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Lauren Bacall robbed again....

Guest dredagain

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Bacall and others were awarded their honorary Oscars in a closed-door, back-room ceremony that denied them their few minutes on TV in the real Oscar ceremony, which will still drone on and on about a trove of boring categories and production numbers.




Perhaps there will be a few minutes of air time to acknowledge these Oscars?

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Well I don't really watch the Oscars anymore. I usually DVR it and then fast forward to anything I find of interest. Still, I can't believe they are moving the Thalberg award presentation and the Lifetime recognition honorary Oscars off the program.


These were the kind of things I liked to see. I would have stopped by DVR to see Bacall get her award. Isn't Bacall's accepting an award considered an audience draw? I realize some people don't care for her but that's beside the point, next year they might be honoring someone you do like but you won't get to see it.


The Academy Awards broadcasts have angered me so many times for so many reasons, that I shouldn't be suprised by this move, yet I am. I find this really sad.

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Frankly, I feel Bacall should feel lucky to have been given one as I think there are a lot more worthy candidates around in the acting category. That said, I agree the special awards SHOULD be given during the awards ceremony. But they have to make room for those film clips of the 10 Best Picture Nominees! ****. I doubt I'll be watching this year. At this point I cant see them coming up with five........Count on the show running another 1/2 hr longer..........

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