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describe the scene game


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On 1/7/2021 at 10:35 AM, starliteyes said:

Happy New Year to you, too, Lav!

A young boy from the right side of the tracks enjoys spending his time with the kids on the wrong side of the tracks, despite the fact that his father has told him not to go there.

I knew I'd seen this movie, just couldn't remember the title and the star, finally came to me Skippy, Jackie Cooper ??

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1 hour ago, chaya bat woof woof said:

Is it The Big Heat?  The star is Glen Ford.  Do I need to answer another part of the question if that is the film?

Yes it's The Big Heat, GlennFord, Lee Marvin, Gloria Grahame There is no other part to the question, The thread is Describe the scene, I described the scene, you tell us what movie it's from. No one asked for more information than that, it's optional to add anything else. C'mon you've been here long enough now to observe how the games are played.,

It's your turn to post one.

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Thanks Star. Love that film and try to watch whenever it's on TCM


A naval officer in a port in China, buys a necklace and writes a love letter to the woman he wants to marry. He is drugged and robbed by a Chinese woman and her father. He comes to the next day, only to find he's missed his ship and labeled a deserter.


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