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Note on "My First Time"

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Alright everyone. I will not be coming back on. It is not because of Leo he does not bother me, but the messages are not understood and there seems to be alot of hostile emotions out there.


I will answer the first snippy questions when I first started a couple of days ago...


Repeated movies. I would think that TCM (and I have had cable since the '80s) would have a more expanded catalog of movies to show. I know that they are 24 hours a day, but there have been so many movies made. I don't mind repeats once in awhile, or even a silent once in awhile. But the repeats, (and I will give one prime one in a moment), and the silents have gotten more and more frequent. Instead of "Silent Sunday Night" alone, there is Tuesday and Thursday as well.


Ok...Prime example of repeated movie (don't get me wrong, I like them! Just not so often.)


A few months ago...


Hichcock tribute....this was repeated over and over.


In a month or two, the month's star was James Stewart, Cary Grant or Grace Kelly were all stars of the month recently. All of the movies were repeated during those times. Also 'Rear Window' was shown again tonight. That (to my count) is 4 times since the beginning of the year.


I love old movies. Love the 30's and 40's musicals. But there are many more stations out there.


I will say goodbye to all you children out there. I will not be back. My daughters are 32 and 26 and I have a grandson who is 12. They are more mature than alot of the messages I have seen on here. (Not everyone...just a choice few).


Take care...


Signing off for good!!



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Salud, just remember that you put the rope around your own neck. The majority of people not only LOVE TCM

but their T.V.s rarely find another channel. And when

people come on the boards only to disparage their one true passion you had better have some very thick skin.

I have seen a few instances of sharp claws in here, but

for the most part it is a great experience.


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