses of Austria (1938). James A. FitzPatrick. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 9 mins. P/S

CHALLENGE 2: When in Rome – She Ain’t all Love and Pasta
08:00pm    Rome, Open City (1945). Aldo Fabrizi, Anna Magnani, Marcello Pagliero; dir Roberto Rossellini. Excelsa Film, 103 mins. EXEMPT PREMIERE

09:45pm    Massacre in Rome [Rappresaglia] (1973). Richard Burton, Marcello Mastroianni, Leo McKern; dir George P. Cosmatos. Surf Film; Compagnia Cinematografica Champion; Fiduciary; Les Films Concordia, 110 mins. EXEMPT PREMIERE

11:45pm    Fall of the Roman Empire (1964). Sophia Loren, Stephen Boyd, Alec Guinness; dir Anthony Mann. Samuel Bronston Productions, 188 mins. P/S

03:00am    Bandits in Rome [Roma come Chicago] (1968). John Cassavetes, Gabriele Ferzetti, Anita Sanders; Alberto De Martino. Dino de Laurentiis Cinematografica, 105 mins. PREMIERE

04:45am    Spartacus [Spartaco] (1913). Mario Guaita-Ausonia, Cristina Ruspoli, Enrico Bracci; dir Giovanni Enrico Vidali. Pasquali e C., 88 mins. PREMIERE

Happy 100th Anniversary, European Grand Prix!

06:15am    Viva Las Vegas (1964). Elvis Presley, Ann-Margret, Cesare Danova; dir George Sidney. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; Jack Cummings Productions; Winters Hollywood Entertainment Holdings Corporation, 85 mins. P/S

07:45am    The Love Bug (1968). Dean Jones, Lee Michele, David Tomlinson; dir Robert Stevenson. Walt Disney Productions, 108 mins. P/S  

09:45am    The Young Racers (1963). Mark Damon, William Campbell, Luana Anders; dir Roger Corman. Alta Vista Productions, 84 mins. P/S 

11:15am    Death Race 2000 (1975). David Carradine, Simone Griffeth, Sylvester Stallone; dir Paul Bartel. Columbia Associates; New World Pictures, 84 mins. P/S (CHALLENGE #4) 

12:45am    Grand Prix (1966). James Garner, Eva Marie Saint, Yves Montand; dir John Frankenheimer. Cherokee Productions; Douglas & Lewis Productions; Joel Productions; John Frankenheimer Productions Inc.; Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 176 mins. P/S
03:45pm    Le Mans (1971). Steve McQueen, Siegfried Rauch, Elga Andersen; dir Lee H. Katzin. Cinema Center Films; Solar Productions, 106 mins. P/S
05:45pm    The Gumball Rally (1976). Michael Sarrazin, Norman Burton, Gary Busey; dir Charles Bail. First Artists; Warner Bros., 105 mins. P/S  

07:30pm    Grand Prix: Challenge of the Champions (1966). Daniel Davis. 13 mins. P/S

07:45pm    Romantic Riviera (1950). James A. FitzPatrick. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 9 mins. P/S

Back to School
08:00pm    National Lampoon’s Animal House [Animal House] (1978). Tom Hulce, Stephen Furst, Mark Metcalf; dir John Landis. Oregon Film Factory; Stage III Productions; Universal Pictures, 109 mins. P/S (CHALLENGE #4)

10:00pm    Mother Is a Freshman (1949). Loretta Young, Van Johnson, Rudy Vallee; dir Lloyd Bacon. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, 81 mins. P/S

11:30pm    College (1927). Anne Cornwall, Flora Bramley, Harold Goodwin; dir James W. Horne, Buster Keaton. Joseph M. Schenck Productions, 66 mins. P/S (CHALLENGE #4)

12:45am    The Wild Party (1929). Clara Bow, Fredric March, Marceline Day; dir Dorothy Arzner. Paramount Pictures, 75 mins. P/S (CHALLENGE #4)

TCM UNDERGROUND: CHALLENGE 10: Malta Swashbucklers 
02:00am    Cutthroat Island (1995). Geena Davis, Matthew Modine, Frank Langella; dir Renny Harlin. Beckner/Gorman Productions; Canal+; Carolco Pictures; Cutthroat Productions; Forge; Guild; Laurence Mark Productions; Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; RCS Video; Tele-Communications Inc., 124 mins. EXEMPT PREMIERE

04:15am    Pirates (1986). Walter Matthau, Cris Campion, Damien Thomas; dir Roman Polanski. Carthago Films S.a.r.l.; Accent Films; Cominco, 121 mins. EXEMPT PREMIERE

Happy 109th Birthday, Robert Wise!

06:30am    Tribute to a Bad Man (1956). James Cagney, Don Dubbins, Stephen McNally; dir Robert Wise. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 95 mins. P/S

08:15am    Audrey Rose (1977). Marsha Mason, Anthony Hopkins, John Beck; dir Robert Wise. Sterobcar Productions, 113 mins. P/S

10:15am    Two for the Seesaw (1962). Robert Mitchum, Shirley MacLaine, Edmon Ryan; dir Robert Wise. Argyle Productions; The Mirisch Corporation; Seesaw Productions; Talbot Productions, 119 mins. P/S

12:15pm    Odds Against Tomorrow (1959). Harry Belafonte, Robert Ryan, Shelley Winters; dir Robert Wise. Harbel Productions, 100 mins. P/S

02:00pm    Helen of Troy (1956). Rossana Podestà, Jacques Sernas, Cedric Hardwicke; dir Robert Wise. Warner Bros., 118 mins. P/S

04:00pm    Three Secrets (1950). Eleanor Parker, Patricia Neal, Ruth Roman; dir Robert Wise. United States Pictures, 98 mins. PREMIERE

05:45pm    Criminal Court (1946). Tom Conway, Martha O’Driscoll, June Clayworth; dir Robert Wise. RKO Radio Pictures, 60 mins. P/S

06:45pm    Mademoiselle Fifi (1944). Simone Simon, John Emery, Kurt Kreuger; dir Robert Wise. RKO Radio Pictures, 69 mins. P/S

CHALLENGE 9: German Songbird: Marlene Dietrich and Josef von Sternberg
08:00pm    Morocco (1930). Gary Cooper, Marlene Dietrich, Adolph Menjou; dir Josef von Sternberg. Paramount Pictures, 92 mins. P/S

09:45pm    Dishonored (1931). Marlene Dietrich, Victor McLaglen, Gustav von Seyffertitz; dir Josef von Sternberg. Paramount Pictures, 91 mins. P/S (CHALLENGE #4)

10:30pm    Shanghai Express (1932). Marlene Dietrich, Clive Brook, Anna Mae Wong; dir Josef von Sternberg. Paramount Pictures, 82 mins. P/S

12:00am    Touch of Evil (1958). 108 mins. Charlton Heston, Janet Leigh, Orson Welles; dir Orson Welles. Universal International Pictures, 108 mins. P/S

01:45am    Blonde Venus (1932). Marlene Dietrich, John Lodge, Sam Jaffe; dir Josef von Sternberg. Paramount Pictures, 104 mins. P/S

03:30am    The Devil Is a Woman (1935). Marlene Dietrich, Lionel Atwill, Edward Everett Horton; dir Josef von Sternberg. Paramount Pictures, 79 mins. P/S

05:00am    Marlene (1984). Marlene Dietrich, Annie Albers, Maximilian Schell; dir Maximilian Schell. Bayerischer Rundfunk; Braun Entertainment Group, OKO-Film. 94 mins. P/S (CHALLENGE #4)



Date choice: The European Grand Prix was an honorary title distributed by the AIACR/FIA to motor racing events across Europe. The first so designated was the running of the Italian Grand Prix which took place on 9 September 1923. Happy 100, EGP!

