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"Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid" (1948)


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I've just watched this lovely and very charming romantic comedy starring William Powell and Ann Blyth. This is one of those titles I'd been wanting to see for years, but never really seemed to have a chance - it doesn't seem to show up on TCM very much at all these days, and it's also not on DVD.


Tracking down the old VHS release is worth the effort, imho, even though it's far from a good transfer - even for VHS! - and the source material was in below-average condition.


Powell is his usual charming self, and Blyth is _very_ cute as the title mermaid, almost stealing the movie without ever even uttering a single word. The "jealous wife" angle seems a bit trite, by now, but I can only imagine it wasn't in 1948.


Not sure who owns the right to this one, or even if it is in the public domain. It was originally released by Universal-International, but the VHS was released by Republic Pictures. In any event, it's a shame nobody has taken the time to restore and re-release this nice little gem.


At the very least, I hope TCM will be able to show it at some point, if only so that others can enjoy it.

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This is one of those, "must see sometime" films for me. I want to see anything with William Powell in it. He may be my all time favorite actor, that can change from time to time. But definitely in the top 2 or 3.

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