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describe the scene game

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The caf? is south of the border in a town where, if you want to go further south, ?here?s where you get the boat.? In English, the caf??s name translates to ?the blue sea??a woman walks into the caf? and the man catches sight of her?

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Thanks, Sixes, and same to you.

Here's one I think should be spotted quickly, but I've been wrong on points like that often:


A hospital room; a doctor has pronouced a patient dead, and is wrapping up the necessary business

that goes with that event. The doctor glances up from his work, looks back down, then doubletakes

and looks back up. From the doctor's POV, three nurses are seen at the deathbed, heads bowed, eyes closed, hands together, praying for the departed soul. This is the doctors first indication

that some of the new nurses on the ward are novice Nuns.


Edited by: cmvgor on Dec 14, 2009 6:01 PM

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As mentioned, the male lead of this movie had a substantial career as a movie star, but this was his last film. He had a longer career in the field of music. Now deceased.


The female lead also was active for a long time. She had an Oscar nomination, and also had multiple Emmys for her TV work.

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Eve, you wanna buy some left over clues?- TCM rerunning Johnny Mercer The Dreams On Me- made me remember this film. Leslie Caron, Fred Astaire and 4 of Johnny Mercer's beautiful songs in this one. Knew I could count on you, eve. Great job-


Edited by: lavenderblue19 on Dec 19, 2009 4:12 PM

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Deleted ? for revision


I?ll try to do a better job on it this time (since I not only wrote it badly but remembered it wrong)?


A dark room ? three men (a handsome fellow, a thief with poor hygiene and sore feet, a diabolical killer) ? fireworks outside, fireworks inside ? the killer escapes into the carnival outside?


Edited by: theladyeve on Dec 20, 2009 9:52 AM

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Thanks, Eve, and Happy Holidays to you and everyone else who contributes to these boards.


A woman leans out her window and hangs her stockings on a line. The man directly upstairs grabs them and starts talking to them as if he were talking to a person. Then he sings about having the room above her. She eventually joins him on the roof.

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