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The Body Snatchers (1955) Novel...which film adaptation did U like best!??


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*WOW! Being a film buff I learn new things every day! Today I learned of a "4th" adaptation _Invasion of the Body Snatchers_.*



_The Body Snatchers_ is a 1955 science fiction novel by Jack Finney, originally serialized in Colliers Magazine in 1954, which describes a town in Marin County, California, being invaded by seeds that have drifted to Earth from space. The seeds replace sleeping people with perfect physical duplicates grown from plantlike pods, while their human victims turn to dust.











*_Invasion of the Body Snatchers_ (1956)* - The best!! I lvoe the ending! Freaked me out the 1st time I saw I was 8 Yrs od with my mm on the late late show! Gave me nightmares for years!



*_Invasion of the Body Snatchers_ (1978)* - Spooky! Stands on it's own! A "Contemporary Classic".



*_Body Snatchers_ (1993)* - The film a friend told me about, & that I really haven't heard of before that set off this conversatiion!. I may of seen the box ...Now I have it in my Netflix que!



*_The Invasion_ (2007)* - Silly ...bad C movie fun! Nicole Kidman & Daniel Craig I guess had to pay the rent that month!. Primarily it was directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, Warner Bros. Pictures later hired James McTeigue to shoot scenes rewritten by the Wachowski Brothers.


While watching the film ...you do get (3) three inconsistent points of view as the film plays out!

















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Some might say that "being a film buff", you would have not only known of the 1993 film, but already have seen it. I passed on the Kidman version, as I find her screen persona too tedious to endure. I like all the other versions of this film, giving the edge to the 1956 version. And, while I like the 1993 version, changing the setting to a military base, only serves to undermine the tension.


I also like 1994's *The Puppet Masters*, which is similar in tone and story, but based on a different book, written by Robert Heineman, about 2 years prior to Finney's The Body Snatchers.

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I still like the original best, after all these years. There's something wonderfully suggestive about the black-and-white photography of the 50s version. Having said that, I think that Abel Ferrara's version of the 90s, while not the best, is perhaps the most underrated one of all, I remember it receiving only the briefest theatrical release.

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I just found a DVD copy of: _Body Snatchers_ (1993) to buy for $7.99 at Suncoast Motion Picture Co. I'm picking it up today! My friend raves about it. I really don;t remember the film! This why I love being a film buff, discovering new films! Good or bad or in between.



I'm very interested to see Forest Whitaker in the film ...before his "Oscar" win.

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