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Help with this short


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Hello all!  Every few years I have asked help with a short and so far, no luck. Here are the details, maybe someone is familiar with it.

1. I think it might have been titled "War" but I would not lay money on that. 

2. No actual dialog.

3. No music but it does use sound effects.

4. Its a black comedy film about the initiation of atomic war.

5. I saw it several times on my local PBS station back in the late 70s or very early 80s when it was used as filler between their broadcasts.

6. Runs approx 3 to 5 minutes.

7. Its black and white, no color.

8. In an undisclosed country a helicopter lands and goes down a elevator to an underground bunker. The helo carries a short dumpy fellow (some sort of minister) who is shown the bunker and the first atomic test. Congratulations all around when suddenly the bunker shakes and a camera shows a mushroom cloud rising over the horizon, another tv monitor comes on with another countries minister (tall and thin) who waves and indicates that they just tested an atomic bomb as  well. Various scenarios then follow showing the button being accidentally pressed and showing both ministers attempting to make the button safe from being pushed by placing a glass bowl over it. In the end, a rat in the works eats through an electrical cable shorting out the button, missiles fly on both sides and as everyone is blown up the word "Peace" flashes across in multiple languages. Clever and amusing telling of a dark subject.

9. By style it made me think it was produced in Eastern Europe with perhaps Canada as a second runner up.

10. Have never been able to discover the short, no one seems to have ever seen it.


ummmmm, HELP?

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