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NOIR CITY 8 Festival - January 2010


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The folks behind the Noir City festival have just revealed the schedule for Noir City 8, to be celebrated at the Castro Theater in SF in January, 2010:




**Denotes a rarity NOT available on DVD.*


Check back for showtimes and program notes.


*Friday, January 22*


PITFALL (1948) Dir. Andr? De Toth, archival 35mm print


LARCENY (1948) Dir. George Sherman, brand new 35mm print


*Saturday, January 23, Matin?e*


FLY BY NIGHT (1942) Dir. Robert Siodmak*


DEPORTED (1950) Dir. Robert Siodmak*


*Saturday, January 23, Evening*


CRY DANGER (1951) Dir. Robert Parrish, newly restored*


THE MOB (1951) Dir. Robert Parish*


*Sunday, January 24*


NIAGARA (1953) Dir. Henry Hathaway


THE ASPHALT JUNGLE (1950) Dir. John Huston


*Monday, January 25*


SUSPENSE (1946) Dir. Frank Tuttle


THE GANGSTER (1947) Dir. Gordon Wiles*


*Tuesday, January 26*




HE RAN ALL THE WAY (1951) Dir. John Berry*


*Wednesday, January 27*


ONE GIRLS' CONFESSION (1953) Dir. Hugo Haas*


WOMEN'S PRISON (1955) Lewis Seiler*


*Thursday, January 28*


RED LIGHT (1949) Dir. Roy Del Ruth*


WALK A CROOKED MILE (1948) Dir. Gordon Douglas*


*Friday, January 29*


SLATTERY'S HURRICANE (1949) Dir. Andr? de Toth*


PICKUP ON SOUTH STREET (1953) Dir. Samuel Fuller


*Saturday January 30, Matin?e*


INSIDE JOB (1946) Dir. Jean Yarbrough*


HUMAN DESIRE (1954) Dir. Fritz Lang*


*Saturday, January 30., Evening with Harry Belafonte In-Person!*


ODDS AGAINST TOMORROW (1959) Dir. Robert Wise


KANSAS CITY (1996) Dir. Robert Altman


*Sunday January 31*


ESCAPE IN THE FOG (1945) Dir. Budd Boetticher*


A PLACE IN THE SUN (1951) Dir. George Stevens

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I've just learned that Harry Belafonte's visit to the Noir City festival has been postponed indefinitely; the following is the official announcement:



Due to an unexpected development beyond everyone?s control, Harry Belafonte cannot appear at this year?s NOIR CITY festival. Mr. Belafonte sends his deepest regrets and fondest regards to the film fans of San Francisco, with whom he was so eager to have shared this special 50th anniversary screening of Odds Against Tomorrow. We hope to have the legendary Mr. B in NOIR CITY soon!



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One of the coolest handouts ever at a film festival are these DVD artwork inserts handed out during Noir City's presentation of tawdry B-films from the upcoming "Bad Girls of Film Noir" DVD sets. These handouts can simply be inserted into the DVD cases - and, imho, look even better than the standard issue ones.





They are inscribed with a dedication to the "loyal denizens of Noir City" Yey! :)

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