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IMDB falls for false info, again

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More IMDB idiocy:


This is not a continuity error. "First Kill" is set two years before the events of the original film. Esther/Leena kills multiple foster families between the end of "First Kill" and the beginning of the original "Orphan".

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I used to post ♦accurate♦ bits of information on the IMDb years ago, but I've done it in years.

I still do occasional 'edits' on Wikipedia.  If you go to Wikipedia and check out the listing for WELCOME TO ARROW BEACH  I'm the one who added the line about the proper full-length run time being 99 minutes.  I timed my old Magnetic release -- heck, the box even says 99 minutes but a lot of those old-time video boxes were not accurate.  This time it was.  So I added the run time myself since the listing improperly says "85 minutes".  The TV version may well be 85 minutes, but the theatrical version was not. 

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