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Happy Thanksgiving!


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I live in a strange part of the US. Out here in the SW, we are supposed to keep quiet about traditional thanksgiving when we are in public.


A few years ago I was invited to a local school to see a neighbor?s kid participate in a ?Thanksgiving Day Play?. This boy was a member of an ethnic group who ?got here first?, roughly 12,000 years ago, although many of their members claim they ?were always here?. I am a member of an ethnic group who got here about 500 years ago (although I was born here).


Since the Thanksgiving holiday is tied in to those who got here ?first? and those who got here ?second?, and it?s about those two different groups sitting down for a nice dinner together, and since our schools out here are mired in ?liberal political correctness?, meaning that members of the group ?who got here second? are supposed to be looked upon as being the most evil people the world has ever known, the students in the class who were members of the group ?who got here second?, were not allowed to represent themselves in the play, and everyone in the play had to portray members of the ethnic group that ?got here first?.


Consequently, the ?Thanksgiving Play? was not about the traditional Thanksgiving story, but it was about the old ?native? legend of the ?stone soup?. This story is essentially about a con-man (or make that a ?con-person?) who had no food, so he (or maybe she) picked up a stone and went into a village and conned everyone in the village to contribute some vegetables to make some wonderful ?stone soup?. The con-person contributed the stone. So everyone sat around the stone soup table and gave ?thanks? for having a nice bowl of soup with lots of vegetables and one stone in it.


I later did some research and I learned that the original ?stone soup? legend is an old European legend, but it?s considered to be ?culturally insensitive? for me to point that out to people out here where I live.

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Fred I think some people like that boy has Thanksgiving confused with *Columbus Day!* LOL!


Thanksgiving was originally a harvest festival modeled after similiar festivals in Europe.


Besides Columbus *thought* he was in India (hence the name Indians). There is so much myth around our holidays we don't know what they suppose to really represent.


Mystery: Who *really* was the person with the caucasion features portrayed in the art work of the Aztecs who was prophecied by them to some day returned???


A documentary you might be interested in is "America Before Columbus" on The National Geographic Channel.


Now some people are claiming The Knights Templar was here before Columbus. Now I seriously doubt that but *if* that did happen, I can't imagine how freaked out the Native Americans would have been seeing those guys wearing chain nail clothing on horses bearing a giant cross.


Personally I think the *Cubans* should be celebrating Columbus Day instead of us.



LOL!! I didn't know Cuba was Indian for Japan????


No wonder we are so confused!


Edited by: hamradio on Nov 26, 2009 2:21 PM

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FredC: I am a little confused on what you wrote. It was beautifully written, but didn't quite "get it"? Altho I can trace my ancestry back to the late 1600 and early 1700, they certainly were not FIRST. I believe that would have been the native Americans? I have a daughter in the SW in NM. I am not aware of the distinction you place or who or whom celebrates Thanksgiving?? One of my long time friends is a native of Ireland. They do not celebrate Thanksgiving, their choice. If you have time to clarify, I would appreciate your answer. HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

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I can't remember any evidence that the natives were cannibals, but it still might have been

a better idea to invite the pilgrims as dinner rather than to dinner. But time has passed and

things have turned out pretty well after all. The narrow-minded supernaturalism of the pilgrims

has been, for the most part, excised from the land, and there are unmistakable signs that the

semi-imperial American empire is taking on water and slowly but surely sinking. After 400 long

years, it's only fair that there's a bit of payback. :D

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> Fred I think some people like that boy has Thanksgiving confused with *Columbus Day* ! LOL!


We call those people [Canadians|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thanksgiving_(Canada)], freaks who think Thanksgiving should be celebrated in October. ;-)

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