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For the holidays... Put on a Happy Face


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I am thankful this Thanksgiving for the Ed Sullivan Show and for youtube.


My dad sent me this clip this morning, from the original production of Bye Bye Birdie, and it shows what you can do if you have an extremely talented cast and an equally talented choreographer. They just can't seem to do this kind of stuff anymore.


Enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving!



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There are many reasons to be thankful Jack the Presidents turkey reprieve and of course this wonderful glimpse in the past. Seeing Dick Van Dyke so young, so entergetic is at the same time so marvellous and so sad with the passage of time. Your right we can`t have this sort of thing anymore mainly because there are no Ed Sullivan shows to showcase them. There are so many fine performers out there who ache to show us what they can do, but have no venue to do so`. We just recently, on these threads, have spoke about a wonderful young singer Emmy Rossum who stared in the movie `Phantom of the Opera`. We all loved her in this film, but other then a CD we never get to see or hear her because TV just does not offer the necessary venues. I wish that ED could reincarnate and give us back some of those kind of moments once again, but I would have to insist he leave Topo Gigio in his box.

Thanks so very much for sharing this wonderful clip with the rest of us.

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Awww. I loved Topo Gigio! But then I was like three years old.....


I think you are right about there being no venue except maybe the Tony awards for seeing this kind of thing. But also I wonder how come we don't have too many real talents any more? Is it that musicals are sort of passe, or restricted to Broadway, or maybe it's just that the kids coming up don't have a place in which to hone their talent anymore?


I'd watch the old stars read a phone book because they just ooze talent and make you want to watch every move they make.


It's a shame, because they just did a revival of *Bye Bye Birdie* with John Stamos, Gina Gershon, and Bill Irwin, but apparently it is awful. The director, who has at least one decent show under his belt, couldn't decide how to play it - as a straight period piece, or as a sort of *Mad Men* take-off skit. I always worry when I hear that someone is reviving a play, but they want to give it a "modern spin" - usually this means that they don't really care for the show they are directing, but instead want to make fun of it. This is it's death knell, it seems to me.

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"...a wonderful young singer Emmy Rossum who stared in the movie `Phantom of the Opera`. We all loved her in this film."


Speak for yourself, I thought she was terrible. Not enough of an actress to carry a film.


As for why we don't see this sort of thing any more... well, most of the young people with singing and dancing talent aspire to be the next Britney Spears or Shakira, and to star in music videos rather than musical films. Popular tastes have changed, and not IMHO for the better.

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followed your link Jack and found Julie Andews and then found a video from Victor/Victoria singing La Jazz Hot... what a treat. I just kept following this link to Pavarotti, Sinatra,Celine,Liza, etc. etc.


Thanks for this Jack and oh Yeah.. Thats for you Britney

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I didn't know he was on it! I watched a few episodes at the beginning but couldn't keep up.. I don't get the TV too much at my house, with a husband and daughter to contend with.


He would be perfect on that show - and I can see why they cast him.... a bit of an homage to J. Pierpont Finch....

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ok, Jack, you got me going here - nothing like live performances captured on YouTube for us all to enjoy - nothing like the variety shows back in the day.....


2 minutes of the mega talented Bobby Darin - *Once in a Lifetime*




Edited by: cinemafan on Dec 29, 2009 1:27 PM to correct the song title!!

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Robert Morse is wonderful in *Mad Men*. Don't see him smile too much though. It's not a smiling part. Try Netflix; I'm sure it's available.


I do like men with diastema as well. I once discovered a man I thought didn't have gap teeth did, and I had to hold myself back to keep from kissing him.


I'd like to be called unique and charming for my proclivities.

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That was a GREAT clip of *Bobby Darrin*.... I love love love him. What enormous energy, and all the while keeping that clear beautiful tone.


Did you know that Bobby Darrin received this song and literally gave it away to Wayne Newton? Not only that, he produced Newton's huge hit as well:




After watching your clip, I feel a little cheated not to get to see Darrin perform the song.


Here's a little more interesting clip of Newton:





CBLover -


I had no idea that that condition had a name - I used to have that problem with my teeth but my orthodontist took care of it. Mine were also a little crooked. However, he left my teeth a bit apart in the front to retain some individuality. He even asked me how much of a gap I wanted.


I imagine that nowadays we are missing a lot of those great character traits in this age of plastic looks....


Edited by: JackFavell on Dec 30, 2009 4:22 PM


Edited by: JackFavell on Dec 30, 2009 4:26 PM


Edited by: JackFavell on Dec 30, 2009 4:26 PM

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JackF Between us, I am glad that Bobby Darin gave that song to Wayne Newton. I don't know if

anyone else could do it as well. And speaking of Wayne Newton, I can't believe how young he is in that clip, and I didn't know that he started out with his brother (I'm guessing his brother is the one on

Wayne's left). What a display of talent - trombones, mandolins?


What I really love about these performances is that they look like they are really enjoying themselves.


Here's someone else I have always thought of as an exceptional showman - Anthony Newley. Another one who could do it all. Whenever I see him as a child actor in an old movie on TCM, I'm happy.


from an "early television show" (that would be Ed Sullivan!!)

Anthony Newley *Who Can I Turn To?*



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WOW! I have never seen Anthony Newley in anything better than that clip! How do you find them? :)




He always seemed like the music was pouring out of him without his control.


I found this one the other day. Angela Lansbury is the one to watch in this clip - you get a little Julie Andrews at the beginning too, singing "Say a Prayer", which ended up in Gigi. If you must skip Julie, start at 2:25 or so to hear Angela explain and sing the song, "I Don't Want to Know"




Edited by: JackFavell on Dec 31, 2009 7:58 PM

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Wowza! All three were great, and all three singing while sitting down, just like that! They make it look so easy. Well, for them is is. The host on the first clip was Steve Lawrence, quite an act himself.

Be forewarned, I may make every day a holiday in order to post here.


*I Could have Danced All Night* Julie Andrews plus 4



*Show Me* Julie with a wonderful Freddie


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Oh, wow! Not only do I wish I could go back in time to watch the Lerner and Loewe special, now I begin to see why the original *My Fair Lady* was so great!


*Show Me* has always been one of my least favorite songs from that show, and now I think it's my favorite!


Wasn't that dress in the first number TO DIE FOR? Alice just looked up from her craft -making and thought it was gorgeous. And she's very particular about her ball gowns. :)

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I had gapped teeth until I was 12 or 13, they just grew in closer and closed the gap themselves. My dentist thought that might just happen, and it did! One more Bobby Darin:


*The Curtain Falls:*




RIP, Mr Darin...


Did anyone here see Beyond the Sea with Kevin Spacey? I thought terrific...

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