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Best gangster movies/noirs with Humphrey Bogart?


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So, now that Bogey gets a much-deserved turn as TCM Star of the Month, do you have any gangster movies or film noirs starring him (or even featuring him in a small part) that you're particularly looking forward to?


I'm really looking forward to watching classic staples like Angels with Dirty Faces, as well as Dead Reckoning, a fine Columbia noir that doesn't show up on TCM very often. Deadline U.S.A. is another great noirish drama that you won't see on TCM very often, since it is a Fox movie.


For a complete list of all the movies that are being shown as part of Bogart's SOTM tribute, go to:


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> {quote:title=finance wrote:}{quote}

> After all the talk on these boards and by Ben Mankiewicz, I'm especially looking forward to seeing IN A LONELY PLACE again. I haven't seen it in several years.


That is really one of the finest movies that Bogart ever made, imho. It's also probably a high point in the careers of Nicholas Ray and Gloria Grahame. :D

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Coming up soon....



*San Quentin* (1937) 6am ET

A convict's sister falls for the captain of the prison guards.

Cast: Pat O'Brien, Humphrey Bogart, Ann Sheridan, Barton MacLane Dir: Lloyd Bacon BW-70 mins, TV-PG


*The Amazing Doctor Clitterhouse* (1938) 7:15am ET

A doctor plots crimes so he can study criminal psychology.

Cast: Edward G. Robinson, Claire Trevor, Humphrey Bogart, Allen Jenkins Dir: Anatole Litvak BW-87 mins, TV-PG


*Crime School* (1938) 8:45am ET

A crusading warden sets out to improve conditions at a reform school.

Cast: Humphrey Bogart, Gale Page, Billy Halop, Bobby Jordan Dir: Lewis Seiler BW-85 mins, TV-G


*Men Are Such Fools* (1938) 10:15am ET

An ambitious secretary uses the men in her life to turn herself into a radio star.

Cast: Wayne Morris, Priscilla Lane, Humphrey Bogart, Hugh Herbert Dir: Busby Berkeley BW-69 mins, TV-G


*Racket Busters* (1938) 11:30am ET

A mobster tries to take over the trucking business.

Cast: Humphrey Bogart, George Brent, Gloria Dickson, Allen Jenkins Dir: Lloyd Bacon BW-71 mins, TV-G


*Invisible Stripes* (1939) 4:15pm ET

On his release from prison, a crook tries to stop his brother from following in his footsteps.

Cast: George Raft, Jane Bryan, William Holden, Humphrey Bogart Dir: Lloyd Bacon BW-81 mins, TV-G


*King Of The Underworld* (1939) 5:45pm ET

A lady doctor gets mixed up with a criminal gang.

Cast: Humphrey Bogart, Kay Francis, James Stephenson, John Eldredge Dir: Lewis Seiler BW-67 mins, TV-PG


*The Roaring Twenties* (1939) 9:30pm ET

Three WWI Army buddies get mixed up with the mob in peacetime.

Cast: James Cagney, Priscilla Lane, Humphrey Bogart, Gladys George Dir: Raoul Walsh BW-107 mins, TV-G


*They Drive by Night* (1940) 11:30pm ET

Truck driving brothers are framed for murder by a lady psycho.

Cast: George Raft, Ann Sheridan, Ida Lupino, Humphrey Bogart Dir: Raoul Walsh BW-95 mins, TV-PG


*High Sierra* (1941) 1:30am ET

An aging ex-con sets out to pull one more big heist.

Cast: Ida Lupino, Humphrey Bogart, Alan Curtis, Arthur Kennedy Dir: Raoul Walsh BW-100 mins, TV-G

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HIGH SIERRA is easily my favorite Bogart gangster film. I like KEY LARGO. DESPERATE HOURS is fine. But HIGH SIERRA is an exercise in dramatic story-telling, building to a climax as efficiently as I've ever seen it done. To the delight of classic movie fans, the actor made even better films that any of these. But they're not flat-out gangster tales, so I don't count them.


Edited by: redriver on Dec 14, 2009 4:55 PM

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Some of his better genre work is coming up this Wednesday:



*In a Lonely Place* (1950) 9:15am ET

An aspiring actress begins to suspect that her temperamental boyfriend is a murderer.

Cast: Humphrey Bogart, Gloria Grahame, Frank Lovejoy, Carl Benton Reid Dir: Nicholas Ray BW-93 mins, TV-PG


*The Harder They Fall* (1956) 4:30pm ET

A cynical press agent exposes inhuman conditions in the boxing game.

Cast: Humphrey Bogart, Rod Steiger, Jan Sterling, Mike Lane Dir: Mark Robson BW-109 mins, TV-PG


*Deadline U.S.A.* (1952) 8pm ET

With three days before his paper folds, a crusading editor tries to expose a vicious gangster.

Cast: Humphrey Bogart, Ethel Barrymore, Kim Hunter, Ed Begley Dir: Richard Brooks BW-87 mins

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