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What director gave the best performance?


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> {quote:title=skimpole wrote:}{quote}

> And you can't include Woody Allen or Orson Welles. One person who comes to mind is Francois Truffaut in "The Wild Child."


Woody Allen's presence in his own films makes those films all but unwatchable. This Jewish New Yorker absolutely detests his stale, pretentious and stale nebbishy Jewish New Yorker persona.


Welles is certainly great in his own films, with, I think, his Hank Quinlan in TOUCH OF EVIL towering above all his other performances, including CITIZEN KANE.


Still, for my money, I really like Cecil B. DeMille in SUNSET BOULEVARD. His conflicted feelings vis-a-vis his obviously delusional old protegee, Norma Desmond, is quite believable and timelessly touching.

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Orson Welles is my choice, simply because he acted in most of the films he directed. Also, Welles had what was perhaps the greatest acting range of anyone who ever directed and acted in a single movie. Woody Allen might be a good choice, but he stays restricted only to comedy. The same might be said for Jerry Lewis or even the immortal Charile Chaplin. In recent times, certainly Barbra Streisand could get lots of consideration in this category.

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