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Resources for finding old film reels?


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I'm an animation teacher and part of our curriculum is studying animation history. We started today by talking about Muybridge and how cinema was a game changer. 

I noticed for the first time that it might be a good idea to have on hand an old film reel to show students just exactly what they look like. Not to play them (we don't have the space and I don't want to run the risk of starting a fire in the building if the film burns, haha) but just to show them what it is like since film isn't really used more. 

I've started looking on ebay, but I'm curious if that's a good resource? Or is there another spot that "might" carry some. I know they're rare and just randomly pop up in thrift store and such, but was curious if anyone knew anything? 

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2 hours ago, Ray Faiola said:

I would go with eBay. But be careful. You might buy a reel with film on it. Then a projector to run it. Then you will be hooked!!! :)

Oh I know! I'd love to have some old films, just maybe not at work. I have this image of someone asking "how did that fire get started in your room?" "Well, I was trying to run a film, and some films are highly combustible..."🤪

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