STAR OF THE MONTH: CHALLENGE 1: London, Dublin, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and Belfast Calling — Siân Phillips

TCM SPOTLIGHT  — Divine Equine

SILENT SUNDAY NIGHTS (Monday @ midnight) — Mother [Visages d’enfants] (1925)

TCM IMPORTS (Monday @ 2a) — Le carrefour des enfants perdus (1944)

TCM UNDERGROUND: CHALLENGE 10: Malta Swashbucklers (Saturday @ 2a) —  Cutthroat Island (1995), Pirates (1986)

THE ESSENTIALS (Saturday @ 8p) — Morocco (1930)

NOIR ALLEY (Sunday @ midnight) — Touch of Evil (1958)

  1. Bandits in Rome [Roma come Chicago] (1968)
  2. Broadway (1942)
  3. Calcutta (1946)
  4. Catch-22 (1970)
  5. Fear in the Night (1946)
  6. Freud (1962)
  7. Haymarket: The Bomb, the Anarchists, the Labor Struggle (2021) 
  8. Hot Spell (1958)
  9. The Ladykillers (1955)
  10. Living Dangerously (1936)
  11. Kazantzakis (2017)
  12. Matewan (1987)
  13. Miracle of the White Stallions (1963)
  14. The Molly Maguires (1970)
  15. Spartacus [Spartaco] (1913)
  16. Star of India (1954)
  17. Three Secrets (1950)
  18. Ulysses [Ulisse] (1954)

Exempt Premieres:

  1. Bolero (1934)
  2. Crainquebille (1922) 
  3. Cutthroat Island (1995)
  4. House of Cards (1968)
  5. Le carrefour des enfants perdus (1944) 
  6. Massacre in Rome [Rappresaglia] (1973)
  7. Mother [Visages d’enfants] (1925) 
  8. Murphy’s War (1971)
  9. Pirates (1986)
  10. Rome, Open City (1945)
  11. Rumba (1935)
  12. Trois enfants…dans le désordre (1966) 
  13. Under Milk Wood (1971)

Films by Decade: 104 Films – 
1900-1910:               1961-1970: 22
1911-1920:  1          1971-1980: 11
1921-1930:  7          1981-1990:  3
1931-1940: 14         1991-2000:  1  
1941-1950: 23         2001-2010:  
1951-1960: 20         2011-2022:  2 

🎬  STAR OF THE MONTH: CHALLENGE 1: London, Dublin, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and Belfast Calling — Siân Phillips
Veteran of the stage, the big screen, and the small screen, Siân Phillips was born in Bettws, Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK on 14 May 1933. This block of films features Phillips with then-husband Peter O’Toole.

🎬  TCM SPOTLIGHT – Divine Equine
Films featuring the family Equidae would carry through the month every Monday evening in primetime.

🎬  CHALLENGE 2: When in Rome – She Ain’t all Love and Pasta
The films in this block take place in Rome, but they certainly are not rom-coms.

🎬  CHALLENGE 3: French Kiss – Visages d’enfants 
French films begin Sunday evening in primetime and run through both Silent Sunday Nights and TCM Imports.

🎬  CHALLENGE 4: Foreign and Domestic Travel – Films TCM Has Not Aired in a Decade or Longer
Films fulfilling this challenge are indicated as they appear throughout the schedule. (The Challenge did not specify that these films appear in a block, so I spread them out in this manner.) Below, following the last air date, is the number of times the film has been broadcast on TCM.

  1. Anything Goes (1956) – last aired November 2011 (1)
  2. Becket (1964) – last aired February 2011 (12)
  3. The Buccaneer (1958) – last aired October 2008 (7)
  4. Cameramen at War (1943) – last aired November 1999 (1)
  5. College (1927) – last aired October 2011 (8)
  6. Death Race 2000 (1975) – last aired June 2008 (2)
  7. Dishonored (1931) – last aired January 2002 (1)
  8. I’m All Right Jack (1959) – last aired September 2011 (8)
  9. Marlene (1984) – last aired January 2002 (1)
  10. National Lampoon’s Animal House [Animal House] (1978) – last aired July 2004 (1)
  11. The New Interns (1964) – last aired April 2007 (1)
  12. Only Two Can Play (1962) – last aired March 2012 (7)
  13. Two Mules for Sister Sara (1970) – last aired June 2004 (5)
  14. The Wild Party (1929) – last aired May 2001 (2)

🎬  CHALLENGE 5: Stockholm Surprise – Inger Stevens Tribute
The lovely Inger Stevens (1934-1970) was from Stockholm. Featuring both Stevens and Anthony Quinn, the last film in this block, A Dream of Kings (1969), leads straight into CHALLENGE 7.

🎬  CHALLENGE 6: Spanish Fly – Bailemos el Tango, la Rumba, el Bolero y la Carioca
George Raft was rather a gifted dancer. He earned his living as a taxi dancer in New York for a time, then he was launched professionally after winning a Charleston contest. In this group of films Raft dances the Bolero with Carole Lombard and the Tango with Frances Drake in Bolero (1934), the Rumba with Margo in Rumba (1935), and the Tango with Janet Blair in Broadway (1942). 
Fred Astaire wrote in his autobiography that Raft performed the “neatest, fastest Charleston dance ever”, so it seems only fitting to include Astaire in this block of films as he dances the Carioca with Ginger Rogers in Flying Down to Rio (1933).

🎬  CHALLENGE 7: It’s Greek to Me – With Guest Programmer, Alexis Zorba
This block of films includes the bio-pic Kazantzakis (2017). Author of Zorba the Greek (1946), The Last Temptation of Christ (1955), Freedom or Death (1956), and others, Kazantzakis is commonly regarded as a giant of modern Greek literature.

🎬  CHALLENGE 8: Pushing Past the Iron Curtain: Austria – Freud (1962)

🎬  CHALLENGE 9: German Songbird: Marlene Dietrich and Josef von Sternberg
This block of films featuring the coupling of Marlene Dietrich and Joseph von Sternberg begins Saturday evening in primetime, takes a quick break for Dietrich in Touch of Evil (1958) for Noir Alley, then jumps right back into it.

🎬  CHALLENGE 10: Malta Swashbucklers – Cutthroat Island (1995), Pirates (1986)
The TCM Underground features were both filmed (in part) in Malta.

