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A substantial stratospheric cooling event is now being observed

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A substantial stratospheric cooling event is now being observed

Strong cold anomalies are being detected in the stratosphere over Southern Hemisphere. The anomalous cooling results from the water vapor coming from the January Hunga Tonga eruption. Cooling on this scale has not been seen in modern satellite records, so this is a significant event.

The January eruption of Hunga Tonga in the South Pacific has injected a large amount of water vapor into the stratosphere. That water vapor is now causing significant cooling of the southern stratosphere.

Stratospheric warming during the northern hemisphere winter can mean a heavy disruption of circulation. This causes pressure changes and can unleash cold air from the Arctic into the United States and Europe.

It would make sense for the changes in the stratosphere on the southern side of the planet could also impact the northern hemisphere. As the cooling in the southern hemisphere is substantial, the upcoming winter will be a great real-life “lab test” of the potential global weather changes.


Don't worry, this will be still  be called the hottest year on record no matter what the numbers show. And since the scientists make money off of it, they will never admit to anything other than warming.

PS The Earth was much hotter when the dinosaurs roamed around, but they can't even admit to that either.


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