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Yo ho ho! 'N a bottle o' Chablis!

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OK  a REAL pirate, or a MOVIE pirate?   In the latter case....


"Look at me.....     look at me.....

I am the captain now."



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Ya know, one of greatest Pirates of all time talked with a Puerto Rican accent...


(...and thus bridging this whole Talk Like a Pirate Day with that of Hispanic Heritage Month)

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5 hours ago, Sepiatone said:

OK  a REAL pirate, or a MOVIE pirate? 

Avast, Sunny Jim! 'Tis a MOVIE pirate what I arsked fer, Bucko, 'n a movie pirate that I seek.

Here be more foyne examples . . .


MV5BZjUwNDRmMzItY2M1OC00YjU1LWI0NjEtODkwZTE3MjcxNWM4XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTQ1NDUyNzI@._V1_FMjpg_UX448_.jpg     mbdcaki-ec012-1548174504.jpg?crop=1.00xw

eke4KWcC0ogGnP7tI7x3OY=&risl=&pid=ImgRaw     7kebkl28r6BmOcVFAo5M1D8UzmT6Tmfo=&risl=&



'N here be a pirate who cut a smaller jib: a television pirate. Arrrrrrrrrr!


Who's the swiniest swine in the worrrrrld?


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29 minutes ago, JamesJazGuitar said:

Here are two of my favorite pirates:   (Rathbone with his back to the camera).     Filmed about 5 miles  from my house at Laguna Beach CA.

Arrrrrrrr! As ye undoubtedly already know, Marster James (how come I'm the only tarkin' like a pirate in this bleedin' thread?), Bar-sil Rarthbone was a skilled, champion fencer (he was also a bloody good swordsman too!). According to Rarthbone, he could've easily have killed his sil-var screen ard-versary Errol Flynn who, according to fencing marster Fred Cavens, was an not much of a fencer. An opinion that anar-ther British heavy Christopher Lee -- who was also bloody good handlin' a sword and who also duelled wit' Flynn (in The Dark Avenger) --  probably shared. Aye! Lee even incurred a permanent deformity (a crooked pinkie finger) arf-ter his sword fight wit' Flynn . . . who was in 'is cups at th' time.

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