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"Goodfellas" to get 20th anniversary BD release


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One of the best gangster movies of the late 20th century, Martin Scorsese's *Goodfellas* is getting a special 20th anniversary edition in blu-ray early next year. The new version will include, as a bonus feature, the documentary "Golden Age of the Gangster Film" that has been previously shown on TCM. :D



*Warner to Re-release Goodfellas for 20th Anniversary*


Warner Bros. Warner Home Video has announced that they will bring 'Goodfellas: 20th Anniversary Edition' to Blu-ray on February 16th as a digibook release. Originally released in 2007, this re-release will hopefully add a lossless soundtrack and fix the video error found in the previous release. Technical specs have not been announced at this time.


The digibook will feature 34 pages of film facts and pictures. Extras for this release include:


* Commentary with Martin Scorsese

* Commentary with ex-gangster Henry Hill and ex-FBI agent Edward McDonald

* Public Enemies: The Golden Age of the Gangster Film

* Cast and crew documentaries

* Trailers

* Four Warner Bros. mob-themed cartoons



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It about &*$%#* time these &*(#$%^& finally got off their (*&@#$%^&* rears and did something.

like this. Darn ^&*(@#$% wouldn't know a &*%$@# from a *&^%$#@! if somebody didn't

point it out to them. That was one $%^&*(#@ great movie, and you ^&*!@#$% can *$%@

&*!@#$ quote me on that. And that's no ^&*!@#$%% joke. JP.

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