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I can't find my invasion of the bee girls thread so thread 2


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dam shame because I wrote some pretty fine things about it. today's hollywood chicken sheeters are too afraid to try a remake just like they lack the imagination to do giantess movies. liberal hollywood people excel at NOT giving audiences stuff they would obviously like or perhaps it is simply that the fools who rein out in hollywood today just don't like girls...

anyway the highlight of the movie is nora kline being lured to the facility and captured by dr. harris and her bee girls and we see the mutation process deliciously played out with nudity and blue lighting.  

how gorgeous the now elusive anna aries was back then if only we knew what happened to her. I like to think she became self-conscious about her exposing herself, quit the business, got married and had a big brood of kids. she certainly looked equipped for it. but seriously director denis sanders has the good taste to feature her as a newly mutated bee girl but she gets not a single kill scene. 

they have this scene where the sheriff pays her a morning visit and she proceeds to try and seduce him with a lot of touching with her hands on his shoulder but he quickly leaves and she takes off her sunglasses and laments her lost mating chance with the sheriff. anna aries was the most gorgeous bee babe in the whole movie but she gets no zzzzz kill scene with a guy. whatta gip.

"oh please drop by and see me again soon, sheriff."

Anna Aries – Movies, Bio and Lists on MUBI

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