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ComplicatedBlond's Magic Moments


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I do like my Cinetherapy ... but not everyone feels the same way, so I just make it magic moments.


Others are invited here too, but post something from the heart. Something that touches you about the movies. If we do this to the mood of the moment, it could be the way I need it to be. A Journal of the heart. I know there is the Union, but I cant see all I need there, and I can cruise a topic better here.


Quotes, Film clips, music.... open your heart here. It will help.


Today, Shunderson's speech in *People Will Talk.* If it doesn't last, I will try to quote it:


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>*Talking? Honey, you dont know what you're asking. Tell you a good joke on me.. You know, I always dreaded the idea of becoming an old woman. And the way things look now, I won't have to worry about it any more. You know, I haven't been whistled at in years, and the idea of growing roses for the rest of my life is really beginning to haunt me. There oughta be a home for dames like me. Yup, we shoulda organized. You know, a house somewhere with no mirror in it, far away where we never have to look at a young girl... They have homes for unmarried mothers but everybody forgets about the girls who, who never quite managed to make things legal. I think I could start one. Yeah, I could call it the May Holst Home for Broken-Down Broads. I kind of like that, don't you?*

Claire Trevor, The High and the Mighty 1954

which starred-

h4. The Immortal John Wayne

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Couldn't find the exact scene I wanted, but found the song...


from *How the West Was Won*


Maybe you feel like Thelma Ritter today, not like Debbie Reynolds. Thelma says to Debbie at the start of the wagon train:

*"I got a hunch you're gonna draw men like fish to bait. Maybe I can catch one of them while they swim by. You got yourself a partner."*


Here's to good fishing.

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If I give into this, they may call me UncomplicatedBland !

Okay, just one. But a great one.


*Little Anthony and the Imperials:*




You just keep up these dewy love songs without a man, and you will be looking at the little puppy and kitten websites next! Don't you have any BFF's to take you out for some appys to go with your whine?

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I love this scene. I love Hugo Friedhofer's theme.

It is the story of love that remains unchanged, yet also shows the dark side of our weaknesses and our fears of rejection. Powerful, and heartbreaking, and ultimately a triumph of love. Harold Russell and Cathy O'Donnell:



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Just one more from one of my favorite movies. I study this for screen writing.


Fred: *Don't keep Cliff waiting.*

Marie: *There are drugstores everywhere.*


But that scene isn't the important one. The scene you want to focus on is the reactions of Fred's parents to his citations.


Fred's dad: *Hortense, Hortense! Listen to this. Sit down..*


It says so much more about a person's worth. It's what we should be valuing, not the snide remarks that had occured just before.

This movie, along with Casablanca, remain as the best storytelling and dialog of the period, or any period, imho..



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