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The Secret Land an UnFinished Documentary


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If you have never seen this film, the Secret Land, it is the Only documentary that is still in progress! Yes the story was NOT COMPLETE. The three Navy aviators that were killed

in the crash of George 1 at the end of the film had been left burried under the wing of the

crashed plane for the last 63 years. A book with more information was written / copyright

1980 United States Naval Institute: Assault on Eternity Richard E. Byrd and the Exploration of Antarctica, 1946-47 by Lisle A. Rose and recently the Book: Where Hell Freezes Over

by David A. Kearns Copyright David A. Kearns / available Thomas Dunne Books (an imprint of

St.Martin's Press) I ordered a copy at Barnes & Noble. This latter book is more on the

plane crash it's self and the aftermath which is still playing out.


The movie does NOT speak of the dead pilots being left there nor of a plan to retrieve their

bodies. This November 2009, there is a solid operation going on to retrieve those bodies and

26 canisters of undeveloped film, left under the wing of the crashed Martin Mariner Patrol plane

for 63 years. You can get the entire facts on this at:




Not only is this a continuation of the Documentary, but history continued to the present.

The Documentary "The SECRET LAND", not only shows the ships of a by-gone era, but

the Antarctic before Global Warming and the break up of the Larsen Ice-shelf.


Best way to view this movie is to go to: http://www.antarcticconnection.com/AB1583000equick/shopexd.asp?id=991


and order the Antarctica Map - A New Age (NG) by National Geographic

Product Code: MA10122 ( a bargain at $11.95 U.S. for a 32"x22" detailed map ).


I just would love to see this movie restored, the parts from the cutting room floor inserted with

current status of the on-going histor added. Oh, here is a nice newsclip on the situation:




This movie hasn't been shown on TCM since the nation went digital!

Just think of the lead-in Robert Osborne could make with the new information?


Can anyone think of any other documentary where the complete story hasn't been

told, because it is, in essence still going on?

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