     Mitzi Gaynor
     Elia Kazan
     Otto Kruger
     Peter Sellers
     Robert Wise

     Special Selections:
     September Birthstone: Sapphire
     National Little League Month
     Labor Day: Strikes and Unions
     Tour Bus to the British Isles: London, Dublin, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and Belfast
     National Ampersand Day
     You Are Getting Very Sleepy: Hypnosis
     Happy 100th Anniversary, European Grand Prix
     Back to School

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Lydecker's Schedule and notes


TCM Challenge #47--   The European Grand Prix

Week of April 14-20, 2024


SUNDAY, April 14


”I much prefer dying in the company of decent citizens like you.  Provided I’m the last to die . . .” “

The Maltese Man  A Salute to Joseph Calleia (Challenge #10)

 6 AM Gilda (1946) Rita Hayworth & Glenn Ford. Dir:  Charles Vidor. COL, 110 min. p/s

8 AM Algiers (1937) Charles Boyer & Hedy Lamarr. Dir:  John Cromwell. Walter Wanger/UA, 99 min. p/s

10 AM Touch of Evil (1958) Charlton Heston & Janet Leigh. Dir:  Orson Welles. UNIV-INT, 111 min. p/s NOIR ALLEY

12 PM Man of the People (1937) Joseph Calleia & Florence Rice. Dir:  Edwin L. Marin. MGM, 80 min. p/s


“Just what is a zombie?  A ghost.  A living dead.  A drink.”

The I’s Have It

 1:30 PM I Married a Monster from Outer Space (1958) Tom Tyron & Gloria Talbott. Dir:  Gene Fowler, Jr. PAR, 78 min. p/s (Challenge #4)

3 PM I Walked with a Zombie (1943) James Ellison & Frances Dee. Dir:  Jacques Tourneur. RKO, 69 min. p/s

4:15 PM I Met Him in Paris (1937) Claudette Colbert & Melvyn Douglas. Dir:  Wesley Ruggles. PAR, 86 min. p/s 

5:45 PM I Was Monty’s Double (1958) John Mills & Cecil Parker. Dir:  John Guillermin. ABPC, 101 min. p/s (Challenge #4)


“Darling, you’re going to die.”  

Doris in Distress

 8 PM Julie (1956) Doris Day & Louis Jourdan. Dir:  Andrew L. Stone. MGM, 99 min. p/s

9:45 PM Midnight Lace (1960) Doris Day & Rex Harrison. Dir:  David Miller. UNIV, 108 min. p/s


Silent Sunday/TCM Imports (Challenge #3)

 12 AM Nana (1926) Catherine Hessling & Werner Krauss. Dir:  Jean Renoir. Les Films Jean Renoir, 150 min. Exempt Premiere

2:30 AM Angele (1934) Orane Demazis & Fernandel. Dir:  Marcel Pagnol. Les Films Marcel Pagnol, 145 min. Exempt Premiere

5 AM Le Dernier Tourant (1939) Fernand Gravey & Michel Simon. Dir:  Pierre Chenal. Gladiator Prod., 90 min. Exempt Premiere


MONDAY, April 15


“Religion’s like everything else. It’s great if you can sell it, no good if you give it away.”

Capra Without the Corn 

 6:30 AM Miracle Woman (1931) Barbara Stanwyck & David Manners. Dir:  Frank Capra. COL, 90 min. p/s

8 AM American Madness (1932) Walter Huston & Pat O’Brien. Dir:  Frank Capra. COL, 75 min. p/s

9:30 AM Forbidden (1932) Barbara Stanwyck & Adolphe Menjou. Dir:  Frank Capra. COL, 83 min. p/s

11 AM Ladies of Leisure (1930) Barbara Stanwyck & Ralph Graves. Dir:  Frank Capra COL, 99 min. p/s


“If it’s too hot in here, just say the word. I’m afraid I have a tendency to turn up the heat.”

Deals with the Devil

 12:45 PM The Devil’s Advocate (1997) Keanu Reeves & Al Pacino. Dir:  Taylor Hackford. WB, 144 min. Premiere     

3:15 PM Needful Things (1993) Ed Harris & Max von Sydow. Dir:  Fraser C. Heston. Castle Rock, 120 min. Premiere   

5:15 PM The Mephisto Waltz (1971) Alan Alda & Jacqueline Bissett. Dir:  Paul Wendkos. FOX, 115 min. Premiere   

7:15 PM Inflation (1943) Edward Arnold & Stephen McNally. Dir:  Cy Endfield. MGM, 17 min. 


“Don’t you find respectable people terribly . . . dull?”

Marvelous Marlene Monday (Challenge #9)

 8 PM Morocco (1930) Gary Cooper & Marlene Dietrich. Dir:  Josef von Sternberg. PAR, 91 min., p/s

9:45 PM Dishonored (1931) Marlene Dietrick & Victor McLaglen. Dir:  Josef von Sternberg. PAR, 91 min., p/s

11:30 PM Angel (1937) Marlene Dietrich & Herbert Marshall. Dir:  Ernst Lubitsch. PAR, 91 min. p/s

1:15 AM Destry Rides Again (1939) Marlene Dietrich & James Stewart. Dir:  George Marshall. UNIV, 95 min. p/s

3 AM Pittsburgh (1942) Marlene Dietrich & John Wayne. Dir:  Lewis Seiler. UNIV, 91 min. p/s Exempt Premiere

4:45 AM The Ship of Lost Souls (1929) Fritz Kortner & Marlene Dietrich. Dir:  Maurice Tourneur. Max Glass Film, 121 min. Exempt Premiere


TUESDAY, April 16


“If you get all tangled up, just tango on.”

Time to Tango (Challenge #6)

 7 AM Tango Tangles (1914) Charlie Chaplin & Ford Sterling. Dir:  Mack Sennett. Keystone Studios, 12 min.

7:15 AM Tango (1998) Miguel Angel Sola & Mia Maestro. Dir:  Carlos Saura. Adela Pictures, 115 min. Exempt Premiere

9:15 AM The Story of Vernon & Irene Castle (1939) Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers. Dir:  H.C. Potter. RKO, 93 min. p/s

11 AM Tango Bar (1987) Raul Julia & Ruben Juarez. Dir:  Marcos Zurinaga, Beco Films, 90 min. Exempt Premiere


“But, that’s a priceless Steinway!  Not anymore . . . “

Happy Birthday, Henry Mancini

 1 PM The Glenn Miller Story (1954) James Stewart & June Allyson. Dir:  Anthony Mann. UI, 116 min. p/s

3 PM The Pink Panther (1963) David Niven & Peter Sellars. Dir:  Blake Edwards. UA, 113 min. p/s

5 PM Hatari (1962) John Wayne & Hardy Kruger. Dir: Howard Hawks. PAR, 157 min. p/s


“Mr. Craig, I hope you’ll forgive me, but in matters of sex, compared to the average Scandinavian, you would be considered a mere amateur.”

Stockholm Surprises (Challenge #5)

 8 PM The Wife (2017) Glenn Close & Jonathan Pryce. Dir:  Bjorn L. Runge. Sony, 100 min. Exempt Premiere

9:45 PM The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2001) Daniel Craig & Rooney Mara. Dir:  David Fincher. COL, 158 min. Exempt Premiere

12:30 AM The Prize (1963) Paul Newman & Edward G. Robinson. Dir:  Mark Robson. MGM, 134 min. p/s

2:45 PM Dark Journey (1937) Conrad Veidt & Vivien Leigh. Dir:  Victor Saville. London Films, 77 min. p/s

4:15 AM The White Kitten (1950) Alf Kjellin & Eva Henning. Dir:  Hasse Eckman. Hasse Eckman Film. 93 min. Premiere




“You dare to dicker with your pontiff?”

