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OHMS movie, help me find a copy

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I have been trying to locate this movie for more than 20 years.  I finally found a copy last year, but it was in terrible condition.  If anyone has a copy, or knows we're I can obtain a copy please contact me.  I have even tried to contact Dick Lowry "the director", but have been unable to do so.   I think I need to provide more info, so.  It released in 1980, and was aired on CBS.  It was about farmers who were complaining about the effects of high power electric lines running through there farms, and the effects It was having on there cattle.  I'm pretty sure there was a sceen with someone holding up an old halogen light bulb underneath one of the structures, and it lit up.  It was filmed in and around New philidelphia, Ohio.  I actually use to live very close to wear some of it was filmed.  

Thank you.

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I see on Letterboxd it only has a single registered viewer. That means it is likely very hard to find, as you said.

OHMS is the title, and like the OP said, the director is Dick Lowery. Gene Case is credited as the writer.

The cast includes Ralph Waite, David Birney, Talia Balsam, Dixie Carter, Charley Lang, Cameron Mitchell, and Leslie Nielsen. I'm kind of surprised with that cast that someone didn't at least put it out on VHS back in the day. 

The production company is listed as Grant-Case-McGrath Enterprises, and it originally aired on CBS. 

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I found all that information.  The copy I did find was on truetvmovies.com.  it was put on a cd from an old recordable VHS tape.  I have gone in endless circles trying to find it.  Tried to contact CBS, but they never respond. Also tried contacting Dick Lowry, but also got nowhere.  Maybe someday I'll find it, but I'm kinda doubt it.  The version that I have, I'm trying to remaster but it's really bad.  The edges are stretched, and there are sections missing.

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