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Hi 'DonH'.


While TCM does list short films in their daily schedule for the month, the "TCM Remembers" piece isn't a "short film" in the traditional sense of the phrase. The shorts listed on the schedule, like Pete Smith Specialties, were all products of the film studios.


"TCM Remembers" is a special production of the creative staff of TCM. It falls into a separate category called interstitials that also include the "Word Of Mouth" pieces, the "Star Of The Month" profiles (like the recent piece on Grace Kelly by her son Prince Albert), the "Fan Appreciations" that have been seen since April or the production about "letterboxing". These are not listed in the schedule.


"TCM Remembers" typically makes its annual appearance beginning around this time of the month of December. If not this weekend, likely within this coming week. Just keep an eye out.


But also make note that TCM will devote the evening of December 30th to showing films showcasing the talents of some of the folks that passed away this year. (Karl Malden. Patrick McGoohan. John Hughes.) I would bet it will be seen more than once that evening. There is alot of extra time between films that night just right for showing this popular piece.


Kyle In Hollywood

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Newbie to the threads, but a loooong-time viewer of TCM. Question: Is there a list of the songs used through the years for "TCM Remembers"? Each has been an excellent selection, but one a few years ago remains haunting--but I can't remember the year. If this has already been answered somewhere, well, forgive me and point me in the right direction...and thanks in advance.

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You can search the archives here at the message board using the Search button. Be sure to pick ALL for the date.


Search using "TCM In Memoriam". Each year there is a thread devoted to the song used in the remembrance because the music is usually so well chosen. (Except maybe for that year they used the motel motif).


Also, check out YouTube where many of them are posted and the comments section usually lists the artist and song name.


Again, search YouTube using "TCM In Memoriam".


This year's piece should start running next weekend.

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Kiddharma -


A search of the Message Boards Archives has come up with these titles from earlier "TCM Remembers" songs -


2002 - "Cycles" by Rikki Lee Jones


2003 (?) - "I Will Remember You" (Juliana Hatfield?)

(Candlelight Spot)


2004 - "Goodnight Hollywood Boulevard" by Ryan Adams

(The Barroom Spot)


2005 - "Flesh And Blood" by Joe Henry

(The Hotel Room Spot)


2006 - "Press On" by Robinella


2007 - "Promises" by Badly Drawn Boy"


2008 - "God Only Knows" by Joe Henry

(Winter Lake Spot)


I believe all the above are correct but anyone who knows better should certainly correct this list. But I can't find any discussions of "TCM Remembers" earlier than the above listings.


You could do a search of "You Tube". I hear that many of the "TCM Remembers" pieces get uploaded there by viewers. And maybe 'movieman1957' can offer some guidance. I think he has personally archived every TCM interstitial/promo from the past decade.


And for the "old timers", check out this past thread -


2005 -



Good Times.


Kyle In Hollywood


Edited by: hlywdkjk on Dec 12, 2009 9:32 AM

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Thanks all--an hour's search (couldn't find any videos prior to 2003 on YouTube, and finally found some info in the Archives) leads me to believe the song I've been looking for is Rickie Lee Jones' version of "Cycles", from her "It's Like This" album in 2000--Sinatra recorded it years ago (obviously), but Jones' version is haunting--and has haunted me for years....

[Just listened to it on Lulu.com--and it all comes back.]


Edited by: Kiddharma on Dec 12, 2009 1:01 PM

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*The one I saw for this year is only 4 min. long.*



Have you seen this year's "In Remembrance"? I didn't think it was running yet.


They are usually only three to four minutes in length but they pack a wallop (well, except for the "Motel" year that Kyle references in the link below).


It should be interesting to see how the handle the "Memoriam" piece this year considering how many actors, directors and behind the camera people have passed away.

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Here are some links to YouTube:


TCM 2003 *In Remembrance*



TCM 2004 *In Remembrance*:



TCM 2005 *In Remembrance*: (The Motel one)



TCM 2006 *In Remembrance*:



TCM 2007 *In Remembrance*:



TCM 2008 *In Remembrance*:


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You could do a search of "You Tube". I hear that many of the "TCM Remembers" pieces get uploaded there by viewers. And maybe 'movieman1957' can offer some guidance. I think he has personally archived every TCM interstitial/promo from the past decade.


Not quite. I do have quite a few but the oldest "TCM Remembers" I have is the 2001. It was an instrumental piece called "Dark Spanish Symphony" by Badalamenti.


I caught that one quite by accident and was before I started to collect them. I think I only have from 2005 but would have to check.

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Thank you, Marysara, I'm pretty sure that was the song. I saw this year's TCM Remembers tonight just before "The Apple Dumpling Gang", and I'd like to say I clearly remember the song, but I got kind of choked up during the montage and forgot to listen closely.

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The song is "To Live Is To Fly" by Townes Van Zandt, who is probably best known for writing "Pancho and Lefty" (or "Poncho and Lefty," depending on whose album you find it on). This sounds like Steve Earle's cover of the song, from his newest album "Townes," a tribute to the late Texas songwriter/singer.


It looks like Gene Barry didn't make the cut, although TCM has modified these things in the past, adding late arrivals (or departures, depending on your point of view) to the list. Granted, he did most of his best-known work in television, but his role in the original "War Of The Worlds" ought to secure his place in movie history, too.



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