Doing the Vatican Rag (Challenge #2)

 6 AM Monsignor (1982) Christopher Reeve & Genevieve Bujold. Dir: Frank Perry. FOX, 121 min. Exempt Premiere

8:15 AM Brother Son, Sister Moon (1972) Graham Faulkner & Judi Bowker. Dir:  Franco Zeffirelli. PAR, 122 min. Exempt Premiere

10:30 AM Angels & Demons (2009) Tom Hanks & Ewan McGregor. Dir:  Ron Howard. COL, 138 min. Premiere  

1 PM The Agony and the Ecstacy (1965) Charlton Heston & Rex Harrison. Dir:  Carol Reed. FOX, 138 min. p/s


"Probably see a lot more action before this is done."

Seldom Seen TCM (More Challenge #4)

 3:30 PM Pride of the Marines (1936) Charles Bickford & Florence Rice. COL,  64 min. p/s

4:45 PM Home on the Range (1946) Monte Hale & Lorna Gray. Dir:  R..G. Springsteen.  REP, 55 min.. p/s

5:45 PM Police Bullets (1942) Joan Marsh & John Archer. Dir:  Jean Yarborough. MON, 61 min. p/s

7 PM The Cherokee Strip (1937) Dick Foran & Jane Bryan. Dir:  Noel M. Smith. COL, WB, 55 min. p/s


“I’d always heard you had some talent.  That was last year.  This year I’m trying to make a living.” 

Happy Birthday, William Holden

 8 PM Stalag 17 (1953) William Holden & Don Taylor. Dir:  Billy Wilder. PAR, 120 min. p/s

10 PM Sunset Boulevard (1950) William Holden & Gloria Swanson. Dir:  Billy Wilder. PAR, 110 min. p/s

12 AM Golden Boy (1939) Barbara Stanwyck & William Holden. Dir:  Rouben Mamoulian. COL, 99 min. p/s

1:45 AM The Country Girl (1954) William Holden & Grace Kelly. Dir:  George Seaton. PAR, 104 min. p/s

3:30 AM The Wild Bunch (1969) William Holden & Ernest Borgnine. Dir:  Sam Peckinpah. WB, 145 min. p/s


THURSDAY, April 18


“You’ll find her a strange woman with almost mystical charm.”

Hitchcock’s Better Half  --  Screenwriter & Editor Alma Reville

 6 AM Murder (1930) Herbert Marshall & Norah Baring. Dir:  Alfred Hitchcock. BIP, 101 min. p/s

7:45 AM After the Verdict (1929) Olga Tschechowa & Warwick Ward. Dir:  Henrik Galeen. British Independent, 104 min. Premiere

9:30 AM Rich and Strange (1931) Henry Kendall & Joan Barry. Dir:  Alfred Hitchcock. BIP, 83 min. p/s

11 AM The Paradine Case (1947) Gregory Peck & Ann Todd. Dir:  Alfred Hitchcock. SELZ, 114 min. p/s


“Now, listen you crazy baboon.  I could sneeze a better newspaper story than you can write.”

Motor Mouths --  A Triumverate of Fast Talkers  

 1 PM Blessed Event (1932) Lee Tracy & Mary Brian. Dir:  Roy Del Ruth. WB, 80 min. p/s

2:30 PM Clear All Wires (1933) Lee Tracy & Una Merkel. Dir:  George Hill. MGM, 78 min. p/s

4 PM The Front Page (1931) Adolphe Menjou & Pat O’Brien. Dir:  William Keighley. WB, 101 min. p/s

6:15 PM His Girl Friday (1940) Cary Grant & Rosalind Russell. Dir:  Howard Hawks. COL, 92 min. p/s


“He sent me so many orchids, I looked like a well-kept grave.”

SOTM Madeleine Carroll (Challenge #1)

 8 PM The First Born (1928) Madeleine Carroll & Miles Mander. Dir:  Miles Mander. Gainsborough Pictures, 101 min. Exempt Premiere

9:45 PM I Was a Spy (1933) Madeleine Carroll & Herbert Marshall. Dir: Victor Saville. Gaumont British, 89 min. Exempt Premiere

11:15 PM The 39 Steps (1935) Robert Donat & Madeleine Carroll. Dir:  Alfred Hitchcock. Gaumont British, 86 min. p/s

12:45 AM The Case Against Mrs. Ames (1936) Madeleine Carroll & George Brent. William A. Seiter. PAR, 85 min. Exempt Premiere

2:15 AM The Prisoner of Zenda (1937) Ronald Colman & Madeleine Carroll. Dir:  John Cromwell. SELZ, 101 min. p/s

4 AM Café Society (1939) Madeleine Carroll & Fred MacMurray.  Dir:  Edward H. Griffith. PAR, 93 min. Exempt Premiere


FRIDAY, April 19


Always blame the Americans, even if you’re wrong.”

Alphabet Soup

 6 AM M (1931) Peter Lorre & Otto Wernicke. Dir:  Fritz Lang. Nero Film, 111 min. p/s

8 AM D.O.A. (1950) Edmond O’Brien & Pamela. Dir:  Rudolph Mate. UA. 84 min. p/s

9:30 AM Q&A (1990) Nick Nolte & Timothy Hutton. Dir:  Sidney Lumet. Tri-Star, 132 min. Premiere

11:45 AM Z (1969) Yves Montand & Irene Pappas. Dir:  Costas-Gavras. Office National, 127 min. p/s (Challenge #7)


“You have a magnificent brain, Moriarity. I admire it so much I’d like to see it pickled in alcohol at the London Medical Society.”

Cinematography by Leon Shamroy

 2 PM Leave Her to Heaven (1945) Gene Tierney & Cornel Wilde. Dir:  John M. Stahl. FOX, 110 min. p/s

4 PM The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1939) Basil Rathbone & Nigel Bruce. Dir:  Alfred L. Werker.. FOX, 81 min. p/s

5:30 PM The Robe (1953) Richard Burton & Jean Simmons. Dir:  Henry Koster. FOX, 135 min. p/s


“Look, I probably should have told you this before, but, you see, well, insanity runs in my family.  It practically gallops.”

TCM Spotlight  --  Dysfunctional But Funny Families

 8 PM Raising Arizona (1987) Nicholas Cage & Holly Hunter. Dir:  Joel Coen. FOX, 94 min. Premiere 

9:45 PM Arsenic and Old Lace (1944) Cary Grant & Raymond Massey. Dir:  Frank Capra. WB, 118 min. p/s

11:45 PM Honey I Shrunk the Kids (1989) Rick Moranis & Matt Frewer. Dir:  Joe Johnston. DISNEY, 93 min. p/s (Challenge #4)

1:30 AM Little Miss Sunshine (2006) Greg Kinnear & Steve Carrell. Dir:  Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris. FOX Searchlight, 102 min. Premiere 


“Just picture it, gentlemen.  An army of wolfmen.  Raging! Fearless!”

TCM Underground  --  It Really Is a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.

 3:15 AM The Mad Monster (1942) Johnny Downs & George Zucco. Dir:  Sam Neufield. PRC, 77 min. p/s (Challenge #4)

4:45 AM Mad Youth (1940) Mary Anslee & Betty Compson. Dir:  Jules Bass. Embassy Pictures, 76 min. p/s 


SATURDAY, April 20


“How did you deduce it was me?” “Went back to theory seldom used today:  The Butler Did It.”  

Murder Can Be Funny.

 6:15 AM How To Murder Your Wife (1965) Jack Lemmon & Virna Lisi. Dir:  Richard Quine. UA, 118 min. p/s

8:15 AM The Trouble With Harry (1955) Edmund Gwenn & John Forsythe. Dir:  Alfred Hitchcock. PAR, 88 min. p/s

9:45 AM Murder by Death (1976) Eileen Brennan & Truman Capote. Dir:  Robert Moore. COL, 94 min. p/s


“Well, a boy’s best friend is his mother.”

