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Treasure of the Sierra Madre GAFF


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But they weren't in the desert, they were in the mountains--"Up there's where we have to go, up there". So they moved out of the desert up into the Sierra Madres and there is water in the mountains. At least that's always been my impression."Water's precious. Sometimes more precious than gold"

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> {quote:title=Ascotrudgeracer wrote:}{quote}

> Anyone think it strange that in the middle of a Mexican desert, prospectors can climb a mountain and find SO MUCH WATER they are able to construct a hundred-gallon-a-minute sluice?


> It's a MOVIE...I get that...but...


> Dobsie...you there?



Do you want a simple answer, or my full lecture about gold mining? Do you want to know about the difference between placer mining, hard-rock mining, and hydraulic mining?


My simple answer is that they made the point about having to haul all the water up the mountain in large cans, from down below, since the nearest water was down below. Also, Howard mentioned earlier that they had already walked over ?good ground? but the ?nearest water? was several miles away, so he didn?t stop at that place.


It might have helped for them to show a scene of them filling up a can with water down below at a small creek, but keep in mind that movies were originally designed to be seen only once. I?ve noticed over the years that when we see them dozens of times, we tend to notice little things that we never noticed earlier.

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