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I believe it was black and white. Here goes a part: A girl is murdered and evidence leads to a guy who is engaged to another girl. Before he goes to jail he (the accused) and maybe a judge or district attorney or fiancee's dad(?) place evidence that leads to the guy in jail. As the case is playing out in the court, the guy is found guilty. He, of course has nothing to worry about, as together with the judge (or DA) they will show, how they planned the evidence and that he in reality is not the murderer. As planned, he is found guilty, but the judge(DA, fiancee's dad), dies. The viewer of course thinks, that the innocent guy will now spend time in jail, but the judge (or whoever the other person was) stored all evidence in the safe deposit box. The guy is safe, you, as the viewer take a sigh of relief and you know, all will be good.

As his fiance visits him to tell him the paperwork is being signed for his release out of jail, he mentions the name of the murdered girl, which was never released to the public. She figures out he indeed murdered the woman. The fiance goes out of jail to tell the presiding judge (DA) not to sign the paper...

Thanks for your help! Somehow I think the guy in jail was played by Henry Fonda, but I can't find the synopsis anywhere.


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> {quote:title=FredCDobbs wrote:}{quote}

> http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0049006/


> Beyond a Reasonable Doubt


> I wonder if you are thinking of two different movies? The police and court would have to release the name of the murdered girl, or the guy couldn't go to jail in the first place.




Of course, the murdered woman's name is released. But Dana Andrews slips up when he refers to her by a nickname, which had not been released.

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