Guest Programmer, Norman Bates

 11:30 AM I Remember Mama (1948) Irene Dunne & Barbara Be Geddes. Dir:  George Stevens. RKO, 134 min. p/s

1:45 PM Knives Out (2019) Daniel Craig & Chris Evans. Dir:  Rian Johnson. Lionsgate, 130 min. Premiere

4 PM Mr. Mom (1983) Michael Keaton & Teri Garr. Dir:  Stan Dragoti. FOX, 90 min. Premiere

5:30 PM In Cold Blood (1967) Robert Blake & Scott Wilson. Dir:  Richard Brooks. COL, 134 min. p/s


“That’s quite a dress you almost have on.”

Happy 100th Birthday, Nina Foch

 8 PM Executive Suite (1954) William Holden & June Allyson. Dir:  Robert Wise. MGM, 104 min. The Essential

9:45 PM I Love a Mystery (1945) George Macready & Nina Foch. Dir:  Henry Levin. COL, 69 min. p/s (Challenge #4)

11 PM Cry of the Werewolf (1944) Nina Foch & Stephen Crane. Dir:  Henry Levin. COL, 63 min. p/s

12:15 AM The Dark Past (1948) William Holden & Nina Foch. Dir:  Rudolph Mate. COL, 74 min. p/s Noir Alley

1:30 AM Illegal (1955) Edward G. Robinson & Nina Foch. Dir:  Lewis Allen. WB, 88 min. p/s

3 AM Johnny Allegro (1949) George Raft & Nina Foch. Dir:  Ted Tetzlaff. COL, 81 min. p/s 

4:30 AM Escape in the Fog (1945) Otto Kruger & Nina Foch. Dir:  Budd Boetticher, Jr. COL, 63 min.  p/s 


TCM Programming Challenge #47  -- “The European Grand Prix”

April 14-20, 2024


SOTM:  Madeleine Carroll

The Essential:  Executive Suite

TCM Spotlight:  Dysfunctional but Funny Families

Guest Programmer:  Norman Bates

Noir Alley: Touch of Evil (1958) & The Dark Past (1948)

Silent Sunday: Nana (1926)

TCM Imports:  Angele (1934) & Le Dernier Tourant (1934)

TCM Underground:  The Mad Monster (1942) & Mad Youth (1940)

Challenge #1:  Madeleine Carroll

Challenge #2:  When in Rome/Vatican-Themed Films

Challenge #3:  French Kiss/French Films of the 1920’s and 1930’s

Challenge #4:  Foreign & Domestic Travel/9 Seldom Seen TCM

Challenge #5:  Stockholm Surprise/5 Films Set in Stockholm

Challenge #6:  Spanish Fly/Time to Tango

Challenge #7:  It’s Greek to Me/Z

Challenge #9:  German Songbird/Marvelous Marlene Monday

Challenge #10:  Maltese Man:  A Salute to Joseph Calleia


TCM Premieres:


Nana (1926) Exempt Premiere

Angele (1934) Exempt Premiere

Le Dernier Tourant (1934) Exempt Premiere

The Devil Advocate (1997)

Needful Things (1993)

The Mephisto Waltz (1971)

Pittsburgh (1942) Exempt Premiere

The Ship of Lost Souls (1929) Exempt Premiere

Tango (1998) Exempt Premiere

Tango Bar (1987) Exempt Premiere

The Wife (2017) Exempt Premiere

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2001) Exempt Premiere

The White Kitten (1950) Premiere

Monsignor (1982) Exempt Premiere

Brother Son, Sister Moon (1972) Exempt Premiere

Angels & Demons (2009) Premiere

After the Verdict (1929) Premiere

The First Born (1928) Exempt Premiere

I Was a Spy (1933) Exempt Premiere

The Case Against Mrs Ames (1936) Exempt Premiere

Café Society (1939) Exempt Premiere

Z (1969) Exempt Premiere

Q&A (1990) Premiere

Raising Arizona (1987) Premiere

Little Miss Sunshine (2006) Premiere

Knives Out (2019)

Mr. Mom (1983)


By the decade:


1910’s:  1                                              1970’s:  3

1920’s:  4                                              1980’s:  5

1930’s:  31                                            1990’s:  4

1940’s:  18                                            2000’s:  3

1950’s:  14                                            2010’s:  2

1960’s:  9


Notes:  Schedule #47 includes tips of the hat to several Hollywood (and UK) luminaries including:  Alma Reville (Mrs. Alfred Hitchcock) who was a seasoned screenwriter and editor long before she met Hitch, legendary cinematographer Leon Shamroy, Henry Mancini, William Holden and a Happy 100th Birthday to the wonderful Nina Foch.  My Star of the Month is Madeleine Carroll, one of the first and best “Hitchcock Blondes” who had a distinguished career in the UK long before she crossed the pond and was even a Legion of Honor winner for her work in France during World War II.  Quite a woman!  My guest programmer is everybody’s favorite motel clerk, Norman Bates.  Some of his film selections include: “I Remember Mama,” “Knives Out” and “Mr. Mom” (since he is both a Mr. and a Mom.)  Go for it, Norman!  Also featured in Schedule #47 are:  The “I’s” Have It, Capra Without the Corn (aka Pre-Code Capra), Deals with the Devil, Motor Mouths, The Maltese Man, Doris in Distress and my TCM Spotlight:  Dysfunctional But Funny Families.  Enjoy!


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StevoMachino's Schedule and Notes


Stevo's Schedule

TCM PROGRAMMING CHALLENGE #47: The European Grand Prix

Week of April 14-20, 2024


--------------------------------SUNDAY April 14, 2024-------------------------------

Challenge #4: Films Not Seen on TCM Since Year One – TCM Debuts April 14th, 1994

5:30am Beyond Mombasa (1956) Cornel Wilde, Donna Reed. Dir: George Marshall. Columbia, 90min. p/s

7:00am The Amsterdam Kill (1977) Robert Mitchum, Richard Egan. Dir: Robert Clouse. Fantastic Films S.A., 90min. p/s

8:30am Adventure in Washington (1941) Herbert Marshall, Virginia Bruce. Dir: Alfred E. Green. Columbia, 84min. p/s


Noir Alley

10:00am Beyond the Forest (1949) Bette Davis, Joseph Cotten. Dir: King Vidor. Warner Bros, 97min. p/s


11:45am Ask Any Girl (1956) David Niven, Shirley MacLaine. Dir: Charles Walters. MGM, 98min. p/s

1:30pm The Blackbird (1975) George Segal, Stephanie Audran. Dir: David Giler. Columbia, 110min. p/s

3:30pm Ceiling Zero (1936) James Cagney, Pat O'Brien. Dir: Howard Hawks. Warner Bros, 95min. p/s

5:45pm Gunmen From Laredo (1959) Robert Knapp, Maureen Hingert. Dir: Wallace MacDonald. Columbia, 67min. p/s

7:00pm Hands Across the Rockies (1941) Bill Elliott, Mary Daily. Dir: Lambert Hillyer. Columbia, 56min. p/s

8:00pm Escape from San Quentin (1957) Johnny Desmond, Merry Anders. Dir: Fred F. Sears. Clover Productions, 81min. p/s

