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Out-of-print DVDs

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Since we didn't previously have a dedicated thread for titles on video that are going out of print, and I wouldn't have wanted to post this in a thread where it might be regarded as off-topic, I thought the topic was important enough to deserve its own thread.


This is all the more important due to the large number of Warner Home Video titles that are reportedly - and I stress reportedly here - about to go out-of-print and may not be available from many retailers any more in the very near future, according to someone posting at the DVDTalk Forum:




Again, this is *not* official, as far as I know, and many home video companies, such as WHV, will often times make an official announcement about titles that are going out of print, such as WHV did recently with John Ford's The Long Voyage Home.


In any event, that list contains a lot of classic titles, so if anyone here thinks they might want to have a copy just to be on the safe side, the time to act might be now.

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Thanks for this info! I have been wondering why so many classic films were at big lots for $3.00. Many still show up on Amazon, but I have checked others that just disappear (new copies via amazon, sellers still have them naturally) I imagine if Amazon has 2 copies left, until they sell, you won't know they aren't getting any more.


I guess burned discs, then Downloads are the wave of the future. Yippie.

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Well people have had long enough time to get them Id say :-)

If we are talking about OOP DVDs in general I am very lucky that I store i go to sells OOP DVDs besides what is sold on eBay

The prices are usually 30.00 and up and have some really rare titles..some Ive never even heard of ..this store has had things like The Sword and The Sorcerer, Tie Me Up Tie Me Down, MST3K Volume 9 ( it was 200.00 and was sold !), Sleuth, The 7 Percent Solution, Suburbia and other Corman titles, 1984 , etc

They hang them on the wall

I picked up Quatermass and the Pit from them

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