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Looking for a film


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I saw a film about a month or so ago. It was black and white. The couple I assumed had just got married. They sure did not like each other much though.  They were driving to Florida, she did not want to go. She was chastising him about quiting his job to go.

At some point, they ended up at a diner and were still angry at one an other. He was trying to find somewhere for them to stay. It began raining. Later on he left her at a friend's and drove on. That's as far as I got. Anyone know the film? 

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2 hours ago, kim s said:

Period of Adjustment with Tony Francioso Jane Fonda and Jim Hutton

While the "She was chastising him about quitting his job" part matches the Jim Hutton character (husband George to Jane as wife Isabel),   I don't think they were driving to Florida unless it was a part of Florida that snows a lot.   Also,  the couple that "They sure did not like each other much though",   was Franciosa and Lois Nettleton.    (and it was their house the George and Isabel were driving too).

Of course the OP could be mixing up the couples.    (but I don't thing George was ever looking for a place for Isabel and him to stay since George had planned to stay at his war buddies, house from the start).

Either way I like Period of Adjustment.   Good acting by the 4 leads and Nettleton parents were a hoot!



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That's it! Thank you so much! I'd been wracking my brain trying to figure out what the movie was called. I didn't get see it all, as I was with a client only long enough to watch a bit of it. I enjoyed what I did see though. Looking forward to finishing it.

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