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I love reading people's suggestions for movies to be aired, EXCEPT FOR THESE FOOLS that duplicate, triplicate, quaduplicate, etc. their postings. What is up with this??!! I am waiting for the next page to load and when it comes up the whole page is one person's suggestion over and over and over....does this bother anyone else? I find it WAY ANNOYING.

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The reason for the many duplicate postings is because when they click on the "SUBMIT" button, it does not right away show the posting and so they all think its not working and so they keep clicking on it many times and thus, this is why you see so many postings of the same thing. Of course some know this and just keep clicking on it because they think the more they do this the better the chances the movie they ask for will be shown. Also, most all the movies they ask for are movies that TCM does not own.

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When I was a little girl, I always wondered why my mother watched those movies with "No color?". She made me a bet, asking me to watch just one, and she promised I'll love them, and as usual, mother was always right! Black'n'White movies were only shown Saturday mornings. They would show, Albert & Costello's, and Tarzan, but my favorite being those "Ma & Pa Kettles", those movies were very, very funny. Please, Please show them just for me! If not, where can I buy them!

Ma & Pa Kettle are Legends!!




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I would love to see College Swing, The Gracie Allen Murder Mystery, Damsel in Distress or any of the other Burns & Allen movies. I would also love to know what happened to the shorts that they did when they first started out. Does anyone know if TCM owns any of them or how I can find out if anyone has them at all?


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