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Title help please

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There is an English film from 1948-58 i saw probably 30 years ago where a merchant seaman from a sunk freighter is picked up by a German warship (in the Med?). He escapes when the ship ties up at an island for repairs and then prevents repairs by sniping at the germans trying to repair the ship. he delays departure and allows the British Navy or air force to sink the ship. i have searched many different databases here and uk but can't come up with the name. any help would be appreciated. btw 2 pretty good ww2 movies are 633 squadron (some cheesy flight scenes) and the dambusters.


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movieslover - I think you have it. After reading about, and knowing it stars Jeffrey Hunter, I would really like to see it.


According to the book The Films of 20th Century Fox, it was based on a novel by C.S. Forrester called Brown on Resolution. A lot of reviews on IMDB also mention that it has two endings that the audience can vote on. Is it shown on television this way?

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Another Hunter movie that just came to mind (not an answer to this thread) but kind of the same story - No Man Is An Island.

This was based off a true story. The only GI left on Guam with the Japanese army instead of the Germans.

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movieslover1000: thanks for the title help. i searched under sailor of the king and i recall the scene on the movie poster. in searching the other names singlehanded, brown of the resolute, i recall that I also saw the original movie with john mills as the sailor.


now all i need to do is find a copy on tape or dvd. no luck so far: does anyone know if it was ever re-released on tape/dvd?.


btw i thought i sent a thank you 10 days ago, but i think my response was not sent because of a logging error. thanks again to all who racked their memory.

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