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ok, CineMaven - I'm one of those last minute procrastinating voters. I will take the week to read the schedules, and pardon if this has been asked, but is the deadline 12 midnight eastern time? Just to make sure. Thanks, cinemafan

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I have done my duty as well but I thought I'd pass on praises for a few of my favorite themes.


Fedya - Films for Cabinet positions. A mention of Tchaikovsky got me attention. Kudos for carrying a pun beyond what anyone might have expected.


Countess - Understudies. That is an interesting topic.


Filmlover - "Plan Your Day The TCM Way." An L & H Showcase every week would be a welcome addition.


Lzcutter - Parks, Commercial Appeal and Beautiful Foxes From Fox. Well played.


AudreyForever - Character Actors. Any time with Jean Arthur is time well spent.


Kingrat - Earlier Versions. Good educational and fun topic.


NormaDesmond - "Live Like A Queen" and the theme around paintings were clever themes.


Good job one and all.

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Wow! We have so many talented programmers here that Charlie Tabesh had better watch his back. I'd love to vote for all, but since it can only be one my vote goes to _lzcutter_. Best of luck to everybody.

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Mark, thank you for giving all of our challengers your attention. Mr. Tabesh may very well be looking at all these wonderful schedules. I am duly noting your vote.


Thank you, again.



P.S. The Yankees have won the World Series. YAAY.


(Hey, I'm a Noo Yawker!)

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Hi All...it's me again, CineMaven, host of the 14th TCM PROGRAMMING CHALLENGE.


Here's hoping you take a moment to check out the seven schedules programmed by seven Members of our TCM Community.


A lot of work went into them. Please take a moment of your time to peruse each schedule and send me your vote either here on the Message Board, or by sending me a PM.



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Ok, first I have to give a shout out to CM for sending me a PM telling me to get off the stick and visit this thread and pay attention to these! I guess I never even opened up one of these threads before---sorry!!!---for some reason they felt to me like they would be like "fantasy football", but I'm assured that TPTB at our beloved TCM actually take a gander at them and take some of them at least under some consideration, so I'm in! I am sure I couldn't possibly put in all the wonderful work that so many of you have, and I want to secondly say how much all of that work is greatly appreciated!


Now on to my vote! Well...you all made it REALLY tough, and it was neck and neck with some of them, especially LZ with her "Breakfast Serial" theme---which I really hope that TCM takes under consideration, as it's a GREAT way to market and air serials! :)


But the winner for all those pre-codes and early 30's films, for me is: *Countess DeLave*

Great job, Countess, and all who put in all your hard work to come up with such creative and wonderful schedules!

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my vote goes to.......drumroll please.......Countess DeLave!


I loved your list!


A couple of the things that caught my eye were your tributes to Alice White and Jerome Kern. i absolutely love these two people and all their talent the put into the movies....i think it would be very nice for TCM to give a tribute to the songs Kern has written.


I love your choice of musicals! its so loverly to see someone take such notice of those goreously made ones.


I also thought the Thelma Ritter Star of the Month choices were greatly picked. you chose some of her dramas AND some of her comedies, which made it feel more balanced for me.

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Hello Marky Mark. Thank you so much for being a sport about my PM. And I encourage all of you to peruse the seven schedules and find one that speaks to your 'sinematic' sensibilities. ;-)


There will be one among the seven schedules that will strike your fancy, but you won't know unless you peruse this thread and see what Audreyforever, Countessdelave, fedya, filmlover, lzcutter, king rat and norma desmond have spent hours working on, thinking about and pouring over.


Thank you so much Mark for your time, consideration and humor.

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> {quote:title=CineMaven wrote:}{quote}



>...see what Audreyforever, Countessdelave, fedya, filmlover, lzcutter, king rat and norma desmond have spent hours working on, thinking about and pouring over.



Hours, CM? LOL, try days, weeks. I spent over a day just on the "Plan Your Day...the TCM Way," ha ha. Even had to go to the library to find the original novel to find out whether "Rosaura at Ten O'Clock" was AM or PM so it fit in the right spot. Damned perfectionist that I am. : )

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Well you heard it here folks. Filmlover, one of the programming challengers, has given you the inside scoop as to how long it takes to put together a week's worth of programs to be aired on TCM. Hours turned to days...days to weeks.


Please give them all your consideration and Vote.


Thank you.

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Wellll wellll wellll, Baby T. Welcome aboard.


Thank you so much for Voting.


There's something for everyone in these programs. You found something that resonates with you and I'm sure others will find a schedule with a star or a film or a theme that will tickle their fancy too.


One day you ought to consider playing the Challenge yourself.


Folks, there are two days left in the Voting. Won't you please take a look?

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WOW! Once again a terrific selection of schedules.

My congratulations to AudreyForever, Countess DeLave, Fedya, Filmlover, Kingrat, Lzcutter, and Norma Desmond.You all should be proud of the work you produced.


Again I had a difficult time choosing just one and after all is said and done my vote goes to Lzcutter.

