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"Motion Pic Hall-of-Fame" may have a HOME? CHECK IT OUT!

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This is a major deal (NOTE: I hope that the likes of: R. 0sborne & Ben Mankiewicz,etc also take note & just check 'er out! I know OSBO's all-time fav. actor is: *"The King: Clark Gable"-(1901-60) & B. Stanwyck-(1907-90) his fav. actress-(strangely, they are a bit behind in the td voting. I should rephrase that. Actually, "The Black Widow-Stanwyck," is doing better with fans than *"The King?" & at least in the eyes on true fans of cinematic history! Most of you may have voted, or heard of a website: "Motion Picture Hall-of-Fame" HOPE SO, BECAUSE IT'S GREAT & GETTING BETTER!

Welp, owner of it, may soon actually have a home of sorts-(i.e. MUSEUM) However, he had to devide the voting into 2 sections-(due to overhaul of votes. A staggering 7000 plus & cheating. People were voting like 5 times for same) So, it's now in it's 2nd section-(INDUCTEES ALREADY IN "MPHOF">(voting now ends January 1st & given cinema history is forever, so will be this site & eventually & hopefully, it's location in INDIANA!-(vote please)

Top 3 motion pictures:-(some real surprises, when just regular onliners vote. Take a look?)

*1st place-"GWTW" (1939)

2nd-"Adventures of Robin Hood" ('38 version)

*3rd-"Rebecca" (1940)

(NOTE: In "AFI's 100yrs...100 Movies" (it's 1st special from 1998) "Kane"/ *"Casablanca" & *"The Godfather," were crowned top 3 ever made!)


3 motion picture actors already inductded:

1-Cary Grant (1904-86)-(Runner-up with American Film Institute)

2-*James Stewart-(1908-97)

3-*Humphrey Bogart-(1899-1957)

(P.S. TRIVIA: Obviously, most compare these polls now with AFI's annual specials. Ironically, these 3 actors were also top three in it's 1999 special "100 years...100 Stars" But, it was *Bogey, whom was crowned A #1)


3 top motion picture actresses:

1-*Katharine Hepburn-(1907-2003)-(NOTE: matched "AFI's 100yrs...100 Stars")

2-(tie) *Joan Fontaine-(1917-) & *Bette Davis-(1908-89)

3-*Olivia de Havilland-(1916-)

(P.S. this was the most stunning category?)


& top 3 Behind the camera aka: Directors:

1st place-Alfred Hitchcock-(1899-1980)

2nd-*John Ford-(1895-1973)

(P.S. this is 1 special I have virtually been nagging AFI to do. It's bizarre that they have as yet to have "100yrs...100 Directors?")


Now, most are likely wondering why only 2 filmmakers-(it's all been revised & improved! There are 5 in each category now & points are given to each slot/number as well!)> As an example, lately: Errol Flynn-(1909-59) has really been leading w/favorite actors? & my Idol *"The Great: Spencer Tracy"-(1900-67) is still hangin' in there, around top 3 to 5 to date. But, nobody ever thought *J. Fontaine would be rated that high, that's for sure?-(it's weird when you add-up the votes. *"Rebecca," & no *"Casablanca" or "Kane?" & when you check it out, "Letter from an Unknown Woman," is hanging in the top 3?

Anyway, I know you true cinephiles will want to give your 2 cents & just check it out anyway. Thing is, the more attention this gets, the better it's shot at becoming a REALITY! Go to: www.klarkkent@earthlink.net or just klarkent@earthlink.net-(if there is a problem finding it, contact me at; spencer64@ij.net) Thank You Fans

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Joan Fontaine must have been stuffing the ballot box--no way she should be tied for #2 much with the likes of Queen Bette.

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This is an good site, and I voted in the first round, and more recently in the second round. For those of us who value the true Classic era, it's a great chance to cast your vote for our favorites. :)ML

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BTW...after thinking it over & over for years...I bought a second-hand copy of "Letter from an Unknown Woman", at a decent price...the out-of-print VHS of this wonderful film, which I've never seen, have always been too pricy!!

