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describe the scene game

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MONKEY BUSINESS is correct. It's one of five excellent Marx Brothers movies being shown this Monday night. (Actually six excellent movies, if you like AT THE CIRCUS.) Good work, Cagney. Your thread. . .


Edited by: phroso on Mar 26, 2010 8:33 AM

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Young married lady finds herself in a not very pleasant backgammon game with the wife of a big shot important to her husband's career. Obnoxious woman accuses young married of cheating at the game.


(Please forgive me Mr. 6666 for spilling the beans in my pm to you. Hubby fixed the problem with Firefox.)

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Newlywed lady's preparing food for "social obligations" payback party. She's trying to make a buffet dinner, fix the refrigerator, and douse the turkey that's caught on fire in the oven, all at the same time. Needless to say, she's in a bit of a panic.


Doorbell rings and here stands this little woman who newlywed thinks is a cook sent by an agency that her husband called to help with party. In reality the "cook" is the young lady's mother-in-law who sees that if she tells who she is the young woman would be mortified with embarrassment. So "cook" digs in and fakes being the hired help.

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Not ALICE ADAMS, although a good guess in the right decade.




The servant nervously explains to the lady of the house that the aspic was destroyed when she was trying to break up a fight between two male servants. One of the men was arrested, and the other was hospitalized.

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DINNER AT EIGHT is correct. My favorite part of the scene is the closing exchange between maid May Robson and her flustered boss, Billie Burke:


ROBSON: Will that be all, ma'am?

BURKE: (sigh) I certainly hope so!


Good job, 6s. The board is yours . . .

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