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LON CHANEY Movie Question

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I have a movie question regarding the great master Lon Chaney. Does anyone know if the film titled "BITS OF LIFE" has ever been released on video or dvd? If not, has TCM ever played it? I have never seen this film (except for a few movie stills) and I am dying to see it!


Any info would be most appreciated.


Thank you!



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I've got some Bad News 4 ya's IF ya look uP on Internet Movie Data Base well Acording 2 them it Don't Exist Anymore! which ****'s cuz i also LUV LON CHANEY! Laught Clown Laugh is a great 1 & So is The Shock circa (1923)! U ever SEE THAT 1?

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I never knew how good Chaney was until TCM. I grew up with Jr. movies on a late night horror movie on Fridays as a kid. I remember my mother always saying his dad was a great actor. I remember seeing the Cagney film as a kid also and was impressed. Odd, I still have not had the chance to watch this movie as an adult - but i will. Seeing Chaney's silents and the way he got his thoughts on film with out words is great.

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Yes, Chaney is truly the GREAT CHARACTER MASTER of all time as far as I'm concerned. A genius in every sense of the word. And what a tragedy that "BITS OF LIFE" appears to be lost forever. How can people be so careless. What a darn shame!


Anyway, yes I have seen just about every LON CHANEY film currently availabe and I do have the LAUGH CLOWN LAUGH film on DVD including SHADOWS (another great classic) on VHS. BITS OF LIFE has been at the top of my "most wanted" Chaney list for years as I am also a huge fan of Anna May Wong.


Hopefully a copy of this film will be found one day.



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I agree, ironvortex. He was a genius. His ability to be completely convincing as almost every character he played was nothing short of remarkable.


Also - and this may just be me - there's just something very "solid" about him. Silent films are generally very dreamlike to me (not necessarily a bad thing), but he seems to transcend that; because of his brilliant acting and intense presence it seems that sometimes you could just reach out and touch him.


I live in hope that someone, someday, will find a complete (or mostly complete) copy of The Miracle Man. The brief clip shown on the Lon Chaney: A Thousand Faces documentary really left me wanting more!

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