I just couldn't refuse spending a day with the one and only Maria Ouspenskaya. Also those Women and War, City Noir, the premier of "Call Northside 777", Victor McLaglen, and although my Barbara Stanwyck ain't no where around the lovely Ann Sheridan will do just nicely, etc.


Thank you

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Congratulations on running your first Challenge, CineMaven. I thought you did a very nice job.


Most every challenge I have voted on has come down to two schedules with me and this one was no different.


This time, it was the wily veteran, LZCutter, versus the rookie, King Rat. The vet knew how to pull this chump's strings. "Foxes from Fox"? Yes, please! The possibility of Gene Tierney and Linda Darnell being given a night on TCM would be spectacular. That alone earned the vet 20 points from me. But she didn't stop there. No. She had to throw me some Fog City Noir, City Confidential (like the A&E usage), and G.P.S. Noir. Just like a femme fatale to be very underhanded. Naughty. And Ann Sheridan as "Star of the Month." Yeah, I could go for that.


How in the world can King Rat combat Gene Tierney, Linda Darnell, and film noir? They are sunk. Then again... Joan Bennett as "Star of the Month"? All right! Saturday Noir? That would be fantastic! I really liked "Turner on Turner." I liked seeing Mars Attacks! on the sked. I thought it was interesting to spotlight Jean Negulesco and I enjoyed the "Margaret Lockwood: the British Joan Bennett." Terrific!


So how do I choose between the two? Answer: films that I wish TCM would play. Cass Timberlane, Ride the Pink Horse, and Whistle Down the Wind are all films I'd like to see on the schedule. But two films I REALLY want to see on the schedule are The Reckless Moment and The Macomber Affair. For programming those films, King Rat gets my vote.


Here is what I liked most about the other Challengers' schedules:


Audrey Forever -- I really liked your spotlight on W.R. Burnett. Wonderful. I also liked the Jean Renoir double feature, the Bela Lugosi b-day spotlight, the spotlight on character actors, and the Teresa Wright evening.


Countess DeLave -- Thelma Ritter as "Star of the Month"! Excellent! I liked seeing Laura on the sked, but your entire "Essentials" night was lights out. I wish to see Phantom Lady, Crack-Up, and Nocturne. Nice selections.


Fedya -- It's official, nobody comes up with funnier, crazier themes than you. I was loving your "I See" theme. That was absolutely brilliant. I'm amazed by the knowledge you possess to even make such themes work. My favorites were "Bed People," "Head People," and "Sled People." I'm still laughing. Your "U.S. Cabinet" was terrific. "Mark Sanford goes missing = The Temptress." Oh, my goodness. Unreal. I also loved your "TCM is Going to Hell" (perfect) and "Glenn or Glenda." I like your inclusion of Arsenic and Old Lace for presidents on film. And you get props for programming Man on a Tightrope. If I were just voting on schedule creativity, I think you'd get my vote every time.


NormaDesmond -- You earned major points from me for programming an F.W. Murnau film other than Sunrise AND for programming Scarlet Street. "Gilbo" was great. I really liked your "Date with the Devil" and "Snapshot of Suspense."


FilmLover -- I thought your "Plan your Day... the TCM Way" was genius. "The Legend Called Karloff" suits me just fine. I liked your "Gentleman Detective/Not-So-Gentleman Detective." That was smooth. Nice to see The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari on the schedule and the 1943 Batman serial.


Congratulations to all of you, for I'm always greatly impressed with anyone who takes part in this exercise.

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Oh dear, as usual all the schedules are excellent, making it nearly impossible to choose just one. Buuut I think I?m going to have to vote for countessdelave (who if I recall correctly I ended up voting for last time too). The quickest way to my heart is programming a bunch of movies from the early thirties, so that was the decisive factor.


I also have to mention quickly that Fedya?s schedule is again ridiculously clever. I almost had to choose Fedya just because all the ?I see...? themes crack me up.


You guys are all the best!

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"Put my vote in by PM. Now where's my little sticker saying I voted today?"


Hello filmlover. I just saw your PM. I've tallied up your vote with the others and I want to say thank you for voting...and more importantly, thank you for contributing TO the Challenge. There's a reason why it's called a challenge. Thanks Peter.

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Hi there Nicoley. You've done your civic duty. You have voted in the 14th TCM PROGRAMMING CHALLENGE. Aaaaaah!!


Thank you so much for taking out the time to check out all of the schedules. They were excellent, weren't they.


Thanx again Nicoley.

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"Congratulations on running your first Challenge, CineMaven. I thought you did a very nice job."


Thank you Mr. Grimes.


And thank you so much for submitting your vote to the 14th TCM Programming Challenge. It's no mean feat to choose among these schedules and I thank you for taking out the time to do so. It means a lot to all the challengers.


I shall tally up your vote with the others.


We're getting down to the wire good people of the TCM Community. I'll be checking for more votes via the Message Board or as a PM to me as the day goes on.


Tomorrow I will be announcing the winner of this challenge. I opted for SURPRISE

(ta-dah!) rather than SUSPENSE (a running count).


Stay tuned! :D

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