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Bogey's Lighter in Casablanca


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Ever since the first time i saw this movie i've wanted that lighter he has on his desk, i've seen several similar lighters in other classic movies, does anyone on the boards know what kind it is and if i can get one on ebay or anywhere else? Thanks in advance........


Oh yeah, i need to to change my username, i wont take the time to explain, but its not what you might think =-)



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I'm sorry, it's "Maltese Falcon" i was referring to, the scene where Mary Astor comes into his office (the first scene with her). The lighter is on his desk and he pushed the stick into something to strike it, i quit smoking two years ago but i would start up again if i had one of those......kidding.....kinda =) Nobody looks as cool as Bogey when he lights a smoke!!

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Well I'll try this one again. Just accidentally deleted my message to you. Bogart may look cool, but it's what ultimately killed him. Everyone in films back then seemed to smoke. It was the social thing to do.Everyone did it. Soldiers were supplied with endless amounts of tobacco and cheap, reliable, ZIPPO lighters. Bogart in SAHARA has had to have smoked about a carton of cigarettes by the time he and Bruce Bennett are rescued at the end of the film.Ironically, Bruce Bennett lived to over 100 years of age, having just died last year!. He didn't smoke.

Many other actors of note have suffered the consequences of cigarette smoking;Bette Davis,William Gargan,Lon Chaney Sr. and Jr., Jack Hawkins and so on.The major advertisers on radio and early television were tobacco companies who controlled in many ways the content of programming.In the 30's and 40's, many movie actors were contracted to endorse tobacco prod


ucts.These endorsements were quite lucrative for the stars and even better for the advertisers.Many radio programs back then were sponsored by the tobacco companies whose commercials between acts of guest stars' best films often described the benefits of cigarette-smoking. In fact, many ads clearly stipulated that MOST DOCTORS SMOKE, actually promoting certain brands over others.

Anyway, getting back to Bogart. He didn't know that cigarette smoking was bad for him, nor did anyone else, for that matter. Alot has changed in the 52 years since his death.Tobacco advertising is rare. In my country, Canada.;,it hasn't been seen since 1971.Had Bogart lived longer he might have quit.Yes he looked cool, because he was a consummate actor, not because of the cigarette. Best, BruceG.

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