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Fun facts about your favorite stars


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Some fun facts about Dean Martin:


* Birth name: Dino Paul Crocetti

* Although born in Ohio, he spoke only Italian until age 5.

* Much of the "booze" that he drank on stage during his famous "Rat Pack" performances was really apple juice.

* Dean is one of few actors who have received not just one, but _three_ stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: one for Motion Pictures at 6519 Hollywood Blvd., one for Television at 6651 Hollywood Blvd, and a third for his recording career.

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Fun facts about Robert Mitchum:


* He was of Scottish, Norwegian, Irish, and possibly Native-American descent.

* He claimed his famous eyes were the result of a combination of injuries from his boxing days and chronic insomnia, which he suffered from throughout his life.

* The 60-year-old Mitchum impressed Oliver Reed, Britain's legendary hellraiser, by drinking a whole bottle of gin in 55 minutes on the set of The Big Sleep (1978).

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More fun facts about James Dean:


* Only actor in history to receive more than one Oscar nomination posthumously.

* His favorite drink was coffee and his favorite ice cream flavors were coffee and raspberry.

* His first professional acting gig was in a Coca-Cola commercial, handing out bottles of Coke to teenagers who were riding a merry-go-round.

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Fun facts about Keenan Wynn:


* Birth name: Francis Xavier Aloysius James Jeremiah Keenan Wynn

* Was originally to play Perry White in *Superman* (1978), but had to drop out upon arriving in London for filming due to heart problems.

* Introduced Steve McQueen and Lee Marvin to the power of Triumph motorcycles on a hill climb.

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Fun facts about Vivien Leigh:


* Birth name: Vivian Mary Hartley

* A heavy smoker, Leigh was smoking almost four packs a day during filming of *Gone with the Wind* (1939).

* Her favorite role was that of Myra Lester, which she played in *Waterloo Bridge* (1940).

* Reportedly used one of her two Oscars to doorstop her bathroom.

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Fun facts about Lloyd Bridges:


* Full name: Lloyd Vernet Bridges Jr.

* Was considered for the role of Captain Kirk on "Star Trek" (1966).

* In 1914, was awarded the winner's cup in a fat-baby contest by its judge, former-President William H. Taft, who thought Lloyd was as fat as he was.

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Another fun fact about Lloyd:


He appeared in a Three Stooges short.

It was during his early days at Columbia, when he was still often appearing unbilled, and also making appearances in some of their other comedy shorts.

The Stooges short he was in was entitled "They Stooge to Conga" (filmed between May 6 and May 9, 1942 and released January 1, 1943). He had actually already been unbilled in about 40 other Columbia films by this time! They sure worked him often, but within a year after the Stooges short he would finally start getting better roles and onscreen billing.

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facts about Montgomery Clift:monty_clift.jpg

1. On his birth certificate, his first name (edward) was missed copied and became Edwin

2. Is reported to have been relationships with the likes of Marlon Brando and Merv Griffin

3. Was fluent in French, Irish, and German

4.One of only six actors to receive an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor for his first screen appearence

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Thanks, timothy & musicalnovelty! :D




Here's some fun facts about Elliot Gould:


* Birth name: Elliott Goldstein

* The only actor to have a cameo appearance in more than one Muppet film: *The Muppet Movie* (1979) and *The Muppets Take Manhattan* (1984).

* Starred in *The Last Flight of Noah's Ark* (1980) and then played God in *Noah's Ark: The New Beginning* (2008).

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Marlon Brando

1.The Beatles paid homage to his iconic image as Johnny in The Wild One (1953) by placing that image on the cover of their "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band."

2.In 1995, Brando appeared on The Larry King Live and kissed Larry King on the mouth. Larry King discusses this, as well as the interview, in his published self titled work

3.Brando went to military school but was expelled for insubordination

4.As he got older, he refused to memorize his lines and found creative ways to keep cue cards in appropriate lines of sight. For example, his lines were written on Kal-El's diaper in Superman (1978).

5.Brando was expelled from High School for riding a motorcycle through the halls.


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Fun facts about Wallace Beery:


* Almost played the title role in MGM's *The Wizard of Oz* (1939) but due to other film roles at MGM, he was forced to turn down the role.

* For thirty-five years Beery held the world's record for the largest black sea bass, which he caught off the Catalina Island in 1916.

* In the summer of 1941, he was billed by MGM as the "champion movie location commuter," the studio estimating that he had journeyed more than 100,000 miles to make pictures. According to studio records, Beery covered 15,000 miles in Mexico alone while filming *Viva Villa!* (1934).

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> {quote:title=audreyforever wrote:}{quote}

> I believe Cary Grant was offered the role of James Bond in Dr. No, but said it sounded stupid...


I'm not sure, I think I read something about him being considered, but he was pretty old at the time and they needed someone who could return for several more movies, if the first one was a hit (and of course it was).

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Fun facts about Robert Ryan:


* Was Turner Classic Movies' "Star of the Month" for February 2000

* Ryan was on his college boxing team and posted a 5-0 (3 knockouts) record.

* He was considered for Stephen Boyd's role as Messala in *Ben-Hur* (1959).

* Ryan did not get along with John Wayne while filming *Flying Leathernecks* (1951), and was appalled by Wayne's active support for blacklisting in Hollywood.

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Fun facts about Elizabeth Taylor:


* Although born in England, her parents were actually Americans who were just working in England. Her mother was of German descent and her dad was of Scots-Irish descent.

* Was named a Dame of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II on the Millenium New Year's Honours List, December 31, 1999.

* Her first Oscar nomination for *Raintree County* (1957) marks her first of 4 consecutive nominations, a feat she shares with Jennifer Jones (1943-46), Thelma Ritter (1950-53), Marlon Brando (1951-54) and Al Pacino (1972-75).

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Fun facts about Richard Burton:


* Birth name: Richard Walter Jenkins

* He, Ray Milland, Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta-Jones all were born within a 10-mile radius in south-western Wales.

* His movie contracts contained a clause that he did not have to work on the 1st of March, St David's Day, the day honoring the patron saint of Wales.

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It's hard to believe it's been 25 years since his death.Some more facts about Richard Burton.


He was permanently banned from BBC productions for writing newspaper articles questioning the sanity of Winston Churchill and other world leaders during World War 2.


He was buried in a red suit as a tribute to his Welsh roots.

He was also buried with a copy of Welsh poet Dylan Thomas poems

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Fun facts about Pat O'Brien:


* Full name: William Joseph Patrick O'Brien

* Films co-starring Pat O'Brien and James Cagney were these 9: *Here Comes the Navy* (1934), *Ceiling Zero* (1936), *Torrid Zone* (1940), *Devil Dogs of the Air* (1935), *The Irish in Us* (1935), *Boy Meets Girl* (1938), *Angels with Dirty Faces* (1938); *The Fighting 69th* (1940), as well as their finale together, four decades later, *Ragtime* (1981).

* His final acting role was as a guest star in an episode of "Happy Days" (1974). The show was set in Milwaukee, WI, which was O'Brien's home town.

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Fun facts about Van Heflin:


* Birth name: Emmett Evan Heflin Jr.

* Starred as the title character in NBC Radio's "The Adventures of Philip Marlowe" (1947).

* The heart attack that killed him happened while he was swimming. He managed to get to the pool's ladder, where he held on until found hours later, unconscious but still alive. He died 17 days later, never having regained consciousness.

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