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Perhaps this is the wrong web-site to bring this question up,but I will anyway.Before Spencer Tracy came to MGM he made quite a few films at Fox Studios.None of which get any play with the exception of THE POWER AND THE GLORY.Can anyone tell me why this situation exists? If they won't play them on that other cable channel which shall remain nameless,why won't Fox release a box set of his films like they did with John Ford.I forgot to mention UP THE RIVER which they do show also.


Edited by: cody1949 on Oct 20, 2009 12:23 AM

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The Fox Movie Channel hews to a very narrow range of its classic titles; even films they used to air with regularity several years ago are not to be seen anymore, even though the transfers exists and are sitting in storage just waiting to be requisitioned. I also think it's safe to say that nobody over there really cares enough to do the kind of conscientious job it would take to provide their (resumabnly dwindling number of) viewers with the broad range of programming that elevates an ordinary channel to an extraordinary one, like TCM.


The reason for this? They appear to have a very limited budget, and don't see their channel as a tool to sell DVD's, which is obviously one of Time-Warner's chief motivations for giving TCM the financial wherewithal to do the generally fine job they do.


In the end, it's Fox's loss more than it's ours.

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I've also noticed that in the last year, the Fox Channel has not relied on regular showings, during the night or day of their classic film library from the 1930s/40s and now even the 1950s. Years ago, Fox was pretty good at showing even their widescreen films letter boxed. It now looks like everything along the lines of classic films will rest on TCM shoulders. Perhaps we can hope to see more films from Columbia, Universal, Paramount, United Artists and the mighty 20th Century-Fox on TCM. So far, TCM has managed to get a good amount of films made at these studios that are not really part of the TCM library. Let's hope that a certain amount of flexibility can be worked out, before a lot of good old movies totally disappear from sight.


Edited by: MovieProfessor on Oct 20, 2009 2:16 AM

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