9:30pm It's in the Air (aka George Takes the Air) (1938) George Formby, Polly Ward. Dir: Anthony Kimmins. Associated Talking Pictures. 74Min. p/s

10:45pm Massacre Canyon (1954) Philip Carey, Audrey Totter. Dir: Fred F. Sears. Columbia, 66min. p/s


Silent Sunday Night

12:00am Body and Soul (1927) Aileen Pringle, Norman Kerry. Dir: Reginald Barker. MGM, 60min. p/s


TCM Imports

1:00am Attack and Retreat (1964) Arthur Kennedy, Zhanna Prokhorenko. Dir: Giuseppe De Santis. Coronet s.r.l, 137min. p/s

3:30am We of the Never Never (1982) Angela Punch McGregor, Arthur Dignam. Dir: Igor Auzins. Adam Packer Film Productions, 134min. p/s

5:45am Nightkill (1980) Robert Mitchum, Jaclyn Smith. Dir: Ted Post. Cine Artist Film GmbH, 97min. p/s


--------------------------------MONDAY April 15, 2024-------------------------------

7:30am Give Us This Day (1949) Sam Wanamaker, Lea Padovani. Dir: Edward Dmytryk. Plantagenet, 120min. p/s

9:30am Harvey Middleman, Fireman (1965) Eugene Troobnick, Hermione Gingold. Dir: Ernest Pintoff. Columbia, 76min. p/s

11:00am The Hireling (1973) Robert Shaw, Sarah Miles. Dir: Alan Bridges. Columbia, 95min. p/s

12:45pm A Lady to Love (1930) Vilma Banky, Edward G. Robinson. Dir: Victor Sjostrom. MGM, 92min. p/s

2:30pm Macbeth (1971) Jon Finch, Francesca Annis. Dir: Roman Polanski. Columbia, 140min. p/s

5:00pm Murder in Times Square (1943) Edmund Lowe, Marguerite Chapman. Dir: Lew Landers. Columbia, 65min. p/s

6:15pm The New Centurions (1972) George C. Scott, Stacy Keach. Dir: Richard Fleischer. Columbia, 103min. p/s

8:00pm New Orleans Uncensored (1955) Arthur Franz, Beverly Garland. Dir: William Castle. Clover Productions, 76min. p/s

9:30pm The Night Caller (aka Blood Beast from Outer Space)(1965) John Saxon, Maurice Denham. Dir: John Gilling. Armitage Film Productions Ltd., 85min. p/s

11:00pm No Sex Please: We're British (1973) Ronnie Corbett, Beryl Reid. Dir: Cliff Owen. Columbia, 91min. p/s

12:45am Pendulum (1969) George Peppard, Jean Seberg. Dir: George Schaefer. Pendulum Productions, 102min. p/s

2:30am The Perfect Specimen (1937) Errol Flynn, Joan Blondell. Dir: Michael Curtiz. Warner Bros, 97min. p/s

4:15am The Reckoning (1970) Nicol Williamson, Ann Bell. Dir: Jack Gold. Columbia, 111min. p/s


--------------------------------TUESDAY April 16, 2024-------------------------------

6:15am Savage Messiah (1972) Dorothy Tutin, Scott Anthony. Dir: Ken Russell. Russ-Arts, 97min. p/s

8:00am So This Is Africa (1933) Robert Woolsey, Bert Wheeler. Dir: Edward F. Cline. Columbia, 61min. p/s

9:15am A Stranger is Watching (1982) Kate Mulgrew, Rip Torn. Dir: Sean S. Cunningham. MGM, 92min. p/s

11:00am Three Bites of the Apple (1967) David McCallum, Sylva Koscina. Dir: Alvin Ganzer. Alvin Ganzer Production, 105min. p/s

12:45pm Till We Meet Again (1936) Herbert Marshall, Gertrude Michael. Dir: Robert Florey. Paramount, 72min. p/s

2:00pm Too Young to Know (1945) Joan Leslie, Robert Hutton. Dir: Frederick De Cordova. Warner Bros, 86min. p/s

3:30pm The Trial of Mary Dugan (1929) Norma Shearer, Lewis Stone. Dir: Bayard Veiller. MGM, 113min. p/s

5:30pm Whose Life Is It Anyway? (1981) Richard Dreyfuss, John Cassavetes. Dir: John Badham. MGM, 119min. p/s

7:30pm Visiting Italy (1951)(short) James A. Fitzpatrick. Dir: James A. Fitzpatrick. MGM, 8min. p/s

7:40pm Ancient India (1952)(short) James A. Fitzpatrick. Dir: James A. Fitzpatrick. MGM, 9min. p/s

7:50pm Colorful North Carolina (1942)(short) James A. Fitzpatrick. Dir: James A. Fitzpatrick. MGM, 9min. p/s

8:00pm Where Were You When the Lights Went Out? (1968) Doris Day, Robert Morse. Dir: Hy Averback. MGM, 89min. p/s

9:30pm The Making of a Legend: Gone with the Wind (1988) Christopher Plummer. Dir: David Hinton. Turner Entertainment, 124min. p/s

11:45pm Gone with the Wind (1939) Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh. Dir: Victor Fleming. MGM, 238min. p/s

3:45am Vivien Leigh: Scarlett and Beyond (1990) Jessica Lange. Dir: Gene Feldman. Turner Pictures, 46min. p/s

4:45am Clark Gable: Tall, Dark and Handsome (1996) Liam Neeson. Dir: Susan F. Walker. TNT, 46min. p/s


--------------------------------WEDNESDAY April 17, 2024-------------------------------

Challenge #5: Stockholm Surprise – Well, I DO Love Bergman

5:45am Summer Interlude (1951) Maj-Britt Nilsson, Birger Malmsten. Dir: Inmar Bergman. Svensk Filmindustri, 96min. p/s

7:30am Brink of Life (1958) Eva Dahlbeck, Ingrid Thulin. Dir: Ingmar Bergman. Nordisk Tonefilm, 84min. p/s

9:00am To Joy (1950) Maj-Britt Nilsson, Stig Olin. Dir: Ingmar Bergman. Svensk Filmindustri, 98min. Exempt Premiere

10:45am The Devil's Eye (1960) Jarl Kulle, Bibi Andersson. Dir: Ingmar Bergman. Svensk Filmindustri, 87min. p/s

12:15pm Summer with Monika (1953) Harriet Andersson, Lars Ekborg. Dir: Ingmar Bergman. Svensk Filmindustri, 96min. p/s

2:00pm Smiles of a Summer Night (1955) Ulla Jacobsson, Eva Dahlbeck. Dir: Ingmar Bergman. Svensk Filmindustri, 109min. p/s

4:00pm It Rains on Our Love (1946) Barbro Kollberg. Dir: Ingmar Bergman. Sveriges Folbiografer, 95min. Exempt Premiere

5:45pm The Magic Flute (1975) Ulrik Cold, Josef Kostlinger. Dir: Ingmar Bergman. Sveriges Radio, 135min. p/s


Challenge #1: Star of the Month Elsa Lanchester

8:00pm The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) Boris Karloff, Elsa Lanchester. Dir: James Whale. Universal, 75min. p/s

9:15pm Witness for the Prosecution (1957) Tyrone Power, Marlene Dietrich. Dir: Billy Wilder. Edward Small Productions, 116min. p/s

11:15pm Passport to Destiny (1944) Elsa Lanchester, Gordon Oliver. Dir: Ray McCarey. RKO, 65min. p/s

12:30am That Darn Cat! (1965) Hayley Mills, Dean Jones. Dir: Robert Stevenson. Walt Disney Productions, 116min. Exempt Premiere

2:30am Come to the Stable (1949) Loretta Young, Celeste Holm. Dir: Henry Koster. Fox, 94min. p/s

4:15am Androcles and the Lion (1952) Jean Simmons, Victor Mature. Dir: Chester Erskine. RKO, 98min. Exempt Premiere


--------------------------------THURSDAY April 18, 2024-------------------------------

Challenge #5 Stockholm Surprise Part 2: Oh Hell, I Love THAT Bergman, TOO!

