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7 hours ago, MilesArcher said:

Could it be the mysterious Dr. Pretorius in "The Bride Of Frankenstein"?

No, I'm working strictly in chronological order.

But I will tell you that a major cast member of the film is in the film you listed.

BTW--I don't think any of the classic Frankenstein films show that they are taking place in England.

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16 hours ago, lavenderblue19 said:

It's been a very, very long time since I've seen The Man With Nine Lives, so I'm not sure if it's the one you're question is about. Boris Karloff stars ??

You know I love that genre of film with Boris Karloff. The one you mentioned is a good one and I think it'll work for this question, even though that wasn't the one I was thinking about.

Lav, You can take it away.

It's good to get this thread up and moving again.


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The gangster kidnaps the man who was walking on the road, when the guy tells the gangster he's a writer and has written a book about Napoleon. The gangster admires Napoleon and wants him to ghostwrite his ( the gangster's) autobiography.

This film stars an iconic Oscar winning actor, he's  probably the most recognizable actor ever in films. The film is shown on TCM


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16 hours ago, MilesArcher said:

Is it "King Of The Underworld" with Humphrey Bogart and Kay Francis?

Yes and about time! LOL. King of The Underworld, Humphrey Bogart and Kay Francis.  It's a remake of Dr. Socrates. Kay Francis is a favorite of mine, love her  plus we get a young Bogey to boot. At any rate, thanks Miles, good work and you're up next :)


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1 hour ago, MilesArcher said:

After dumping tea from British ships into Boston harbor in what became known as "The Boston Tea Party", the locals march through the streets to the Liberty Tree, singing "We are the sons, yes we are the sons, the sons of liberty".  

This is going back as far as I can almost in a movie theater. My mom took me to see "Johnny Tremain", I think it was a Walt Disney movie. All about the Revolutionary War and stuff. It had nice Technicolor, that's my whole critique.

Miles, did your mom or dad take you to see "Johnny Tremain"?


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You are correct, Princess.  Yes, I saw "Johnny Tremain" when I was just a little tyke.  The title character was played by a young fellow named Hal Stalmaster.  Apparently his movie career never really took off.  Also in the cast was a pre-"West Side Story"  Richard Beymer and a former Disney child actress named Luana Patten,  Here they are marching through Boston.



If you visit Disneyland or Disney World, I believe you will see a replica of the Liberty Tree.  

Good work, Princess.   The thread is now yours. 

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1 hour ago, lavenderblue19 said:

Fear InThe Night. Forrest DeKelly and Paul Kelly ???

Oh my, I swear you've seen every movie there is. I just watched that one last month and it was a little bit different. But I've always enjoyed Bones

Lav, take a bow on that one and you're up next....

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