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The messages were a bit cryptic for me, so I watched the end of Postman Always Rings Twice on the West Coast Live feed and saw TCM cut off the last 30 seconds of the film (interrupted by Ben's wrap-up).

Can't recall this type of thing happening before, but maybe I'm forgetting.

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I didn't watch it last night, but if what's being said is true,  it's a big W T F???


What's Ben's big hurry?

Somebody get the torches.  I'll try to dig up some pitchforks!


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1 hour ago, Fedya said:

Ben got the heebie-jeebies seeing Jessica Lange panned-and-scanned.

Been a while since they've aired that little segment. I'll have to dig out my recording of it and watch it again. I have never had either Heebies nor Jeebies... Well maybe for Bebee's Bathysphere! Regardless I'm still here...

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