6:00am Intermezzo (1936) Ingrid Bergman, Gosta Ekman. Dir: Gustaf Molander. Svensk Filmindustri, 86mi. p/s

7:30am Dollar (1938) Ingrid Bergman, Georg Rydeberg. Dir: Gustaf Molander. Svensk Filmindustri, 78min. p/s

9:00am Gaslight (1944) Charles Boyer, Ingrid Bergman. Dir: George Cukor. MGM, 114min. p/s

11:00am Rage in Heaven (1941) Robert Montgomery, Ingrid Bergman. Dir: W.S. Van Dyke. MGM, 85min. p/s

12:30pm Spellbound (1945) Ingrid Bergman, Gregory Peck. Dir: Alfred Hitchcock. Selznick International Pictures, 111min. p/s

2:30pm Notorious (1946) Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman. Dir: Alfred Hitchcock. RKO, 102min. p/s

4:15pm Under Capricorn (1949) Ingrid Bergman, Joseph Cotten. Dir: Alfred Hitchcock. Transatlantic Pictures, 117min. p/s

6:15pm Casablanca (1942) Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman. Dir: Michael Curtiz. Warner Bros, 102min. p/s


TCM Spotlight: Trains! They're Cool!

8:00pm Once Upon a Time in the West (1968) Henry Fonda, Charles Bronson. Dir: Sergio Leone. Paramount, 165min. p/s

10:45pm Back to the Future Part III (1990) Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd. Dir: Robert Zemeckis. Universal, 118min. Premiere #1

12:45am Murder on the Orient Express (1974) Albert Finney, Lauren Bacall. Dir: Sidney Lumet. EMI Film Distributors, 128min. p/s

3:00am The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974) Walter Matthau, Robert Shaw. Dir: Joseph Sargent. Palomar Pictures International, 104min. p/s

4:45am Silver Streak (1976) Gene Wilder, Richard Pryor. Dir: Arthur Hiller. Fox, 114min. p/s


--------------------------------FRIDAY April 19, 2024-----------------------------------

Challenge #8: Pushing Past the Iron Curtain

6:45am To Be or Not To Be (1942) Carole Lombard, Jack Benny. Dir: Ernst Lubitsch. Romaine Film Corporation, 99min. p/s

8:30am Solaris (1972) Natalya Bondarchuk, Donatas Banionis. Dir: Andrei Tarkovsky. Mosfilm, 167min. p/s

11:30am Battleship Potemkin (1925) Aleksandr Antonov, Vladimir Barskiy. Dir: Sergei Eisenstein. Mosfilm, 66min. p/s


Challenge #2: When in Rome

12:45pm Three Girls from Rome (1952) Lucia Bose, Cosetta Greco. Dir: Luciano Emmer. Cine Produzione Astoria, 85min. Exempt Premiere

2:15pm EuroTrip (2004) Scott Mechlowicz, Michelle Trachtenberg. Dir: Jeff Schaffer. Dreamworks, 92min. Premiere #2

4:00pm Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) Harrison Ford, Sean Connery. Dir: Steven Spielberg. Paramount, 127min. Exempt Premiere

6:15pm The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003) Hilary Duff, Adam Lamberg. Dir: Jim Fall. Walt Disney Pictures, 94min. Premiere #3


Challenge #3 French Kiss – Love in France Through the Years

8:00pm Children of Paradise (1945) Arletty, Jean-Louis Barrault. Dir: Marcel Carne. Societe Nouvelle Pathe Cinema, 189min. p/s

11:15pm Jules and Jim (1962) Jeanne Moreau, Oskar Werner. Dir: Francois Truffaut. Les Films du Carrose, 105min. p/s


TCM Underground

1:00am Blue Is the Warmest Color (2013) Lea Seydoux, Adele Exarchopoulos. Dir: Abdellatif Kechiche. Quat'sous Films, 180min. Exempt Premiere


4:00am Last Year at Marienbad (1961) Delphine Seyrig, Giorgio Albertazzi. Dir: Alain Resnais. Cocinor, 94min. p/s


--------------------------------SATURDAY April 20, 2024-------------------------------

Challenge #10: Malta – Swords and Sandals and Swashbuckling Fun, Filmed in Malta

5:45am The Golden Voyage of Sinbad (1973) John Phillip Law, Caroline Munro. Dir: Gordon Hessler. Ameran Films, 105mi. p/s

7:30am Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger (1977) Patrick Wayne, Jane Seymour. Dir: Sam Wanamaker. Columbia, 113min. p/s

9:30am Clash of the Titans (1981) Laurence Olivier, Harry Hamlin. Dir: Desmond Davis. Charles H. Schneer Productions, 118min. p/s


Challenge #7: It's All Greek to Me

11:30am The Moon-Spinners (1964) Hayley Mills, Eli Wallach. Dir: James Neilson. Walt Disney Productions, 118min. p/s


Challenge #6: Spanish Fly

1:30pm Guys and Dolls (1955) Marlon Brando, Jean Simmons. Dir: Joseph L. Mankiewicz. The Samuel Goldwyn Company, 150min. p/s

4:00pm Flying Down to Rio (1933) Delores del Rio, Gene Raymond. Dir: Thornton Freeland. RKO, 89min. p/s

5:30pm Rumba (1935) George Raft, Carole Lombard. Dir: Marion Gering. Paramount, 71min. Exempt Premiere

6:45pm Hi Ya, Sailor (1943) Donald Woods, Elyse Knox. Dir: Jean Yarbrough. Universal, 63min. Exempt Premiere


Challenge #9: German Songbird

The Essentials

8:00pm Judgment at Nuremberg (1961) Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster. Dir: Stanley Kramer. Roxlom Films Inc., 179min. p/s


11:00pm Shanghai Express (1932) Marlene Dietrich, Clive Brook. Dir: Josef von Sternberg. Paramount, 82min. p/s


Noir Alley

12:30am Touch of Evil (1968) Charlton Heston, Orson Welles. Dir: Orson Welles. Universal International, 95min. p/s


2:15am Stage Fright (1950) Marlene Dietrich, Jane Wyman. Dir: Alfred Hitchcock. Warner Bros, 110min. p/s

4:15am A Foreign Affair (1948) Jean Arthur, Marlene Dietrich. Dir: Billy Wilder. Paramount, 116min. p/s

Stevo's Notes

TCM PROGRAMMING CHALLENGE #47: The European Grand Prix


Week of April 14-20, 2024
SOTM: Elsa Lanchester
Judgment at Nuremberg (1961)
Body and Soul (1927)
Attack and Retreat (1964), We of the Never Never (1982), Nightkill (1982)
TCM SPOTLIGHT: Trains! They're Cool!

