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This is a surprise - a Japanese horror flick with no giant monsters.

Peter Dyneley plays reporter Larry Stanford. He works in Japan, and bags an interview with Dr. Suzuki, played by Satoshi Nakamura. Suzuki is working on a theory of "eeevolution," so you know this is going to be trouble. Suzuki's wife and brother have already been used in his experiments, which is what pharmaceutical companies would call "Phase One trials." The results are not good. So Suzuki gives Stanford a mickey, then injects something into his shoulder.

Slowly but surely Stanford begins to change. He cuts off contact with his wife, who is in the States. Then he takes up with Suzuki's assistant, Tara, played by Terri Kimmern. Tara was apparently "found" by Suzuki somewhere. Judging by the way she looks in tight clothes, he didn't find her in a convent. Stanford's wife makes a surprise visit to Japan and doesn't like what she sees. Meanwhile, Stanford keeps rubbing his shoulder.

In one of the film's key moments, Stanford rips off his shirt to reveal the cause of his distress. He eventually grows an entire second head, then goes around the city committing various acts of mayhem against women and the Japanese police force. He finally gets around to a confrontation with Suzuki, and, in the climax, splits into two beings (himself and something ape-like). And there just happens to be a volcano nearby.

Not a bad way to kill 72 minutes. Dyneley is fairly convincing, or about as convincing as you can get with an extra head. He looks, sounds, and acts like Lon Chaney, Jr. Kimmern is good to look at, and sounds like Luciana Paluzzi. Nakamura sounds like Yul Brynner.

There seems to be something amiss with one of these credits.

"Tonight, the moon will be full, and I'll turn into a wolf."

A long-lost scene from The Lady From Shanghai.

"Come and listen to a story 'bout a man named Jed."

"Now show me 'sand the floor'."

You can probably figure out why I posted this one.

Kam Fong as "Chin Ho." Zulu as "Kono."

"Don't take this personally bub, but your impression of Ming the Merciless stinks."

I don't believe this condition will be covered under the "public option."

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> {quote:title=TripleHHH wrote:}{quote}

> I love this film ! Its a fun cult horror ...the eye on the shoulder scene would be redone in Army of Darkness part 3 of the evil dead...


Ah, so is that where Sam Raimi stole it from? ;)


Seriously, it sounds like a good cult film... I should be watching more of those, they're always fun to watch.

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Comments like SCSU makes me worry a lot about life with OR without the so-called Public Option.


I keep thinking of seeing all those little ol' ladies strip-searched by airport security folks. "When that class of people start flying airliners into buildings, it's over, folks... just press the button, and let the next species do better."

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