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I would like to thank all of you that have voted on my site, or should I say your site. I am the guy who tallies the vote for the Motion Picture Hall of Fame site. And I am happy that the classics are alive in a lot of your hearts.

A couple things I need to make clear. I was shocked as everyone on the final tallies of the first induction period. I won't mention which ones, but I've already heard from a lot of fans who told me of their dissatisfaction. All I can say is that is the way the votes came out.

Also, Joan Fontaine did not tie for 2nd, she won that out right. Bette Davis and Olivia de Havilland tied for 3rd. Sorry, to shock you more but it's the truth.

And yes I was shocked that Casablanca and Citizen Kane did not make the first induction.

Also I get a lot of questions about the Behind the Camera category. I'll explain it this way, if their name are in the credits and they are not acting, then they fit in this category. And don't forget the Moguls and execs.

I am going to try and be a more active member on these boards, because you are the true heart of classic movie fans.

The reason I am writing is to hopefully get your support on a new project, an actual museum, induction facilty for the Motion Picture Hall of Fame. I am working with corporate sponsors to secure this. They in turn are waiting to see fan support of the site. So, if you have any friends or family that love classic movies and know they have not voted, please encourage them to. As I was telling Spence, we had a great turnout last induction period. Over 7000. This time we haven't received a tenth of those votes.

I have added a classified section and donation section to the site. I am not trying to make money for myself. Once again the sponsors I am working with, studios and Some major Fortune 500 companies, are wanting to see if the fans are willing to support this project financially. And truefully I have no product to offer for sell and I know that no one is going to pay to vote. If you have any ideas on how to show them that the building site would be self-sufficient, please email me at klarkkent@earthlink.net, please include mphof in the subject section. I get a lot of spam like the rest of you and delete anything I don't recognize.

If you haven't voted go to http://home.earthlink.net/~motionpicturehalloffame/ .

Once again I thank you and hope that you will support this project.

And if anyone from TCM reads this and would like to help, please contact me. I would love to have TCM broadcast the induction ceremonies. Thank you.

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Great going to: motpichof & I hope this also means-(I know you are busy with the "MPHOF!") However, I certainly hope you join us a bit more on these forums as well. & to the few -(SO FAR ANYWAY!?) that have checked on in, great going you cinephiles! I'm located-(unfortunately) as our pal Mongo is, down here in hot ol' Fla. However motpichof, is based & hopefully so will be the upcoming "MUSEUM!" In Indiana & as most of us, that watch TCM-(most of the time) have likely caught that in between the flix segment, on the tourist that are drawn to that town in Indiana, where *Sinatra, Dino & *Shirley shot 1958's "Some Came Running." I believe he is not far from same area.-(a little trivia for you fans) & I have yet to see "Unkown Woman?" I'm not a fan of *Fontaine, and much, much, more prefer her wonderful sis *Olivia!

But, given it's my main dish in life, I will check 'er out. It's just weird it's ranked that high? Currently, Flynn, *Peck & *Spence-(yup, he's still hangin' on in there!) are leaders among fav. actors & also, something struck me as bizarre? Given, Marilyn Monroe is so popular-(I mean, in Hollywood, you virtually cannot turn a block without seeing her image somewhere!?) It's strange she was not among the favs. Even AFI voted her #6th. & to mypalspencer-(I know you've yet to check it out & are ultra-busy, wurkin' as your fav *Cagney would say. Hope you read this pal!) & ML's favorite> "Little Tramp,' is another, that should have easily already been inducted! But, even AFI's 100yrs..100 Stars," voted him #10? By the way, I love The Marx Bros. However, they were for quite some time #1? & you are on the $$$ It would be utterly superb for TCM-(if they were to assist in this,etc As with it's: "Young Film Composer's Comp." However, that is annual. The station has already added that new monthly update (P.S. to you fans of Hitch & that era of cinema. Yet another re-make is coming. "To Catch a Thief")


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