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Fun facts about your favorite stars


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Fun facts about Albert Finney


* Originally chosen for the title role in *Lawrence of Arabia* (1962) after a screen test shot over four days at a cost of ?100,000. He later baulked at the film's monumental shooting schedule, and did not want to commit to such a long term contract and opted to play the title role in *Tom Jones* (1963), which gave him his first Oscar nomination.

* The third choice for Hercule Poirot in *Murder on the Orient Express* (1974). Before him were Alec Guinness & Paul Scofield. Ironically, Agatha Christie felt Finney's performance came closest to her idea of Poirot.

* Played Michael Medwin's uncle in *Scrooge* (1970) even though he is actually more than twelve years younger than him.

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Holly, if you watch Buster Keaton's THE GENERAL, Boris Karloff appears briefly as a union general, towards the end of the picture. Highly unusual to see him in a silent film, given his unique, sepulcheral voice and distinctive lisp. I think Karloff was absolutely marvelous throughout his career.Did you ever see the A&E biography on him, some years ago? He was quite shy and unassuming. He was also very devoted to his daughter, Sarah Karloff.Best,B.G.

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Some Fun Facts About Boris Karloff...

Boris was a busy boy in silent films.He started in1916 and appeared in almost 60 films before making his first talkie in 1929.

He worked as a truck driver between acting jobs.

His favorite author was Joseph Conrad. In the 1950's he appeared as Kurtz in Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" on "Playhouse 90", which was the basis for "Apocalypse Now" and Kurtz was played by Brando.

Because of the heavy costumes for Frankenstein" he had at least 3 back surgeries in his life.

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> {quote:title=finance wrote:}{quote}

> I wonder whether LAWRENCE OF ARABIA would have done more or less for his career than TOM JONES. Either would have been good.


Well, it's hard to even try an educated guess. I think Tom Jones was definitely a better fit, because he was so good at playing a fun-loving young lad, but I also think he could have done a good Lawrence.


In the end, I'm glad Peter got Lawrence and Albert got Tom Jones, they're both star-making roles that are a delight to watch, especially with repeat viewings, because they really grow on you, imho.

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Fun facts about Ricardo Montalban :D


* Birth name: Ricardo Gonzalo Pedro Montalb?n y Merino

* Agreed to reprise his role of "Khan" in *Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan* (1982) for only $100,000 because he loved the role so much.

* Made 13 Spanish-language films in Mexico before his American debut in *Fiesta* (1947).

* In 1993, he had a 9 1/2 hour surgical operation on his spine to repair an old back injury he received while filming *Across the Wide Missouri* (1951).

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Elizabeth Taylor





1.The movie Cleopatra was banned in Egypt because Elizabeth Taylor converted to Judaism when she wanted to marry her third husband, producer Mike Todd.


2.Elizabeth Taylor had an expensive chilli which is served in a restaurant at West Hollywood, USA flown to the set where she was filming Cleopatra


3.Elizabeth Taylor was born on the 27th February 1932 which makes her a Pisces


4.Elizabeth Taylor rose is a species of rose named after the actress.


5..Having been on the cover of Life magazine eleven times, Elizabeth Taylor has been featured on the cover of the magazine more times than any other celebrity

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Thanks for sharing, timothy! :)


Here are some fun facts about Ida Lupino:




* Arrived from England aboard the Berengaria at New York on August 25, 1933, age 19.

* The second woman to be admitted to the Director's Guild.

* Not only is she the only woman to direct an episode of "The Twilight Zone" (1959) ("The Masks"), she is also the only person to star in an episode ("The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine") and direct one.

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Fun facts about Robert Redford:


* Birth name: Charles Robert Redford Jr.

* Was considered for the role of Michael Corleone in *The Godfather* (1972).

* Lost out on the role of Ben Braddock in *The Graduate* (1967) because director Mike Nichols didn't think anyone would believe Redford would have trouble getting "the girl".

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Fun facts about Peter Lorre:


* Birth name: L?szl? L?wenstein

* Was the very first James Bond villain; he played Le Chiffre in a 1954 version of Casino Royale on the TV show "Climax!" (1954).

* According to Vincent Price, when he and Peter Lorre went to view Bela Lugosi's body during Bela's funeral, Lorre, upon seeing Lugosi dressed in his famous Dracula cape, quipped, "Do you think we should drive a stake through his heart just in case?"

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Fun facts about Richard Basehart:


* On asking Federico Fellini as to why Fellini wanted him for the role of the Fool in *La strada* (1954), Fellini answered: "Because if you did what you did in *Fourteen Hours* (1951), you can do anything.".

* During the filming of *Fourteen Hours* (1951), Basehart's wife Stephanie was taken ill with what proved to be a brain tumor, and died very suddenly. Devastated, he finished work on the film and left the United States, going to Italy where he met Valentina Cortese.

* Was occasionally mentioned during the host segments on "Mystery Science Theater 3000" (1988) as the object of Gypsy's obsession.

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Fun facts about Bette Davis:


* Birth name: Ruth Elizabeth Davis

* She considered her debut screen test for Universal Pictures to be so bad that she ran screaming from the projection room.

* In *Marked Woman* (1937), Davis is forced to testify in court after being worked over by some Mafia hoods. Disgusted with the tiny bandage supplied by the makeup department, she left the set, had her own doctor bandage her face more realistically, and refused to shoot the scene any other way.

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Fun facts about Dennis Morgan:


* Birth name: Earl Stanley Morner

* In 1943, was originally cast to play Rick Blaine in *Casablanca* (1942), but made *Thank Your Lucky Stars* (1943) instead.

* First under contract to MGM, he subsequently moved to Paramount and then Warner Bros., where he became one of the top movie singers.

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Fun facts about Walter Matthau:


* Big break came when understudying the actor who played the Archbishop in "Anne Of The Thousand Days," starring Rex Harrison.

* When he inscribed himself formally to the U.S. Social Security in 1937, he included "Foghorn" as his middle name. He never changed it.

* He once estimated his lifetime gambling losses at $5 million.

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