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help with movie title

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I used to go to the movies with my mom every Wed. during the 50's. There is one movie I remember one part of, and have always wondered if anybody knew its name. The plot consisted of people being held hostage in a house. A woman escapes to the garage, opens the car door, and a body falls out, but as she screams, a plane flies overhead and you can't hear her scream. That's all I remember of it. Would anybody know about this movie?

Another one I only have one memory of...a woman cheating on her husband..there's a hiding place under a wooden floor, where the boyfriend is hiding. The husband comes home, knows that the boyfriend is in the house, but the wife doesn't know he knows. She can't tell him. The husband suggests they redecorate the room and rolls a piano right on top of the "escape hatch" where the boyfriend is hiding. He can't escape, or yell for help, and that's all I remember!! I know these are long shots, but maybe somebody a bit older than my 53 years would remember these movies???? thanks! Grace

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gm - R U sure it was in the movies, cause the guy under the floor boards flick sounds like Hitchcock. Just a suggestion. Anyway, I'm sure someone will eventually answer this, these guys are so knowledgeable, but I'll keep my over 40 brain thinking. Good luck.

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