NOIR ALLEY: Beyond the Forest (1949), Touch of Evil (1958)



Challenge #1 - SOTM Elsa Lanchester (from Lewisham, London, England, UK)

Challenge #2 - When in Rome: The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003), Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989), EuroTrip (2004), Three Girls from Rome (1952)

Challenge #3 - French Kiss: Children of Paradise (1945), Jules and Jim (1962), Blue is the Warmest Color (2013), Last Year at Marienbad (1961)

Challenge #4 - Films not seen since year one: TCM 1994

Challenge #5 - Stockholm Surprise: Bergmans Everywhere

Challenge #6 - Spanish Fly: Guys and Dolls (1955), Flying Down to Rio (1933), Rumba (1935), Hi Ya, Sailor (1943)

Challenge #7 - It's Greek to Me: The Moon-Spinners (1964)

Challenge #8 - Pushing Past the Iron Curtain: To Be or Not to Be (1942), Solaris (1972), Battleship Potemkin (1925)

Challenge #9 - German Songbird: Judgment at Nuremberg (1961), Shanghai Express (1932), Touch of Evil (1958), Stage Fright (1950), A Foreign Affair (1948)

Challenge #10 - Malta: The Golden Voyage of Sinbad (1974), Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger (1977), Clash of the Titans (1981)



Back to the Future Part III (1990)

EuroTrip (2004)

The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003)



To Joy (1950)

It Rains on Our Love (1946)

That Darn Cat! (1965)

Androcles and the Lion (1952)

Three Girls from Rome (1952)

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)

Blue is the Warmest Color (2013)

Rumba (1935)

Hi Ya, Sailor (1943)



1910s: 0

1920s: 3

1930s: 13

1940s: 20

1950s: 19

1960s: 13

1970s: 15

1980s: 7

1990s: 3

2000s: 2

2010s: 1


Just a brief point of clarification. The week starts off with Sunday, Monday and Tuesday being completely dedicated to films that haven't been shown on TCM since its first year on the air, 1994. Most of these were shown only once. This segment wraps up with a showing of the first film ever shown on TCM, Gone with the Wind (1939). The remainder of the schedule is pretty straightforward and self-explanatory, including the rest of the challenges.

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Many thanks to CinemaInternational for providing us with a meaty challenge into which we all could really sink our choppers. Great schedules all round once again, Kids!

So much here to love:

  • Skimpole – James Mason narrates, If….(1968) for TCM Underground, Premieres for Great Directors
  • Nakano – SotM Jack Hawkins, Happy Birthday Bob Dylan, No Sex Please We’re British!
  • Lonesome Polecat – 100th Anniversary of “Rhapsody in Blue”, Sports and Religion, Alliterative Movie Titles
  • Lydecker – Deals with the Devil, Marvelous Marlene Monday, Doing the Vatican Rag, Hitchcock’s Better Half, Motor Mouths, Alphabet Soup, Cinematography by Leon Shamroy
  • StevoMachino – SotM Elsa Lanchester, Trains! They’re Cool!, Bergman (twice!)

This time around, my vote is for Lydecker.

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Beautiful Now Playing covers, as usual, LP! Thank you so much for always adding this lovely touch to every Challenge!


(PS- That's always been one of my most favorite stills of Elsa Lanchester, so you nailed it! Thanks!)

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First, let me thank Cinema International for hosting such a wonderful challenge.  Great themes cleverly tied together and CI is always so generous with premiere allowances which means you can do a lot of fun themes.  Great job, as always.  Now, as to the brilliant schedules  --  

Skimpole  ---  James Mason is a terrific SOTM   --  loved his hosting the Hollywood Murder Mysteries!  Dream a Little Dream was such fun along with the Rossellini and Tyrone Power salutes and the Premieres for Great Directors segment.  

Nakano:  Loved  Wilder & Hollywood in Hollywood,  At War in Europe with Richard Burton,  No Sex Please, We're British,  the Bob Dylan salute and Clint Eastwood's Year of Living Dangerously.  Jack Hawkins is a super SOTM.  

LP:  Once again, you come up with such smart ideas!   I'm a huge Gershwin devotee so I loved the 100th Anniversary of Rhapsody in Blue along with Mind Blowing Plot Twists, Sports and Religion, When Love Blooms out of total hatred and I was  thrilled to see you honor Edmund Gwenn.

BunnyWhit:  I love Otto Kruger so I was happy you gave him a HB Salute. Visages d'enfants and divine equine and You Are Getting Very Sleepy were very clever.  Inger Stevens was long overdue for a salute and It Ain't All Love & Pasta made me laugh out loud.

Stevo:  Bergman & Bergman was terrific (wish I had thought of that!)  Also loved:   Not Since Year 1 was great (unbelievable that there are actually movies that TCM has not shown since 1994) Maltese Swords & Sandals and it's hard to think of a better SOTM than Elsa Lancaster.  

Thinking . . . thinking . . . 

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  • CinemaInternational changed the title to TCM Programming Challenge #47 Voting Thread --Last Call! Voting Ends Soon.

Boy, you all sure like to make things difficult, don't you? What an excellent selection of schedules to choose from!

Skimpole - It doesn't get much better than James Mason. He's just about the perfect choice for a British star of the month. I also like your "Premieres for Great Directors". There are some excellent choices there. It's nice to see someone else program Blue Is the Warmest Colour (2013). "Friday Night's All Right for Rocking" is also great! And of course, you can never have too much Orson Welles!

Nakano - What a fantastic first schedule! I always enjoy when new folks join in the fun. Thanks for introducing me to The Clouded Yellow (1950). I love Jean Simmons and had actually never even heard of this film. I love all the FitzPatrick TravelTalks sprinkled throughout the schedule. Wilder/Holden is always enjoyable, and I got a nice laugh from you scheduling Batman (1989) followed immediately by Alfred the Great (1969). I see what you did there!

LonesomePolecat - Your Italian restaurant theme is a great angle, and I love "Valentine's Day: When Love Blossoms Out of Total Hatred". It made me laugh! Rhapsody in Blue is a lovely anniversary tribute! Edmund Gwenn is always great, and your TCM Spotlight on the Fields family is so interesting. I always learn something from your schedules, and I love that! The Moon-Spinners (1964)...high five...nuff said, haha! Also, your alliterative movie titles selection is quite the clever collection! Love it!

BunnyWhit - It's nice to see a tribute to Robert Wise. I really like your take on When in Rome, and "She Ain't All Love and Pasta" is a fantastic title! I also like your Hypnosis block, and even more FitzPatrick TravelTalks! I just love those so much. Alexis Zorba is a great choice for guest programmer. Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969) scheduled for National Ampersand Day is... *chef's kiss* ...perfect!

Lydecker - I really enjoyed "The I's Have It" and "Capra Without the Corn". It's always nice to have some Mancini playing, and to see Alma Reville getting her due. "Motor Mouths - A Triumvirate of Fast Talkers" is super fun as well. Love that proverbial snappy dialogue! And you can't go wrong with your Spotlight on "Dysfunctional But Funny Families". Speaking of dysfunctional (but maybe not so funny) families, Norman Bates is an inspired guest programmer! And as always, I love your quotes as headers for each block of films!


You guys all deserve such praise for your creativity! Well done! I'd be more than happy to watch any of your schedules. Hmm, I think this time around, I'll go with BunnyWhit!

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