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Fun facts about your favorite stars


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Hello! If you are interested in learning (or posting) a few _fun facts_ about your favorite stars, you've come to the right thread! :D


OK, I'm going to get started with a few fun facts about our current SOTM, Miss Leslie Caron.


Here are some fun facts about her:


* Birth name is Leslie Claire Margaret Caron

* Childhood nickname: Carly Jane

* She and her daughter, Jennifer Hall, co-starred on an episode of "The Love Boat" (1977), in the parts of mother and daughter.


Source: imdb.com

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Donald O'Connor:

ten months after he was born in Chicago in 1925,his 7 year old sister was hit and killed by a car,weeks later his father died of an heart attack.


After the "Make Em Laugh" dance number in "Singing in the Rain" he needed 3 days bed rest.


Was all set to co star with Bing Crosby in "White Christmas" but came down with pneumonia and was replaced with Danny Kaye...


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Fun facts about Irene Dunne:


* Nicknamed "The First Lady of Hollywood"

* Came to the attention of Hollywood when she performed in "Show Boat" on the East Coast

* Irene claimed that always getting enough sleep kept her looking young. Her studio contracts allowed her to start work as late as 10 A.M. and leave by 6 P.M.


source: imdb.com

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Fun facts about Boris Karloff:


* Birth name: William Henry Pratt

* Appeared in 80 films before his breakthrough role in Frankenstein (1931).

* He had East Indian heritage on this father's side. This gave Karloff a dark skin tone. In several films he was cast in roles such as Arabs and American Indians.

* Suffered from chronic back trouble for most of his adult life, the result of the heavy brace he had to wear as part of his Frankenstein costume.

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HG, thanks for including Boris Karloff. I didn't get to see all his movies today, but got a big kick out of the ones, I was able to watch. Great entertainer. Some how the ones he made that scared me as a youngster, just aren't that scary anymore, but still enjoy visiting the past.

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> {quote:title=Jenetico wrote:}{quote}

> HG, thanks for including Boris Karloff.


You're welcome, Jenetico. Would you believe that, for whatever reason, I didn't realize that Boris Karloff wasn't his birth name until I compiled the fun facts for him? Honestly, I thought he'd been born with that name!

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I read, or heard he was to play the role of the evil brother in the film but was unavailable. The biggest laugh in the stage play is when they refer to him "looking like Boris Karloff" and he goes crazy. Raymond Massey was a very good substitute in the movie.

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Some fun facts about Randolph Scott:


* During the '30s, was roommates with Cary Grant in a beach house known jocularly as Bachelor Hall.

* Rode a beautiful blond sorrel horse named Stardust in many of his westerns.

* Due to his shrewd financial investments, Scott was reportedly worth around $100 million by the end of his life.

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James Dean:

1.Star sign: Aquarius

2.His favorite poet was James Riley

3.James Dean had a denture plate made for his two front teeth,after falling off of his bike. They were made by his father who was a dental technician




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And now, some fun facts about the lovely Eleanor Powell:




* Took dancing classes as a child to overcome extreme shyness.

* Quoted as saying that "A tap dancer is really a frustrated drummer."

* Due to her becoming a minister in the Unity church, her ashes are placed in a bronze replica of the bible. She is interred at Hollywood Forever cemetery just a few steps down the hall from Rudolf Valentino, Peter Finch and several other great legends of film.

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