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Fanny! Leslie Caron Month


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Aired on TCM last night, Monday 10/12. Thank you, TCM! I have been so interested to see this film, because I adored the original trilogy of French films (with subtitles) begining with 'Marius' in 1931, and followed by 'Fanny' and 'Cesar' later in the '30's. I saw all of these films for the first time recently at TCM (kudos!)


I thought the Leslie Caron 'Fanny', which combined all of the original films into one (based on a Broadway musical also derived from the originals) was very good, overall. However, this film in no way touches the originals, which are superb (particularly 'Marius' and 'Cesar'), in casting, acting, script, direction, and the total feel of pre-WWII waterfront Marseilles, France. I would recommend the '61 version of Fanny as a film-- it still was quite good; but the story really became very spotted and hurried, at the end.

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I love the movie and I get choked up whenever I see it. But it would have been interesting if they had included the musical numbers from the stage version this was taken from. The theme for Fanny is the title song from the stage production, but minus the hearthreaking lyrics (which I always hear in my head when the music plays in the films and adds to me emotion watching it):


Here's a link to a thread I started on this film back in February which contain the lyrics and a further link in it to hearing part of the song:



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Please, please, PLEASE tell me how this movie ends!


I listened to Robt O's opening monologue and was intrigued. I had a blank tape in the recorder & hit "record" assuming it would be 2 hours. I cuddled up on the couch last night and watched it and was STUNNED when the tape stopped 10 minutes short of the ending!



Leslie Caron never looked more gorgeous. I enjoyed the story as it switched from silly comedy to serious subjects to just a delicious portrait of a French port fishing town. I very much enjoyed both Boyer & Chavalier just hamming it up without trying to be sexy, which neither of them are, to me. I thought the photography was striking, especially the shots of the glorious sailing ship and the hilltop shrine. My only qualm was Fanny's mother's voice dubbing was clumsily awful.


My tape ended when Fanny gathered Cesare from the garage and said, "Hurry, Panisse is dying". I know reading it won't be the same as seeing it, but it's better than hanging here!


PS I've been shopping for a DVR. Long overdue.

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It's been a while since I watched Fanny myself, so I can't answer off the top of my head, but maybe it would help if you look at the "full synopsis" in the tcmdb entry:



As for your question regarding the image, there's a glitch (hopefully temporary) in General Discussions, so instead of using the usual code, just type an exclamation mark before and after the web address of the image you want to post.


Hope that helps.

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