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Marie Windsor


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OK fellow self-proclaimed film/beauty experts...


Do you prefer Windsor in *"Narrow Margin" or "The Killing"*?


I say "The Queen of the B's" was twice as deadly (meaning ravishing) in Kubrick's masterpiece.


How tall was she?


Some think Audrey Totter was "Queen B" but I say she made too many A-listers for that title.


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I don't know about beauty, but for sheer manipulative meanness and shrewability, her

character in The Killing wins hands down. In The Narrow Margin she turned out

to be on the right/wrong side of the law. Even deducting points for being married to

a schlub like the Elisha Cook Jr. character, she still wins.


P.S. Umm...next time buy a better suitcase, dummy.


P.P.S. Hey, Judge Judy is going North Hollywood. Has a case today about an indie

filmmaker who had a deal to start a documentary about the oppression of the Naga people

in India, but it fell through. Umm...is not an answer.

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I always wonder how many takes it took to get that money to blow out of the suitcase just right for Kubrick's tastes...that scene makes me crazy.


Vince Edwards looked at his best in this masterpiece.


The man who taught me scuba diving was on Edwards' swimming team in a NY high school. Said Edwards (a backstroker) once backstroked completely out of the pool after he hit the end of the racing lane.

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Of those two movies, I'd have to go with "The Killing." I love that movie, although "Narrow Margin" is very good. There is another movie she made in the 50's at Republic called "Hell's Half Acre." Does anyone remember this movie? I haven't seen it since I was a teenager, but I remember it being quite good, with an excellent cast, including Evelyn Keyes, Wendell Corey, Elsa Lanchester, and Nancy Gates. And, of course, Marie Windsor is as great as always.



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Last night was another bad one for Marie. Shot and killed and stuffed into the sleeping

berth, and they didn't even bother to close it. What a dame:


"She's the sixty cent special. Cheap. Flashy. Strictly poison under the gravy."


(Not adjusted for inflation).

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That is a great line, though not being partial to gravy, it means a little less to me.


Apparently. Narrow Margin was the lovely Ms. White's last movie, and that role

came about by happenstance, after she was retiring from the movies. I checked

her other credits and she also appeared in Boomerang as the wife who was looking

for her husband, one of the servicemen mixed up in the whole thing.

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It was a small role, and then there was Gloria, the little attention stealer too . I didn't remember

her either until I saw her filmography. If I recall correctly, Mitchum stashed the hubby in the

balcony of a movie theater and the wife later found him there (I think). Will definitely pay more

attention the next time it's on.

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My bad. I got my Boomerang caught in the Crossfire. Must have been one of those

noirish blackouts with the swirling effects that are so common. Ms. White was in Crossfire.

I can't remember if she met up with her hubby in the movie theater where Mitchum had him

lying low, but I believe she did.


See, I would have missed the gravy and the poison underneath. Hope it wasn't pretty poison.

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To answer the original question, i thought Marie was hotter in Narrow Margin. I prefer her with dark hair. Marie rules in anything, though. I even get excited when i see her in a small, glamorous role in Song Of The Thin Man. She is super in noirs and great in westerns too. The film i am dying to see Marie in for the first time would be No Man's Woman. It sounds like a Marie extravaganza. Of the nine films i've seen with MW, my favorite so far would have to be Day Of The Bad Man from 1958.

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